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Wednesday, 24 April 2019 09:02 pm
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I couldn't sleep last night, but I really wanted to sleep so I stayed in bed. Kevin woke me up when he got up for work at 7, so I wound up getting 1 hour of sleep. I fell back asleep. When my alarm went off at 12 it was painful. I stood up, and... fell down. I pushed myself back up on the bed, and tentatively tried putting weight on my left leg again, and if I hadn't had most of my weight on my arms already, I would have fallen again. I shuffled my weight onto my right leg, and did not fall but literally wound up screaming out in pain. I have no idea what I did to my hips, but it isn't good. I called my therapist and told him I couldn't walk through his parking lot, and then went back to sleep. Kevin called at 4 but it failed to get me out of bed. He came home at 5:30, which did wake me up.

Because I have no brain, I stood up from bed. This time I didn't fall, and didn't scream, but every step gets a whimper. I shuffled stiffly into my office where Jack tried to jump up with me and give me kissies. I kind of alternated between reading lj and dw and trying to go back to sleep in my chair. Kevin kept demanding that I get up and do things and I really wanted to snap at him that I don't ask him to do shit on high pain days, and where the fuck does he get off demanding I move around on the one high pain day I've had this year. Slowly I realized that walking is less painful than standing, however, and while I was in the kitchen to let the dogs into the yard, I made myself a bagel. I ate that and finished off the granola bites I had bought last weekend, and called it dinner.

I read the 4 books I read on Wednesdays, and then did the habitica tasks that don't require standing or using my hips (which honestly isn't many of them). I decided not to go to the SCA meeting because it was a class called "bycockets part 2" and I don't know what a bycocket is, and I missed part 1 whenever that was. Rather than hold the class up while she caught me up, or just not understanding what was going on, I opted to stay home. My hips still weren't feeling up to standing for a long period, which always happens at these things, anyway. So I just stayed home.

I have somehow tagged Aaron on here almost half as many times as Jack, despite the fact that I've had Jack for 11 years and Aaron for only 3. I usually only tag them if they do something cute or if I have to take them to the vet. I suspect this comes from all the vet visits for Aarons UTIs? Though I'm pretty sure that Jack has hurt his legs more often than Aaron had UTIs.

At this point, my hips don't hurt anymore, so I'm hopeful I can get to fighter practice tomorrow evening if they don't flare up overnight again. Maybe that's a bad idea, though. But since the writers don't seem to write anymore, I'm not sure what else to do with my Thursdays. if I do the thing, I need to buy gas. I went to buy gas yesterday, and all of the machines had a card in the credit card slot that said "cash only" - I'm certainly not about to either try to guess what my gas will cost ahead of time nor spend my cash on gas because they can't get their shit together to allow me to pay with a credit card. There are plenty of other gas stations around, and they should be punished financially for not having their shit together. I've been thinking I shouldn't go to that station anyway because one of their pumps doesn't allow you to set it and stop holding it the entire time you're pumping, and I never remember which one it is so I often end up at it. lol. I just realized that I drove off and left my gas cap off. Fortunately it was still attached when I got out there.

One of the founding members of our barony, Duke John the Mad Celt, found out yesterday he has cancer, and today they did surgery. It was fairly major surgery, and he's still going to be in the hospital for a few days, and then we'll see what's going on about chemo and all those other cancer treatments out there. The speed they're moving with makes me think things are bad.

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Wednesday, 24 April 2019 09:48 pm
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After I got my hair cut yesterday, it was 4:30. I was by Kroger, so Cordelia asked me to get her a couple of things. By the time I was done in there, It was after 5:00, and it would have taken me at least 20 minutes to get home by bus (not including waiting for the bus). My hair was still very wet, so being out in the wind was miserable, and I thought that Scott would be on his way home soon.

He ended up stuck for an extra half an hour at work. I missed his email about it because I seldom check email on my cell phone. He couldn't text because he doesn't have cell signal in his office; he has to leave the building. I saw his email about 5 minutes before he called to say that he was in the car. He took half an hour to get there after that.

I sat at Espresso Royale the whole time. I had a cookie and a cold drink-- a ginger dragon (mix of lemon and ginger). The cookie was essential because I wanted to take some naproxen (I'm not sure it helped, but I was hurting). I hadn't meant to walk for two hours nor for half of that to be on trails rather than pavement.

Today, I overwalked again. It wouldn't have been too much if I hadn't overdone yesterday, but I really should have thought, before I set out, about the likelihood that yesterday would affect my stamina. My muscles didn't ache, so I just didn't think about my ankles and hips being less stable than they would usually be.

I submitted a few more potential portals for Ingress while I was walking toward downtown today, a little free library (those are about 50-50 on being accepted) and a couple of grave sites at a cemetery that was on my way. One of those graves was one I'd been looking for off and on for a few months, but it's a flat to the ground plaque, and I didn't get time there with no snow on the ground until today.

Robert Hayden was, effectively, a Poet Laureate. They just weren't calling the office that when he held the position in the 70s. He taught at the University of Michigan. I had wondered why the local library system had so many of his books in their Black Studies Poetry collection, and apparently it's the intersection of those two things. It's possible (probable?) that he's one of the big reasons they have that collection as a Thing to begin with.

At any rate, once I found out he was buried in that cemetery, I thought his grave should be an Ingress portal as a site of public note. Part of that is me looking for more potential portals within walking distance, but part of it is that the US hasn't had that many Poet Laureates.
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Uncanny Interventions
By Dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
Part 5 of 7, complete
Word count (story only): 1315

:: Part of the Strange Family series, in the Polychrome Heroics universe, this story takes place at some point after Genna, Saul, and the others arrive at the Can. It will be clear to readers why Hatter could not be more specific when discussing matters. ::

:: Pay Special Attention: Black hat missions against WORSE people. Mentions of human trafficking, dog fighting (only in the past tense), other criminal actions. Injuries to an adult, kidnapped children (who are physically unharmed), and a laundry list of reasons to dislike the head of the trafficking ring. Please skip this story if the negativity of these issues outweighs the rescue of kidnapped individuals and the dismantling of a human trafficking ring. I have tried to handle these problems gently, but this is NOT gentle fiction. There will be other, gentler stories in the set, but the aftermath of these events will include some heavy topics. ::

Back to part four
On to part six

“Usually, yes. Think about it from a purely financial perspective: it wastes time and energy to get replacement carers.” He waved at the room. “I think that mattress is his sleeping space, but… Look at the rest of this. He did everything he could to keep the kids not just quiet and out of the way, but happy.” He pointed to a round laundry basket full of cheap claw machine toys, or squeaky stuffed animals meant for dogs. None of them had plastic eyes, or dangly bits.

“For which I’m grateful,” Hun declared dryly. “But he’s still complicit in human trafficking.”

“You don’t know the whole story. Follow my lead,” Oliver snapped, barking the orders in French.
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Internet management

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 05:47 pm
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The time of dodging Avengers: Endgame spoilers has begun! I know more people than usual have spoiled themselves for this one, but I am not one of those people -- I'm anti-spoilers in almost all cases, but it's especially true when 1. I've been anticipating a story for a long time and 2. I've worked very hard not to set any expectations for myself. I have guesses, yes, and predictions, but nothing that I'm 100% counting on being true. After what happened to me with Infinity War, I want to go into this one as blank a slate as possible.

I have tickets for a Friday afternoon show, so I'll be taking a brief hiatus from social media, probably starting sometime tomorrow. Including here, even though I imagine you folks will all be good about putting any spoilers behind cuts. I want to avoid seeing even non-spoilery reactions (especially if the reaction is "I hated it"), and going spoiler-free at that level is 100% on me. So see you soon, and I look forward to hearing what all of you say about it in a couple of day.

challenge 141 'stalwart', Stella Glow

Thursday, 25 April 2019 01:34 am
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Title: Rocks Fall
Fandom: Stella Glow
Rating: PG-13/Gen
Tags: major spoilers, betrayal, major character death
Notes: Archibald is supposed to be the party's rock to lean on but there's only so much a man can handle.

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I'll be honest: Some part of me feels really awkward trying to get back into the hang of regular posting after the last few posts, for whatever reason. But I feel like that is the way back to the land of "one update every month or two, maybe", which I don't want to do, so here I am. My computer, and specifically the work site, is being ridiculously difficult to deal with today. Right now I'm giving it ten minutes to see if it stops freezing if I give it time, so let's see if I can pull out an update.

Things are settling down around here again. Bast's mom goes home Friday, and things will settle even more then, I think. May is supposed to be busy all over the place, but with good things, so we'll see? I'm not 100% sure all the things are still even happening, so who knows.

I am back on youtube while I work this week apparently, and it's reminding me that I really do, alongside the million fic rec posts I mean to make, mean to make video rec/link posts at some point, too. I'm so bad at actually sharing things for how much I love to rec shit to people. I am not starting that now, because made of tired, but maybe later this week, who knows. (Probably not. But maybe next week?)

Uhhh. Other than that I got nothing, honestly. I thought maybe I did, but not so much as it turns out. So back to work I wander.

♥♥♥ to all of you.


Wednesday, 24 April 2019 03:25 pm
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There's been a huge dark halo around the sun all day today. I didn't even realize, until I came outside lunchtime and looked up in the sky to see this:

This is so cool, and eerie-looking. I just checked online and apparently the phenomenon is due to a skinny cirrus cloud refracting ice crystals high in the sky. Nature is awesome. ^___^

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Thursday, 25 April 2019 04:57 am
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So at least this will probably be the last time I wake up at 3:30am with MCU plotbunnies.

(Shush. I can hope.)

It probably doesn't help that a) I went to bed with the cats, which usually ends with everyone deciding that 4am is a good time to get up, stretch, chase a few things around the hall, and then yowl for food.

(This is why my cats get shut up in the laundry overnight.)

And speaking of food: b) I haven't had anything to eat since, oh, about 2pm yesterday. That was lunch. I went into the theatre at 5:15pm and got out at 8:30pm, but the dumpling place I intended to go to (with my new-met friend) was closed!

So I just went home and then couldn't be bothered doing anything like eating.

Result: 4am and HUNGRY. (But I have two purring kitteh sitting either side of me. In our household, we call this 'double happiness'.)


It's ANZAC Day, a day to remember the loss and sacrifice of Australians who died in wars across the world. There's a thousand dawn services being performed in front of war memorials all up and down the east coast right now; the nearest one to me is about 2km away, at the RSL and I've attended the last three years because of hockey (we're sponsored by the RSL), but not this year.

I mean, I could have gone, but I didn't particularly want to.

Anyway, in spite of my efforts to see if anyone wanted to go out, we are de nada again for society this ANZAC Day.


So, right now, I'm trying to work out my day. I think there might have to be a nap in the middle of the day, and probably early bed. I could probably eat something now and try 'sleeping in' until around 7am, but with the cats in bed there's no guarantee.

I'd like to call a friend and do brunch, but she has an assigment due tomorrow which is still dot points (according to her) but maybe she'd like a break?


Okay, so I have an old fic; it was supposed to be a 'first chapter', but I've just realised I can change the way the rest of it was going to go for...Intentionality. I'm debating whether I repost the entire thing new with the 'changed' rest of it, or just add onto the old one. Thoughts?
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I haven't forgotten this series! It just took me a few days to write this up. I hope you enjoy it.

Gretchen McCulloch, internet linguist, has been talking a lot about the IPA on Twitter lately (I've been tagged in quote-tweets of both how to type the IPA on an Android phone and the thread of IPA (symbols) as IPAs (beers), and I think what she says about learning the IPA is well-timed for where we're up to:
Useful caveat about learning the IPA: there are a LOT of symbols, because it's designed to represent all sounds used in human language. Intro linguistics/phonetics courses often prioritize more frequently used IPA symbols, but I find self-taught people are more likely to get discouraged that they have a hard time remembering like, all the mid-central unrounded vowels except schwa They're v infrequent, it's okay. You still "know the IPA" for functional purposes if you have a good grasp on the symbols for the sounds you encounter regularly and know how to use the resources of the IPA to figure out less familiar sounds/symbols.
And it's this familiarity I'm trying to offer. )

Book meme- Day 22

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 05:46 pm
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22. Out of print.

Mt parent’s childhood books had their own shelf in their bookshelves, and there I found many books I enjoyed, which has not been printed in Sweden since they were kids.

The Snow Ponies by Ursula Bruns. Dick and Dalli are sisters in their early teens. They live on a horse farm with their grandmother and aunt, passionately invested in the care of their Icelandic horses and Shetland ponies. They are also passionate about Vikings, and when they learn their cousin Ethelbert will be coming to stay with them for a while, they think he must be a real Viking- with that name! Unfortunately, Ethelbert is no only sickly, but very spoiled and self-obsessed. Most of the book is about Dick and Dalli’s antics, but also a character arc for Ethelbert, where he learns to be a better person. An adorable Shetland foal named Saroti plays a large part in that. It’s a very funny book, and I reread it several times. It was my father’s copy, and it was rendered very personal as his dog had taken large chunks out of it too…

Inkaindianernas fångar (Prisoners of the Incas) by Gustaf Bolinder, another one of my father’s books. Set in the late 19th century a dashing Swedish doctor travels on boat of South America. Among the passengers is a lovely Spanish lady he falls in love with, which is mutual, but their plans are disrupted when they and a number of other passengers are abducted by Incas, who has lived in secret in the mountains. Apart from the abduction bit, the Incas are pretty nice, and when the doctor heals the sick king they get very friendly. Apart from that bit of being prisoners. And when the king decides to marry the pretty Spanish lady against her will, they have to fell. Lots of perils abound. I’m not sure how well this book stands up to time- probably not at all. I don’t want to reread it to find out.

My mother had a large collection of Christina Söderling-Brydolfs books for girls. She had similar books by other authors, but Söderling-Brydolf stood out because she had a really good sense of humour. Her heroines are plucky teenagers who get into (slight) troubles, often family oriented. She also had a knack for titles which made you want to check them out, like Brothers Are the Worst, Kerstin Chooses A Mother, Almost Triplets and My Sister’s Diary- and they usually had good covers to go with them.

But the price in the collection, the book I return to again and again- at least once a year, was Gwendoline Courtney’s Elizabeth and the Garrett Theatre (Also published as Stepmother and Those Verney Girls). It’s about four motherless sisters, aged between 10 and 17 who suddenly have to cope with their father’s new wife. They are determined to hate her, “stepmothers are always awful”, but Nan turns out to be a very nice person. The sisters are also mad about theatre, and large parts of the book are about their endeavours into amateur theatrics. It’s a charming book, full of good humour and lots of sumptuous meals. I always reach for it when I feel low, and it never fails to cheer me up.

Wednesday Reading

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 08:14 am
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Death by Silver by Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold is set in an alternate universe Victorian London, where metaphysician is a common profession, at least for men. There's an intriguing secondary female character, Miss Frost, whom I'd love to know more about, who's been trained in metaphysics at a women's college. Julian Lynes is a private detective and Ned Mathey a metaphysician; they'd been lovers while at a terrible boarding school, and are now figuring out their relationship as adults while solving a mysterious murder that involves cursed silver. As an added complication, one of their worst tormenters from school is related to the murder victim, and they have to deal with their feelings about that as well. I enjoyed both the romantic plot and the mystery.

Dreadful Company by Vivian Shaw is the second book about Dr. Greta Helsing, contemporary descendant of the Dracula Dr. Helsing, who is a doctor for supernatural beings. She's traveled to Paris for a conference on supernatural medicine, as a last-minute replacement for someone else. Greta spends most of this book caught up in someone else's revenge plot, but does quite a lot for other people (beings?) at the same time, which I found extremely satisfying. Winston was my favorite (I will not spoil Winston's identity). I was happy to learn that a third book is now available for pre-order, and amused to learn that Shaw is married to Arkady Martine, whose book I read last week.

I also re-read The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison because the Kindle version is on sale, and I'd been meaning to re-read it anyway. I ended up switching between the electronic version on my phone and the hardcover at home; sadly, print books do not automatically synch with e-books, but I managed! Enough time has passed since the book came out that I'd forgotten some plot twists, which only added to my enjoyment of revisiting Maia and his world. I'm so happy there is going to be a sequel. It was a good choice for a difficult week, with so many terrible things happening all over the world.

The Story of the Cat

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 07:42 am
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So, this past Friday I found a stray cat in our backyard, incompetently trying to catch birds in our bird feeder area. I thought it was the large adult cat that comes into our yard occasionally so went out there to chase it away. But when it came out of the cover of the plants, I saw it was much smaller and younger, probably under a year old. I called it and it stopped and actually wanted to come to me. When it came close, I realized it was a young cat, still very kittenish, and basically a skeleton with fur.

I brought it some food and it snatched the first bite and ran away to eat it. Then sort of gradually calmed down and realized it could have the whole bowl. We weren't sure what to do, but after a little while it was crying to come in the house, so we ended up bringing it in and sequestering it in the guest bathroom. (We have two inside-only cats so introducing it into the household was going to be a process.) And naturally it was Friday night and the vet didn't open until Monday so we had to wait to get its health checked out.

This cat was clearly a house cat who had been dumped. He had been fixed, he was immediately cuddly and sweet, and he even purred loudly when he realized he was inside a house. I took him to the vet on Monday then found out they were out of Feline leukemia tests and wouldn't have them until Tuesday. Also we found a cat bite on his hip, so there was a chance he might have it and it got really nerve-racking. But I took him in on Tuesday, and he didn't have it, so now we have a new cat.

And here's a photo: https://twitter.com/marthawells1/status/1119577302986366976

Reading Wednesday

Wednesday, 24 April 2019 06:14 am
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Currently Reading: Spark Joy by Marie Kondo. I'm going to do a more detailed entry about this book after I finish it, but I will say - this one is both more stripped down than Tidying Up (fewer personal anecdotes) and more detailed (lots of kitchen tips!).

Also Currently Reading: Millennium: The End of the World and the Forging of Christendom by Tom Holland. Basically about what was going on in Europe around year 1000 or so (give or take a bit of time in both directions). Not very deep into it, but so far it's quite readable. My knowledge of Nordic history at this period is decent, even if I can't remember dates, but as for the rest of Europe, I've forgotten pretty much everything I learned from those university classes, so this should be a refresher at the very least. I'm not particularly interested in church history, but for a lot of periods in European history, it's impossible to separate that from anything else, so I'll just roll with that part, I guess.

Reading Next: I have Thick as Thieves by Megan Whalen Turner on hold at the library. ;) I've been trying to take my time with this series because after this one it will be DONE and I'll have to wait for the next to be published, oh no.


Wednesday, 24 April 2019 08:10 am
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Does there exist a word that means "horny specifically for kink things" that anyone is aware of?