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apollymi: Bakura & Kaiba fanart commission, text reads "Apollymi" (Avatar: Dream of You)


We're all a little mad here...

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Created on 2009-05-04 02:21:11 (#263960), last updated 2019-04-24 (22 hours ago)

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Birthdate:Feb 22
Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America
Apollymi: Fan fiction author. Novelist. Line editor. Beta reader. Professional pain in the ass. Grammar stickler. Georgia girl at heart. Kitty mommy of three. Culinary scientist. Vegetarian/vegan/herbivore.
I am a fan fiction and a professional author. I also suffer from depression, GERD, IBS, insomnia, and carpal tunnel. I'm 90 to 95% vegan, and I have finally moved away from Florida; I now live in the Atlanta, GA, area. Photography is probably my favorite hobby aside from writing and reading.
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abandoned places, alice, aliens, alternate pairings, alternate universe, alternative history, ancient civilizations, ancient history, anime, antagoshipping, bakura/kaiba, bakura/kaiba/ryou, bakushipping, bento, bento making, billy rocks, books, camp nanowrimo, candleshipping, casteshipping, cats, celtic mythology, chococat, clamp, classic rock, cooking, corruptshipping, cosplay, costuming, crossover fanfiction, crossover pairings, crossovers, cryptozoology, cyberpunk, dark fantasy,, darkshipping, david bowie, depression, dieselpunk, doctor who, dragoncon, dresden files, duo/heero, edna st vincent millay, epica, euroshipping, fairy tales, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfic recs, fanfiction, fantasy, faraday, faraday/goodnight, faraday/vasquez, fiction, final fantasy vii, firefly, folklore, forever knight, fullmetal alchemist, geminishipping, gemshipping, ghost hunting, ghosts, girl genius, godzilla, good omens, goodday, goodnight robicheaux, goodnight/billy, goodrocks, greek mythology, gundam wing, hating mushed ship names, hicks/ripley, history, horror, jensen/cougar, joshua faraday, julnowrimo, kamelot, kaworu/shinji, kenshin/kaoru, kyo/yuya, labyrinth, libraries, lilo and stitch, lord of the rings, mac os x, magnificent seven, mamma mia, manga, meat loaf, michael biehn, movies, mythical beasts, mythology, nanowrimo, necronomicon, neon genesis evangelion, nightwish, nordic mythology, novel writing, novellas, original fiction, ot3, paranormal, paranormal fiction, photography, poltergeist the legacy, polyamory, preterhumans, psychology, rare books, rare pairings, rare ships, reading, research, ripley/hicks, rock, romance, rurouni kenshin, rutger hauer, sailor moon, sailormoon, samurai deeper kyo, sci-fi, science fiction, shakespeare, slash, star wars, steampunk, supernatural, supernatural fiction, sword and sorcery, syfy's alice, tendershipping, terminator, terminator 2, the losers, the magnificent seven, thiefshipping, threesomes, time travel, tin man, tori amos, urban decay, urban fantasy, urban legends, vampire novels, vampires, varaday, vasquez, vasquez/faraday, vegan, vegetarian, wicked, witches, within temptation, writing, writing challenges, yamishipping, yu-gi-oh
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