Tuesday, 22 January 2019 09:08 pm
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Seriously, I could drop flat on my face and never move again. I'm tired. I hurt. I'm emotionally exhausted. I got paid on Friday, and I'm already broke, because damn it, bills are just about all we can afford to pay.

On the upshot, I do have a phone interview on Friday. Amusingly, I know two out of the three people I'll be phone interviewing with. Hell, two of them are in the same department as me, and one is the head of GSU Testing. The only one I don't know is the head of testing at GSU Alpharetta. I've been trying not to get my hopes up, but I applied for a job with GSU Testing Alpharetta. It would save me a huge amount of time, gas money, and wear and tear on the car if I'm driving 15 minutes to work instead of an hour and a half, you know?

I'm so sick and damn tired of people belittling the amount of pain I feel. I have Glynda, who complains every day about how sick she feels or how exhausted she feels or how her "bad shoulder" hurts. If my back or one of my legs decides to give out every so often, though, it's always "You're too young for that kind of pain" or "Well, you have an old mattress, so that's why you hurt". Bitch, no. The point is that no one knows why I hurt all the time. The point is that there are days I legitimately am only able to come to work because it's next to impossible to get time off. Like, I have 28 hours of vacation time, but over 80 of sick time.

And that's another rant that makes me miss Florida: we have to take the time the university is closed as off. There is no way to work during that time. However, we have two choices: we can either not be paid for that time or we can use our own vacation time for it. And I'm over here screaming, "What the fucking fuck?! Florida is supposed to be the broke state so far as how it pays its state workers, but it at least knows that, if you require a person to not be at work, don't make them pay for it! And yet, everyone here goes on like it's a great thing, because apparently, there used to be no choice: you just weren't paid for the time the universities were closed unless it was an actual holiday.

And then there's the whole thing where I regularly end up working a few more minutes over 40 hours on a regular basis nearly every week. If this time doesn't "mysteriously" get erased from the system, I don't get overtime for it. I don't even get comp time for it. If I don't somehow "lose" this time, I end up getting regular pay for it. And it doesn't stretch too far in Atlanta, even the suburbs.

Honestly, it's to the point where I'm thinking about taking another part-time job. I'm not sure where I would find the time -- or, more importantly, the energy -- for it, but there needs to be more steady money coming into this household. We can't count on [personal profile] katsuko's money being the same week to week, and all my insurance bills went up at the beginning of the year. I did get a 1% pay hike, but it was not enough to offset the insurance increase.

And that's my daily whinge. Goodnight.


Tuesday, 25 September 2018 10:52 pm
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I'm getting about sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I feel like I'm nauseous approximately 25% of the day, which leaves me feeling lethargic, which gets me "cheer up" and "are you sad, you can tell me anything" and so forth comments from Glynda. And I'm not the biggest fan of that.

How wrong would it be to apply to jobs back at FSU? Because I'm thinking not that bad.

And yeah, that's about all I've got for today.
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Well, it's been a Monday. I would even venture to say that it's been a fucking Monday.

Every day I'm there makes me hate my job at GSU a little more. I certainly did not realize just how good I had it at FSU. If I could go back to my old job, I would in a heartbeat. I would even work under Lisa. Well, maybe. But at least I wouldn't have to use my own vacation time for the winter holidays. We're not allowed to be at work and we have to be away, but our choices are either use our vacation time so that we get paid for it... or not get paid for it.

And Florida is supposed to be the broke state. At least they pay their state workers holiday time. It's just crazy to me.

But that's a rant for another day. I'm just tired and cranky, I guess. I just keep telling myself this job is paying the bills. While it would be nice to enjoy the job I'm doing, it's not necessary. It's paying the bills and keeping a roof over our heads. That'll have to do. We can't have everything, and for the most part, it's better than the restaurant.

I didn't get quite as many words today as I wanted, but I got enough. It'll have to do too.

So I'm gonna call it a night and see about going to bed. So long, my freaky darlings.


Saturday, 9 September 2017 11:26 pm
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This is going to be a really quick post, since I keep drifting off to sleep here on the couch instead of writing, like I should be. In fact, writing all weekend was my original intention, but that just didn't happen.

It didn't happen because so much of m attention has been on Hurricane Irma, trying to track its progress, trying to see where it's going and if it's still going to come near or through Atlanta. Right now, it looks like we're only going to get the outer edges of it, and that will still mean some pretty nasty wind and rain.

Still no news on if Georgia State will be closing for the weather. Almost all the counties around Metro Atlanta are closing their schools, including the universities. But the ones within Metro Atlanta are still waffling on the matter, including GSU. So who knows? I might have work on Monday. I might not. At least [personal profile] katsuko is off at IKEA, though that's because it's a regular day off for her, not for Irma.

And as I keep up with the news coming out of Florida, I have to sigh. At least Florida State has already closed and gone down to essential personnel only. If I was still there, I probably would have already packed up [personal profile] katsuko and the kitties and come to Grandmother's, but at least I would have known my job gives a damn about my life and safety. None of this "we're not closing for a little wind and rain" nonsense. For all my issues with it, I can at least say FSU gave a damn about its staff and students, and there are a lot of days where I honest to all the gods miss it.

But there's nothing to be done for that right now. What I am going to do is take myself to bed.

So long, my freaky darlings. Sleep well.
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Damn but today was a long ass day. I'm really, really glad it's over.

I'm not as happy with not getting quite as many words done as I wanted. I did manage to break two thousand written yesterday, but I don't think it's going to happen today. I'm just too tired, and my eyes just keep drifting shut for a few minutes at the time. I think they're staying closed for longer and longer each time, and it's not going to be long before I'm literally passed out on the couch with the laptop open in front of me.

It's been a while since that happened, however, so I'm kind of hoping to avoid it today. If at all possible anyway.

One more day at work this week... and then the weekend. I'm looking forward to getting to sleep in some on Saturday and Sunday. I do enjoy getting my days over with, opening the center this week, but when my brain isn't shutting off until late at night, I'm not getting enough sleep. (Obviously. See the fact that I'm talking about passing out at my laptop keyboard.)

I think, after Camp is over, I'm going to try to start setting myself a bedtime of perhaps 11 p.m. I mean, as opposed to midnight or one a.m., at least? Compared to those times, 11 at night is fairly reasonable. Especially when we have early mornings going. The downside is, of course, how it cuts into writing time so much, but if we try to buckle down harder and write more throughout the day, maybe it won't be as much of burden in the evening for writing lots and lots of words.

But then this is, more or less, me thinking "out loud". Who knows if I'll end up managing to do it? I know I used to go to bed fairly early back in Tallahassee, but that was back when [personal profile] katsuko and I had nearly identical schedules. That meant that we both got off at about the same time, so we could start writing the minute we got home, instead of one or the other of us having to sit around and wait on the other. (We also had the same days off, but I'm slowly starting to accept that that won't be happening again unless we get her a new job.)

And yeah, that's about all I've got to say for myself for today. Later, all.

Called it

Monday, 3 April 2017 07:33 am
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Yep, I called it: it's fucking early, and I'm no more awake now than I was last night. I might even been less awake, as impossible as that sounds. I keep drifting off here at Panera, while I wait for IKEA to open.

I do have some things to do today, mainly pick up freshly printed copies of my resume and CV ahead of the interview tomorrow. I need to fill out my paperwork to turn into Georgia State for the background and credit checks I might need for another position there. Yes, both of these potentials are at Georgia State. The one that I'm currently in the background and credit checks stage of the game is in the Testing Center as an Administrative Coordinator. That's the one that's closest to a definite thing.

The one I want, though, is the one I'm interviewing for tomorrow. It's in the GSU Libraries, specifically their Special Collections Department. The position description reads like it was lifted directly from my resume. It would be a good fit for me overall, I think.

But I'm certainly not going to be turning down the Testing Center on the off-chance I get the library job, so I'm turning in the background and credit check paperwork for the Testing Center job tomorrow while I am on my way to the interview for the library job. I'm trying to cover all my bases here. Anything to get out of the restaurant as soon as possible. The sooner, the better, in fact. I would love be out of there by May, in fact. The Testing Center would have me out by the 24th, in fact.

Either way, I'm going to need to scrape up some money to buy some dress shirts and light blazers that are appropriate for warm weather again. I did a quick run through Goodwill yesterday to look, but I sort of struck out. There do tend to be a couple issues with shopping at that particular Goodwill: (1) most of the clothes are size six and smaller, and (2) when the clothes are of a size I can wear, they're raggedy. Of course, there are occasionally good finds there, but it takes some hunting. But when your budget is less than $100 and you need at least five articles of clothes (2 short sleeve shirts, 1 blazer, and maybe 1 dress skirt), needs must afford.

I'm also trying to talk myself out of buying this laptop bag/purse for the work thing, along with a new lunch box, because I can't find my FSU ones. Not right now, obviously, because my budget is $20 and that includes work shirts right now. Or, more likely, food. Let's be realistic. It's probably all going to spent on food.

I need to get back on a set eating schedule and so forth. I need to start packing lunches again. None of this really works well when Mirko Pasta is also a factor. Maybe once it's out of the way, I can attempt to start eating better. It's probably premature, but I've already started thinking of what kind of lunches I can pre-prepare and have ready for work meals. Mostly I've been thinking meals I used to make (Hawaiian Chickpea Teriyaki for instance, or Black Bean and Salsa Soup, or Soba Peanut Noodles, or even "Cheater" Pad Thai) which seem to mostly be Happy Herbivore recipes again. Whoops. Not my fault so many of her recipes are both tasty and easy.

And yeah, that's about it. I'm going to try to write like a mad woman today, see if I can get caught up on Camp NaNoWriMo. And I do still need to go pick up my copies of my resume and CV, so that might be my next step.

Either way, later, all.


Wednesday, 1 February 2017 11:40 pm
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Today went... all right, I guess. I'm not sure I want to get too optimistic about the whole thing. But I felt like it went all right. Of course, I always feel like it went all right. That's not exactly a good rubric for measuring. Granted, I keep hearing that it comes down to me and one other person, so... maybe? Hopefully. Maybe the letter of recommendation I included will help.

Anyway, yeah, that's been my today. The interview was at nine a.m., and I've been keyed up since then. It's been a bit of a day, I guess is the best way to put it. I was done by ten a.m., which seems about normal? Ish? They did ask me a question I was not prepared for: "tell us about a time when you had to prepare a great deal of information, present it, and help make a decision based on that information." I will admit to floundering there, because I didn't really have an answer there; I certainly wasn't about to say "like when my FSU predecessor left nothing but handwritten information on the Friends of the Library accounts, I had to enter it all, create the databases, and tell the library dean that my predecessor should have been let go months ago."

Instead, no, I floundered. One of the three people interviewing me did comment that it was all right to say I didn't have an example or to tell them if I only had an example for parts of it. I winged it a bit after that, telling them about helping library faculty gather information for their yearly evaluations, in order for it to be presented to upper management, but how only being an assistant meant that I wasn't doing the presenting or making any decisions.

So yeah, I guess it went okay. The nerves will take a while to fade away, I'm thinking.

NaNoWriMo Day 6

Sunday, 6 November 2016 12:38 pm
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Oh man, I have so much catching up to do today. I'm going to give it my damnedest, but I'm not sure how hopeful I am right now. I have to do something like 2600 words today to get caught up, and while I have been able to do that before, it's been a bit, since I was at the library and had Philia to compete against. I'm not sure if I'll do nearly as good without that. Plus the library made for a bit more structured writing time than the multiple jobs I'm working now.

Roo seems to be doing better bit by bit. The swelling in his face does seem to be going down. I'm not sure if it was a food allergy and changing his food has helped or if he has an infection in his teeth that the antibiotics are helping. He's definitely putting back on weight. The appetite enhancers are certainly helping with that. I do know that he's now eating the high calorie food much better, and that's been a huge relief for me. We keep alternating him between the prescription Recovery cat food and the Newman's Own cat food so that he doesn't get tired of either one any time soon.

I think that tonight we do have to stop at Kroger on the way home and see about getting both kitty litter and some more of the Newman's. I'm also going to see about what they have at the pet store for high calorie grain-free cat food, but that might have to be after we've dealt with rent. I know that [personal profile] katsuko is at about $400, meaning that we're nearly $650 short still. That's before her bar shift tomorrow and Monday and before her Mirko paycheck, however small that might be. I'm just hoping that I make enough to make up the difference. Mum can't really help out this time, since there's a lot going on over in her area, so she's a bit tight on funds right now too. We'll need $1,045. I've had one Mirko check that big, the time they forgot the check before to include my catering. Most of the time, though...

Well, let's just hope that she has a good few days on the bar... and that I have a good Mirko check tomorrow. And that none of the other schools cancel orders over the next few weeks.

And now I'm trying my best to not worry, but it's really hard. We have until the 9th at 5:00p EST to pay our rent and the late fee, or we're evicted. Seriously, FML.

Okay, I'm going to try to write and see if I can't stop worrying myself into a tizzy. Maybe tomorrow will be that links list. Today, I'm just going to end off with, as always, my updated word count:

7989 / 50000 words. 16% done!

So frelling exhausted

Saturday, 8 August 2015 11:30 pm
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I went to work today running on less than two hours worth of sleep. May I say, for the record, that that sucked ass and I don't want to ever have to do that again? It was bad enough when insomnia stuck at FSU; it hitting when I'm working at Mirko is a thousand times worse.

I'm going to see about actually sleeping in my bed tonight. Wish me luck... and no overactive brain hamsters!
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OMGs, work stress is hell. It's hell, I do say! I'm not sure how much I want to get into all of this, but we have some problem children and at least one of them is stirring shit up pretty majorly. It has [personal profile] katsuko all kinds of frazzled. Me no likey. Nope, not at all. This weird part of me keeps going "come on, FSU, come through for me here", but I don't know why I'm almost holding my breath here.

Consequently, not a lot of writing has been accomplished today. I don't even feel a little bad about this. I'm just too.. UGH... with the whole work thing. I dunno: maybe we'll try to do a write-in tomorrow so that we both can get caught up on where we need to be.

And yeah, that's it for me. Here's where I stand in the word count stakes:

9880 / 30000 words. 33% done!
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I had to actually look up at the system bar to see what day it is. I'm so far off my game lately, it's just depressing. I keep trying to make myself sit down and write, but it feels like it wasn't meant to be today. Apparently a good chunk of my words from last night didn't save and sync properly, so when I opened up Serenity to work on it during my break, there were a few paragraphs missing, which short of made it difficult to get any writing done during my break. I'm struggling to keep my eyes open right now, so I'm not sure how much good I'm going to be for writing tonight either.

I'm giving some serious consideration to laying down on the couch and taking a nap for half an hour or an hour and then throw myself at writing until the wee hours of the morning. I mean, seeing as how [personal profile] katsuko and I both have the day off work. There is some discussion of Katsuko possibly picking up some additional hours Wednesday, and she is going to take rent to the apartment office first thing in the morning (along with picking up a few groceries that we seem to have neglected... like trash bags and wet cat food, whoops). That's about the only real change in our plans this week. I can just throw myself at writing and hope that enough comes of it to make up some of my deficit. I'll have most or all of tomorrow and Wednesday morning to obsessively torture myself over missing word counts, so there is that.

Yeah, that nap is sounding really, really fucking good right now. I might have to go see about giving that a try. I might also take Ripley with me when I go to bed tonight, so if I keep having the "waking up in the middle of the night"s, I can at least be productive with them.

I feel so fucking gross right now. My head has been hurting most of the last few days, but that's not the main reason for the gross feeling. It's actually a lot sadder than that. My weight is back up to 180 pounds, up from 175 a few days ago. These five pounds just keep yo-yoing back and forth, on and off and on and off, and it makes me feel so damn terrible. I miss being thin. I miss feeling like I looked good. I miss having clothes that didn't look frumpy or matronly or any of the like on my body shape. Part of the problem is that we can't afford to buy healthy foods nearly often enough, and I was maintaining an all right weight best when I was sticking to the Happy Herbivore recipes, which is really hard to do when you work at a restaurant and aren't allowed to bring in outside food or drink. And I can freely admit that I don't exercise nearly as much as I used to, mainly because there aren't any safe places in the neighborhood to exercise; I really, really fucking miss Lake Ella and getting to walk there.

For what it's worth, I've applied to 7 or 8 jobs back at Florida State. I don't know how much hope I have for any of them, but I guess it's worth a shot, right?

And finally, the word count of the day. I started this entry at around 10:20pm, and I will post it with the finished word count at or around midnight, but in the meanwhile, here's the finished word count for the day:

6069 / 50000 words. 12% done!


Tuesday, 4 March 2014 09:02 pm
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Well, I've been doing the email thing pretty much all day today. I got an email yesterday from someone regarding a position I applied for in North Georgia, filled with many kind words and touching sentiments; it certainly made me feel good. She also gave me the name of another FSU alumna in North Georgia/Atlanta who might be able to help me in my job search. I emailed her to say that I would still be willing to be considered for the position in question, even with the long drive (around an hour) and relatively low pay ($26,500 a year... $200 a year less than FSU). She emailed in return to say that she was glad I was still interested but she wanted to know how I cope with other people's emotional distress, if I'm able to pack myself away or if I'm left emotionally exposed. Those aren't her words, just my paraphrase. The entire office is filled with emotionally creative people, so she certainly understands how creative people can be around pain.

Grandfather called me this morning to say that he talked to Brooke Hixon. The whole thing with the car is settled. Apparently, someone at the Florida DMV never properly transferred the car to my name, and this got things messed up. It's settled now, and everything's all right.

I spent some time this morning and just now emailing Philia as well. She's one of my references, and she got a phone call this morning from the job I'm interviewing for next week. It's almost a relief and yet, at the same time, a terror. This is the first job that has called for my references since I started all of this in September. It's a job I applied for back at the beginning of February. It's not one that I'm hugely excited about, so I haven't breathed a word of it until now. Of course that would be the one that shows the most interest in me. I'm not knocking it, though, because I need a job and I need money.

I also have a telephone interview with the company I spoke to via email, University of North Georgia. I can't say that I've ever had a company try to talk me out of interviewing with them. She insists that I'm selling myself short if I take the position, but she appreciates my honesty in saying that I need to stay in the running for this job because I've been job hunting since September and frankly I'm desperate.

Today's a day

Friday, 28 February 2014 10:52 pm
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So I got some 250 words written last night, between the familiars story and the Shiara's Dozen story. Most of it was on the latter. Today was a busy day: we went and dropped the rent check off at the front office. Only Isis was in, so that was a bit of a bummer. Even though we said the car only had liability insurance on it, since it was paid off, she continued to ask what the insurance was doing. I think Katsuko blew her off; I wasn't actually in the office for that part.

I drove us up to Alpharetta in the early afternoon and filled out an application for a hostess position at Macaroni Grill. The manager, Brad, and the assistant manager, also Brad, went ahead and gave me an interview right then and there. They didn't sound too enthused about my chances, since they generally want people who will eventually move into server and cook positions, but they said they would be doing second round interviews in the next week or so, and maybe I would hear back then. Generally, they both seemed fairly nice, and I wouldn't say that it actually didn't go well, just that I'm not sure that they're going to take me on to stay in a hostess position long term. They did ask if I want something long term or if this is a stepping stone position for me. I replied that I wished their application let me show my entire work history: ten years (off and on) with Waldenbooks and then eight years with FSU. Once I'm on with a place, it takes a lot for me to leave it. That did seem to be a point in my favor. The fact that I have supervisory and scheduling experience might also help, but I really don't know at this point.

While I was doing that interview, I got a phone call from Georgia Perimeter College. I have an interview with them for an Administrative Secretary position at their Clarkston campus set for noon on 11 March. Amusingly, if I got the position, it would be less than a ten minute drive from the house. Yes, it's disgustingly close to where we're trying to move away from. Oh well, if I get the job, we'll try to find a place that's halfway between Katsuko's work and my work, something like Norcross maybe... which would be amusing, because that was where Mum wanted us to move in the first place. We went with Decatur, so that Katsuko could use the MARTA getting to Fence Workshop before she started Movie Tavern. Even if she gets on at Macaroni Grill and is in Alpharetta instead of Roswell instead, Norcross will still pretty much be halfway between the two jobs.

That doesn't, of course, solve the transportation problem, because Norcross isn't on MARTA and it doesn't run as far as Movie Tavern in Roswell anyway. I guess we'll just have to find a way to get a car for Katsuko if the Accord doesn't turn back up, but I have no idea how we're going to do that at this point. I just really don't know.

Anyway, that's about it. Later, folks.


Sunday, 19 January 2014 10:08 pm
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I wrote today, but it wasn't that much: just under 200 words so far. I guess that's better than not writing at all. I spent a good bit of today going over the latest manga from Seven Seas, since it's been a few months since I received one from them. I still wonder if they send me titles that they think none of their other editors would be willing to do... or if all the Seven Seas titles right now are just that raunchy. It could go either way. I haven't had a NON-raunchy title from them yet, so it's hard to say. It's due on Wednesday, which is also the day I can file for unemployment.

I haven't heard anything from Georgia State about interviewing for the Assistant Director of Communications position, but I'm not expecting anything before Wednesday at the earliest. More than likely, next week is more possible. If I haven't anything by this coming Friday, maybe I'll go ahead and email Francis, though. Be all proactive and shit. I'm still thinking I pretty much blew the Emory phone interview and that that might weight in over the 8 years of library experience I bring to the table. Maybe it won't. I would still prefer the Georgia State job; it sounds more challenging, more interesting, and more "me" than the Emory job, which just seems like it's a "warm body" kind of position. Not to mention that the Assistant Director of Communications would be an actual career that could grow with me, not a "stuck in one place" position, and it would be a fairly decent salary, enough to possibly start looking for a house on. The minimum hiring range is almost twice what I was making at FSU, after all. I think I've said that before, though.

I laid down today after Katsuko arrived safely at work, and I had the most vivid detailed dream I've had in quite a while. It had backstory, for crying out loud. It would tie into the 'verse with the creator goddess sisters, and it actually neatly addresses what are considered "demons" in that 'verse. I outlined it briefly to Katsuko while we were in the car this evening, and she said it sounded interesting. So I do have something else in that 'verse to play with... though I do still problems to solve in regards to Aoife and Frank. Katsuko votes dropping the story and starting again fresh. I've done that at least seven times for this 'verse. I'm not sure I want to do that again. I'm not sure how many more times I can restart it before I get fed up with trying again. I'm at the point of saying "if it goes VC Andrews, it goes VC Andrews, and to hell with worrying over it". My Ellie Hicks stories were always meant to be the ones that I didn't want anyone I know in real life to find, which is why Endless Loop immediately went under Ellie Hicks.

(If I can ever make myself write porn and deem it good enough to publish, I have another name picked out for that. It will not be going under Katherine Bell or Ellie Hicks. Oh no, it will be Valentine Dupree. And I have one more in reserve for anything else that might require an additional pen name: Claudette Valois. Hell if I know what Claudette Valois is in reserve for, but it is nonetheless in reserve.)

And that's my 750 words, counting what I wrote on Street Angel today. I'm going to be moving Betrüger into Scrivener tonight, so that I can work on it on the go. I think we have plans to go to Walmart Tire and Lube tomorrow morning and get the long-awaited oil change done to my car. It's only a thousand or so miles overdue. I figure that will help some of his ongoing issues. And then I can get the emissions testing done. Then I can get him registered in the state of Georgia before my birthday. That's the very hopeful plan anyway. I'm going to have to bum money to get a lot of this done, but it is necessary. Or hopefully I'll have a job before much longer and can do it all myself.

Every time

Monday, 19 August 2013 09:44 pm
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Every time someone smushes a ship name, my Jimi sneezes. This is my story and I'm sticking to it... for why it took me reading 3 or 4 fic summaries to figure out what "Stony" meant. It means I'm bad at smushed ship names, is what it means.

I want to be ficcing, but mostly I feel like I'm just catching up on sleep. Which is bad, because I might actually be getting enough sleep, just in fits and spurts: an hour here, a couple of hours there, a long nap there. And I keep taking these fits and spurts hoping that they'll help the headache I still have festering, but so far, no joy. No joy on it helping with the sore joints and tense muscles.

I've been giving some thought to maybe joining the Northlake-Tucker LA Fitness once there is more money coming in. I picked the apartment complex we're in because it has a pool and fitness center, among other reasons, but the hours of the fitness center (8-5:30) aren't conducive to my using it and the pool is always packed. The reason I'm looking at this gym (instead of a cheaper one) is that after the initial investment, it's a decent price per month ($59 for 2 people) and it offers classes that are covered under membership costs. Specifically it offers an AquaFit/water aerobics class that might actually work for my poor joints, and Katsuko has spotted some classes she's interested in, like Yoga and Cardio Jam and Mat Pilates.

I have had lots of Jimi time today, mostly every time I sat or laid down. This makes me happy. That it's because he's still not feeling too good doesn't make me too happy, though.

I cleaned out my FSU email yesterday evening, and there were so many messages going on about someone in another department who was leaving at the end of this week and the big going away party for him... and how his department gathered a moving fund for him. It just makes me feel even worse about how hard Supervisor T and I had to fight to get the tiny going away party I got. One person who showed up thought it was the Cat in Undergraduate Services, and I actually ended up having to tell people about it because the word did not get around. I had more people email me in the week after saying they didn't know I'd had a going away party than showed up for it in the first place.

But that's a rant for another day.

On various subjects

Wednesday, 17 July 2013 10:56 am
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I've made my first prescheduled post for Friday, since I'm not counting on having enough time to make all five on Friday night. On that note, I need to remember to bring Ripley and an ethernet cord with me when I head up; the Motel 6 has wifi, but it costs $5 and wired internet is free. I'm all about the freebies.

We've run out of small boxes and tape, so we're going to have to pick those up sooner or later. Definitely the tape, so we can keep making progress with packing. All the VHS tapes are packed, and most of the DVDs are as well. Most of the books are packed, but not nearly all of them. We haven't touched cookbooks, and we've barely started on hardbacks.

I did one of my yoga DVDs last night: Yoga for Weight Loss. It wasn't as hard as I was fearing it would be, but I can definitely feel where I did some stretching in areas. I'm going to try to carve out half an hour every night from now on to do at least half an hour of this, alternating between workouts that are on the DVD. This weekend will have to be an exception to that rule, though. One, I'm not sure our motel room will have a DVD player for Friday night. Two, Saturday night, we'll be at Grandmother's; while they do have a DVD player, they also go to bed before 9:00, so I don't want to keep them up. Sunday, I might have time, depending on how early or late we get back into town.

Also, weight went up again this morning. I'm now hovering at 189.4 pounds... and I hate it. More yoga! More Happy Herbivore!

I have been elected designed grown-up for a trip on Monday to Wild Adventures. Apparently Mum is taking Hayden and one of his little friends there and desperately needs grown-up conversation while they're playing. I'm taking a vacation day to do this. I think Katsuko is planning on taking the day off sick to get some packing done (so yeah, we definitely need to get more small boxes and tape).

I'm trying to decide about when to give notice at work, if it should be Thursday so that it's exactly two weeks notice before our anticipated leave date or if we should wait until we come back having a place. We're setting our anticipated last day at work as August 1, so that we would be leaving at the end of a pay cycle. We're hoping to be out of our place by August 2, so that we won't have to pay August's rent for two places. We'll already be shelling out all kinds of money, with the $900 pet fee and the $50 each application fee and the $100 holding fee... as well as any additional fees that might pile up if they decide our credit isn't up to snuff. I'm still really hoping for Decatur One East.

I've been printing maps like a fiend all day. We've also got a phone holder set up in my car, so I can use it as a GPS. These are all good things, in my opinion.

But now, it is lunch, so I'm gonna bugger off now. Later!

A little better

Monday, 15 July 2013 11:01 am
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Generous applications of Gabriel Iglesias did help a bit with yesterday, but I still really run down and just generally down all together. I feel like everything inside me is dragging. I still want to curl up in a ball and just cry for basically no reason, but I'm up. I'm at work. I'm even managing to sound somewhat normal.

I'm not sure how much to expect beyond that. I'm not exactly setting high goals for myself today.

I got a room reserved for Katsuko and me at Motel 6 in Tucker/Northlake. I waited too long to get the Super8, but this one is a similar rate and includes a kitchenette. We can make breakfast in the room before we head out, which would be nice.

Checking on things

Friday, 5 July 2013 01:47 pm
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I've emailed three duplex companies and four apartment complexes. I've heard back from one of them. It was definitely a case of "didn't read the email I sent". I asked about the cats, and he told me all about their two-bedroom apartments. I'm also checking the Atlanta Craigslist page to see if there are any 2+ bedrooms on there that meet our needs. That's one of the final things we need before we can get going with this move: a place to live once we get there.

I'm also trying to help [personal profile] katsuko get her car posted on Craigslist, since Kia Autosport dicked us over yesterday. All on that is over in her journal.

Our living room is currently a sea of boxes. We weren't able to bring them inside until late yesterday, thanks to the continuously ongoing rain storms. I'm hoping we can start packing some stuff up tonight and the rest of this weekend... in and amidst everything else that has to get done.

I'm still holding off on cancelling the gym. If we end up in a place that has a gym or if we're pretty far from the YouFit in Norcross, then I'll cancel it before we leave. If we're near the gym, I might see about keeping it. I would really like to get into a place that has a gym already, especially since I'll mostly be working from home.

And yeah, that's about it. Most of my brain is on the upcoming move. I might try to get at least part of my 750/JulNo out of the way before I leave work. It's seriously dead here. I'm not sure why they bothered opening the library.


Monday, 1 July 2013 03:19 pm
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I feel like this kitty right now. I woke up with a headache this morning, and nothing is making it go completely away. I did two Tylenol before I left for work; they did nothing. I took 2 Excedrin Migraines after lunch, and they're still trying to decide if they're going to do anything besides take the edge off. I will settle for taking the edge off.

So I found out that at least one trick on this pin is accurate: using a staple remover to open keyrings to get stuff onto said keyrings... works like a charm. It does make me want to try some of the other tips on that particular pin, now that I know this one works.

Brandon has been sending me videos all afternoon so far of things he would like me to write on. When I first started back working for him after the Google-related downtime, he sent me a huge list of videos and articles to work from, but since then, I've been gathering my own within his specifications: 2 girls/sports/girls-doing-sports videos and 3 whatever-I-want articles/videos/pictures. I'm trying to decide if he's trying to help me out so I'm not doing them so late in the evening because I'm trying to find new posts to do... or if he's displeased with the videos/posts I've been doing. I might overthink motivations sometimes.

It's the first day of JulNoWriMo/Camp NaNoWriMo July Edition... and I've written zero words. I'm starting to wonder if I've bitten off more than I can chew, trying to work this many jobs, write, and try to have a life outside of all of the above as well. I know things will be better once the full-time job starts, but it's getting to that point that will be tricky.

I have everything done with the first paycheck from Brandon that I was going to do: new RAM is in computer, oil change has been acquired, and gasoline has been put in my car. Sadly, part of it also went towards food, restocking the pantry and such... plus the RAM was more than I was anticipating it being. Instead of having $1200 out of $1400 going into my savings, it will be more like $1000. That still isn't exactly a small amount, and it brings me up to $2200 in my savings towards the move. It's more than I had when I moved to Tallahassee, so I'll call that a step in the right direction. It's not enough for a down payment on a house/condo, but but it should be enough to cover a security deposit and pet deposit for an apartment. I have another check from Brandon in the mail for $400, which will bring me up to $2600.

The rental truck will cost us about $300 to $400, not including gas and insurance. It's about $450 with insurance, but gas we will have to play by ear. That is if [personal profile] katsuko hasn't sold her car by then. If she has, then the price will drop to $350 with insurance but before gas. I'm looking at a 20-foot truck with U-Haul. I know they estimate that's good for a 3 bedroom home, but I willingly admit that I have a lot of stuff. I need to go through said stuff and get rid of some of it, but I'm not sure there will be time before this move to do that. I have a load of books that I need to sell or take to Goodwill. I need to go through some more of my clothes and sort out things I don't/won't wear again, even if I lose the weight.

Bookie friends, if you want some of the ones I'm parting ways with or just think you want to expand your collection, let me know. I would rather they be in hands of people who would love them than putting them in the dumpster. If you don't live in driving distance from me, all I ask is half the cost of postage. I'll cover the other half. I'll get up a list of what I have and the condition, if anyone is interested.

And yeah, I've about run out things to say, so I'm just going to try to get some writing done while it's quiet here at work. Later, folks.

Friday! Finally!

Friday, 28 June 2013 02:50 pm
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I was starting to think that Friday was not ever going to get here. There's plenty going on, so it hasn't exactly been a long week, but I'm just ready for a bit of time away from work. Tomorrow is Former Coworker Kelly's birthday party; her birthday is Monday. We're bringing some kind of a side and veggie burgers for ourselves to the shindig. But I'm certainly looking forward to the end of the day, so I can get out of here. I'm making every effort regarding PTL.

I had my business phone call with Brandon this morning over lunch. With fingers crossed over things going well with Google, I could have a more permanent job with him in as soon as 6 to 8 weeks. Since it's still all very contingent on Google, I'm not putting in my notice at work just yet. But this is definitely great news. It does, however, mean that we have to start packing things up in the very, very near: possibly even this weekend. There's a lot of stuff to pack. ~.~ Packing party at my house, anybody? Anybody?

Randomly, there is a lot of buzz about there being a new Doctor Strange movie, which is cool... as long as it's done right. It was last tried in the 70s, much like Thor and Captain America were. It has the potential to be a good lynchpin for Phase 2 or 3 of the Marvel movies marathon. This is all good... and yet I'm terrified. Why? I'm sick to death of Johnny Depp, and he's one of the people that is being talked up as a potential for the character. I haven't enjoyed anything Depp has done since the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie... and I damn sure did not go to see his version of Dark Shadows, utter blasphemy that it is. Bradley Cooper has potential and is one of the other names being tossed around, but he's got ties to so many other ongoing movie series that keeping him for a lengthy contract might be hard. They're also talking Patrick Dempsey, who has potential but is about the same age as Robert Downey Jr, meaning he will possibly age appreciably between movies, which isn't great.

There's also the fact that I'm not really a fan of the character... but then I think maybe you're intended to hate him.

And it's probably sad that I perk up and start paying more attention to conversations at work when our most famous serial killer, Ted Bundy, is mentioned, isn't it?

Also, I'm going to start trying to make posts on [ profile] midnightatthelostfound again. It's the only of my blogs that has the potential to be monetized, since it's already set up with Google Adsense. Having a little bit of blogging money coming in could be a good thing.