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Well, today was [personal profile] katsuko's birthday. I got to take her out for a day, even though she ended up paying for most of everything. I even managed to get a little writing done, though honestly (as always) not as much as I wanted to.

That said, I have nothing more for today, except to repeat...

Happy birthday, [personal profile] katsuko!!!

A... day

Thursday, 31 January 2019 11:19 pm
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Honestly, the only reason I know what day it is anymore is because it's on my computer. I kinda want to call it a week and not bother going back to work, but I have to, I guess. I mean, I'm going to be off so many days in February that it would be wrong to take another day any time soon.

Let's see: I have Monday the 4th off for this initial consultation with the gastroenterologist. I have Monday the 11th off for [personal profile] katsuko's birthday. I have Friday the 22nd off for my own birthday. I think I've mentioned all that before, though.

What's been added to that is that I now have an interview for the position in Alpharetta for Wednesday the 6th. I'm still not terribly hopeful on the whole thing, but it's worth a shot. I'm not throwing this shot away. (Yes, I had to go there.)

It's a work night, and I'm so tired that I can barely see straight, but I'm also not actually sleepy. Tired, but not sleepy. Seems to be the story of my life, huh?

Sad face

Tuesday, 29 January 2019 09:28 pm
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Well, I was seriously hoping for two days off, but apparently we only get one "abundance of caution" day a month. :( I really wanted tomorrow off too, but I do have to go back to work after all, despite the weather stations calling for black ice on the roads.

All that said, I did enjoy the hell out of having a day off during the week. I'm not sure yet if it makes the week more tolerable, but I'll probably have an answer to that tomorrow.

From here until the end of February, I have some short weeks coming up. I have next Monday the 4th off for a middle of the day doctor's appointment with a gastroenterologist. I have the next Monday the 11th off for [personal profile] katsuko's birthday. And I have the next Friday the 22nd off for my birthday. I suspect that I'll end up having an endoscopy somewhere in there too. (I hope that's going to end up being sooner rather than later.)

And I'm now going to try to go to sleep to the dulcet sounds of sirens

Guess what

Monday, 28 January 2019 09:23 pm
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Finally, some damn happy news: due to a prediction of a "wintry mix", GSU is going to be closed tomorrow. Cue the happy dance and singing and pretty much every other expression of joy you can think of. I even ended up singing at work. Granted, I ended up singing "Today 4 You" over and over again because it's been stuck in my head, but still...

So I get to sleep in a bit tomorrow, and it will be glorious. Even better, [personal profile] katsuko and I finally have an entire day off together. And what are we doing? Sleeping in. Probably watching YouTube. Hopefully writing. Cuddling kitties. Maybe tracking down our copies of Leverage.

And possibly going out on the back porch to do a rain dance, in the hopes we'll have too much ice tomorrow night for work on Wednesday as well. Hey, a girl can hope, right? Hope and dream and really not want to go back to work again.

And I guess I'll give this sleep thing a try again. We'll see if anything comes of it.

Something here

Sunday, 27 January 2019 11:23 pm
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I am watching the weather like a hawk. (No Atlanta Hawks puns intended here. I tend to forget that team exists anyway.) It's calling for a wintry mix, which classically means that GSU will close with "an abundance of caution" or some other way of saying this is the South and we don't know what to do with snow, ice, or sleet.

So continuing the stomach weirdness, [personal profile] katsuko and I took Anastasia out for dinner last night to a Mexican restaurant we go to frequently. I carefully avoided anything with tomatoes or peppers in it, just to be on the safe side, and I even ate extra slow so that nothing would get stuck. In fact, I just got nachos, splitting an appetizer of them with [personal profile] katsuko and Anastasia, and then getting a plate of them for my dinner. Both the appetizer and the plate had cheese and refried beans, and the plate added on guacamole. It should have been safe, because these are all ingredients I've had at this same restaurant before. And yet, I spent most of the night dealing with the... explosive evacuation of the contents of my bowels, which usually means that something I ate a few hours before then was a very, very bad idea.

I don't know here. It's a single location place, though I would hesitate to call it a "small" restaurant. I can't vouch for the authenticity of their recipes. I know I always order from the "Vegetarian" section of the menu... But I also know that authentic refried beans are made with lard. I usually don't eat their rice, because I know a lot of authentic Mexican rice may be cooked with chicken broth.

I feel like the food I can eat is slowly being whittled away. Pretty soon, I'm going to be down to cheese balls, oyster crackers, and pudding, with the occasional side of potatoes and tofu.

And the damnedable thing is, I'm hungry. I'm so damn hungry. I feel so sick so much of the time. I have food evacuating my body at top speed, and yet I'm hungry.

Happy Saturday

Saturday, 26 January 2019 07:33 pm
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Today was Anastasia's birthday. Her boyfriend/baby daddy bailed on her, so we went out to eat with her, because if anyone knows what it's like trying to have a birthday in a place where you don't actually know that many people, it's [personal profile] katsuko and me. And we're not even having to try to have a birthday with an 11 month old in the house... even if Ivan is a cute little bugger. Honestly, I'll be glad when she moves to this side of town, so that we can visit more easily and so that she's in a safer area than down around the airport.

I can't tell yet if Luci's diffuser is working, but either way, I think I'm going to order a second one for back the hall, so that the whole house is covered. I also got in the first month of their flea medication today... and that was a treat and a half, trying to put that on the two of them. The neat thing was, the medication came with some freeze-dried shrimp/prawn treats. Boo devoured them after some brief initial hesitation. Luci was very concerned at first, but then she ended up licking up the crumbs from the floor so well that there was a wet spot.

Most of my writing today came from finishing a section I fell asleep while writing yesterday and some editing. So not great, but better than nothing.


Tuesday, 22 January 2019 09:08 pm
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Seriously, I could drop flat on my face and never move again. I'm tired. I hurt. I'm emotionally exhausted. I got paid on Friday, and I'm already broke, because damn it, bills are just about all we can afford to pay.

On the upshot, I do have a phone interview on Friday. Amusingly, I know two out of the three people I'll be phone interviewing with. Hell, two of them are in the same department as me, and one is the head of GSU Testing. The only one I don't know is the head of testing at GSU Alpharetta. I've been trying not to get my hopes up, but I applied for a job with GSU Testing Alpharetta. It would save me a huge amount of time, gas money, and wear and tear on the car if I'm driving 15 minutes to work instead of an hour and a half, you know?

I'm so sick and damn tired of people belittling the amount of pain I feel. I have Glynda, who complains every day about how sick she feels or how exhausted she feels or how her "bad shoulder" hurts. If my back or one of my legs decides to give out every so often, though, it's always "You're too young for that kind of pain" or "Well, you have an old mattress, so that's why you hurt". Bitch, no. The point is that no one knows why I hurt all the time. The point is that there are days I legitimately am only able to come to work because it's next to impossible to get time off. Like, I have 28 hours of vacation time, but over 80 of sick time.

And that's another rant that makes me miss Florida: we have to take the time the university is closed as off. There is no way to work during that time. However, we have two choices: we can either not be paid for that time or we can use our own vacation time for it. And I'm over here screaming, "What the fucking fuck?! Florida is supposed to be the broke state so far as how it pays its state workers, but it at least knows that, if you require a person to not be at work, don't make them pay for it! And yet, everyone here goes on like it's a great thing, because apparently, there used to be no choice: you just weren't paid for the time the universities were closed unless it was an actual holiday.

And then there's the whole thing where I regularly end up working a few more minutes over 40 hours on a regular basis nearly every week. If this time doesn't "mysteriously" get erased from the system, I don't get overtime for it. I don't even get comp time for it. If I don't somehow "lose" this time, I end up getting regular pay for it. And it doesn't stretch too far in Atlanta, even the suburbs.

Honestly, it's to the point where I'm thinking about taking another part-time job. I'm not sure where I would find the time -- or, more importantly, the energy -- for it, but there needs to be more steady money coming into this household. We can't count on [personal profile] katsuko's money being the same week to week, and all my insurance bills went up at the beginning of the year. I did get a 1% pay hike, but it was not enough to offset the insurance increase.

And that's my daily whinge. Goodnight.


Sunday, 13 January 2019 10:40 pm
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Damn, the weekend is over again already. I'm sadly very disappointed by this. I seriously hope that Glynda's gotten her panties out of a twist by now. It's been an entire weekend. Surely that's long enough, right?

In other news, Anastasia sent me links to two apartments to look at in Marietta for me and [personal profile] katsuko to look at. Now, granted, I'm not the biggest fan of Marietta myself, but this is probably "Marietta" the same way that Sandy Springs is "Atlanta": in name only. It's closer to Smyrna and Vinings than Marietta, it looks like online. I really like the look of one of them, given that it's gated-access and pretty decent price-wise. I don't know how soon we actually are thinking about packing up and moving, but it's a thought, anyway.

Anybody want to come help us move house?


Saturday, 12 January 2019 09:48 pm
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Well, I finally got tired of using numbers for subject lines and went back to something a little more boring.

Today was a nice and boring kind of day. I texted with Mum, I hung out with [personal profile] katsuko and the kitties, and I read. I guess I also listened to the rain a bit to, which was nice, because I damn sure wasn't going to go out in it. And yet despite the "just above freezing" temperatures and the rain, the neighbors were out and being noisy, so I guess nothing short of snow or sleet slows them down.

Let's see: on the food note, I was able to a little bit of pasta last night, but it took me twice as long as normal. The brioche bread was all right and didn't seem to get stuck, but I did wind up feeling a bit queasy a few hours later. I'm not sure if that was from the brioche or because that had been all I had eaten all day up until that point. Mashed potatoes were all right, but broccoli and cheese sauce kept making reappearances.

Mum and I discussed the idea of me going back to doing smoothies again or even going with smoothie bowls. At least for a bit, until we get all this settled out with my stomach. And it's like, I would love to, but I'm not sure I can really afford to. Even frozen fruits get really expensive after a while.


Sunday, 6 January 2019 11:23 pm
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Well, yesterday's headache is still lingering a bit around the edges. Since I have to get up early to go back to work tomorrow, though, I'm not going to risk taking the prescription stuff again. I'll just try to soldier on with the over the counter stuff.

But at the same time...? Damn, I don't want to go back to work tomorrow! I still feel like shit, even though the last couple of weeks have given me some time to rest. The latest I managed to sleep in the entire time I was off was 8:30, which is just so wrong. I don't feel like I caught up on my sleep at all!

I did manage to go with [personal profile] katsuko and pick up the groceries and my prescriptions. I also shanghaied the Amazon delivery driver at the complex driveway to get my new lunchbox and my two new cookbooks. I also did a good deal of cooking: a lemon chickpea orzo soup and a chickpea raisin quinoa. I'm planning on taking both to work tomorrow and have the quinoa for lunch and the soup for an afternoon snack. We'll see how that ends up working out, though, yeah?

And yeah, that's pretty much all I've got. I'm gonna try to throw myself at my be and see if I happen to achieve unconsciousness when I arrive there. Good night, all.


Friday, 4 January 2019 10:25 pm
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Well, I guess I have to come up with s small entry here, since I did a fairly sizable one on Tumblr earlier today. I got the final chapter of After Midnight posted. That, at least, is finally out of my hair. Now I just have to worry about Wicked Ones and maybe Resurrectionist.

I have been appreciating all the love for the end of After Midnight. It does go a long way to help me feel better about going on with the other writing projects I have ongoing, both shared with [personal profile] katsuko and on my own. And yet, at the same time... not so much. After Midnight has always been our most popular story. By a pretty huge margin, it's our most popular story. Or mine at least.

I dunno. I'm just gonna sit here and reread Samurai Deeper Kyo and to hell with anything else right now. This is me time.


Thursday, 3 January 2019 08:51 pm
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Well, let's see: what did I get up to today? I got [personal profile] katsuko off to work. I reread over some of my Mag7 stuff, specifically the canon era femme!Faraday. I wrote a bit on the Monstrous: After Midnight epilogue. I listened/read as [personal profile] katsuko vented about work. I cuddled with Boo and gave Luci scritchies. When [personal profile] katsuko got home from work, she decided we needed food that we didn't have to cook, so we had Mexican... and I finished up that epilogue while we were eating. We also picked up a few groceries at Kroger.

So that I can find it later, the Mag7 OG crew came up with a few portmanteaus for pairings that don't currently have names. So that I can find them later, here at the portmanteaus we tend to use:
Varaday - Vasquez/Faraday
Goodrocks - Goodnight/Billy
GoodDay - Goodnight/Faraday
GoodDayRocks - Goodnight/Faraday/Billy
Varadeaux - Vasquez/Faraday/Goodnight
VaradeauxRocks - Vasquez/Faraday/Goodnight/Billy

Holy shit, we have too many pairings in this fandom. Goodrocks is the "canon" pairing, and Varaday is the big "let's get these assholes together" pairing. [personal profile] katsuko and I might just be the only ones writing GoodDay. GoodDayRocks has a tiny following. Again, [personal profile] katsuko and I might be the only one writing Varadeaux. And only one other person has ever written VaradeauxRocks that I can find.

Okay, shit, on that note, I'm going the hell to bed. OMG.


Wednesday, 2 January 2019 10:05 pm
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Okay, I didn't get nearly as much done today as I meant to. I did do some writing. I got the tired changed on the car, since somehow we got a nail in one of them. We went to Walmart to get it, then they sent us to PepBoys to get the wheel lock broken, but it turned out that tire didn't have a wheel lock. So then we went back to Walmart, and we got the new tire put on. It overdrafted the account... but we can drive the car. Or [personal profile] katsuko can drive the car. Let's be realistic here. I don't get to drive my own car much.

Legit, though, today was an adventure, and I'm kinda glad it's over.

New Years Eve

Monday, 31 December 2018 11:44 pm
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The fireworks have pretty much been going since 4:00 in the afternoon. My poor cats are freaking the hell out: Boo is under the bed and Luci is sticking as close to [personal profile] katsuko and me as possible. Even though it's been pouring rain for hours, there seems to be no end in sight.

I've been trying hard to make my way through some more Guardians of the Galaxy fics. I only have seven left open. Out of the twenty or thirty I had to start with, it's something at least.

Now I think I'm gonna gather up my babies and my [personal profile] katsuko and go to bed. She has an early day at work tomorrow, and I have a day of fic ahead of me.

Happy 2019 to all!


Saturday, 29 December 2018 10:58 pm
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Well, this was a completely lazy day, and I need more of them, please and thank you. I hung out with Boo, I played with Luci, I thought about eating before [personal profile] katsuko came home from work, I vaguely paid attention while [personal profile] katsuko had YouTube playing the background...

Okay, it was less paying attention and more "unable to concentrate on anything while the sounds are going", but still...! It's the thought that counts! Right? Right? Right?

Okay, I'm actually pretty stupidly tired and even more sore, so I'm a little weird. Or wired. I'm not really too sure which.


Saturday, 22 December 2018 11:32 pm
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Well, today was a very lazy day, and I'm actually kind of happy with this. All I've done today has been rest and go get [personal profile] katsuko's package from the apartment office and go to CVS for medication and rest some more.

I'm going to spend a good chunk of tomorrow on the road, and I'm not going to be on for long entries, since I don't know yet if I'll be taking my laptop along to Mum's for the holidays. I'll still be doing my "post a day" thing, but probably the posts will be shorter, since I would only be using my phone.


Friday, 21 December 2018 11:52 pm
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Oh my gods, I was starting to think it was never gonna get here. But yay! The two week time away from work has finally begun! Granted, I'm still a little miffed that I have to use 32 hours from my own vacation time for it, but it'll be worth it to have at least some time away from GSU.

We also did the office party, of a sorts, even if it mostly consisted of Anastasia, LaTrease, Richard, [personal profile] katsuko, and me going out for dinner... and Anastasia bringing the baby along. Seriously, Ivan is the biggest sweetheart ever.

But I'm thinking I might take a nap, and then I might even get up and try to get some writing done. Later, all!


Saturday, 8 December 2018 09:01 pm
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Well, today has been fun, if a little odd, in a way. I got [personal profile] katsuko dropped off at work and then scooted over to my eye appointment. When I went to this doctor last year, it ended up taking several hours over two weekends to get the whole thing over and dealt with. Today it took... 30 minutes, start to finish. Just shows what can happen when everything is working right and everyone is present. It makes for a huge improvement over the last time I was there.
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I feel like today was a continuation of yesterday, with just about as much accomplished. Well, no, I take that back: I guess I did get more done today than I did yesterday. I went by CVS and picked up two of my medications: the Maxalt for migraines (just in case) and the Cymbalta for the depression (because I was out). And then I managed to go by Walmart and pick up the groceries for the next two weeks. We came home and unloaded the groceries, and then we went back out. I gave Best Buy a try for finding what I wanted -- a wireless phone charger -- but it was a big case of no joy, so we headed on out for food.

That part didn't go as well as expected. Note to self: Macaroni Grill's Butternut Tortellicci is in no way vegetarian-friendly, even when you hold the pancetta. The dish includes a chicken demiglace, and oh, I'm paying the price for it now. So many Tums. So much Pepto. [personal profile] katsuko's truffled mac and cheese hit her pretty hard too, so I don't think we'll be going back for quite a while.

And yeah, that's it. I think I'm going to try to do the sleep thing sooner or later.
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Another night of poor sleep, but at least I had Boo to keep me company. She has been a lap lump pretty much all day today, except when she was experiencing kitten crazies. (You know that thing people always talk about with pitbulls? The zoomies? Kitties most assuredly get them too. We just call them "the kitten crazies" in our case.)

Other than that, not much to say for today. I tried to get caught up a bit on sleep. I wrote a bit. I ate some pretty damn good Indian food. I watched a lot of YouTube documentaries with [personal profile] katsuko. I reread [archiveofourown.org profile] Hazel_Athena stories. I paid some bills. I put in the order for our groceries. All in all, it was a good but quiet day.

Now I need to go find where my phone has decided to disappear to, and then I'm gonna give bed a try. Good night, all.