Saturday, 2 September 2017

Not so busy

Saturday, 2 September 2017 10:17 pm
apollymi: Zack holding Cloud, doujinshi art, text reads "Dream of me" (FF7**Zack/Cloud: Dream of me)
Today wasn't nearly as busy as we had intended for it to be. For starters, both [personal profile] katsuko and I got sick off the food at Chow Baby last night. It made for a pretty miserable day.

We did attempt to have lunch with Mum and Grandmother today. I managed to choke down some food, but unfortunately, [personal profile] katsuko couldn't even get plain white rice or cabbage to stay down. We had some moderate success with crackers and Sprite, so I'm counting that as a tentative win. She's spent most of the afternoon and evening sleeping off the worst of it, so there is a that. Hopefully it'll be enough to let her feel better and for us to be able to enjoy the rest of this little vacation.

I keep drifting off as I try to write this, though, so I' going to call it a night. HOpefully tomorrow will be a better day all around than today was. I'm back at the point, where this feels like I'm drifting off all the time, so I'm going to throw myself at my bed. Maybe tomorrow will be a more pleasant thing than today.

Good night, all.