Too much help

Monday, 13 March 2017 11:05 pm
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Okay, I'm having way too much help in the field of doing... well, anything today. The new Skype group I'm in is entertaining as hell, too entertaining to get anything done around them. Coworkers were too loud at Mirko to get too much writing done, even after I was off the clock. And Roo is being too much of a help for me to accomplish much of anything now that I'm at home.

I did manage to get all the newest chapters of stories up on, Monstrous (as appropriate), and [community profile] eternal_sailorm. So I guess I should feel accomplished about this.

I also managed to drink something like 8 cups of tea between Starbucks and IKEA, so it's a wonder I didn't float off into space today. Or maybe the cider helped with that. Because I like my alcohol sweet, damn it. (Which might explain my enjoyment of mead, as well.)

I did get a little bit of handwriting stuff done while I was at the restaurant, so I'm going to work on getting it all typed up now, so I'll be cutting this off here.

Later, all.

Busy ass day

Monday, 6 March 2017 11:58 pm
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I'm not even sure what to say for today.

I can safely state that my hand hurts worse today than it did yesterday, so obviously the lidocaine wore off quite thoroughly. We've been doing a bit of an emergency spot clean of the house, so it's definitely throbbing now.

[personal profile] katsuko and I could both swear that, when we moved into these apartments back in January 2016, we paid the $600 pet fee, spread between a few months. We got a notice on the door saying "You have pets and they aren't on your lease - fix this now". As well as one saying to clean the damn house, which we did. Oh god, how we've did. I hurt in all new ways than I was already hurting before. I'm actually waiting on the pain to die down a bit so that I can go to bed.

But I can't find any information with that kind of stuff on it, saying we paid or discussed it with her or writing. Looking back over the lease from last year, they put us down as having no pets, even though we provided information saying we do. So, I guess it'll be our word against theirs, and I imagine ours will lose, since it's apparently our verbal discussion versus their written information.

On a happier note, I did get everything up to date on [community profile] eternal_sailorm and, at least as far as The Magnificent Seven stories go. I also updated the Mag7 recommendations page too. So... productive, yes?

And I'm really out of things to talk about already. We need to be going to bed, so that we can get up and get interview/work ready in the morning ahead of [personal profile] katsuko's 7:00 a.m. shift, but all the cleaning we've done today means we're not tired. Sore? Yes. Hurting? Oh definitely. Shaky? Sadly so. But tired? Not even a little.
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I'm feeling vaguely accomplished. I managed to get Wicked Ones and Wicked Ones: The Early Years posted to [community profile] eternal_sailorm on the same day that I posted them to AO3. I'm still failing at getting them on, but that's something I cannot do at IKEA. I can barely do as much as I have with it here at IKEA. The wifi is a joke lately. If it stays connected for five minutes at a time, I count it as a god damn miracle.

I wish I was exaggerating.

Aside from that, I've been trying to get my words done for the day. It hasn't been easy. I wrote 150 words last night, but when I booted the computer up this morning, it only showed 86. When it synced again later today, I dropped from 200 or so down to 120. So I'm not sure what's going on with Scrivener. It could just be the app not playing happily with the computer version, but who knows.

Whole damn restaurant for people to pick from, and yet they keep on sitting down on the other end of my couch. I don't get it. I wouldn't do that to other people, no more than I would sit down at someone else's table next to them.

Hell, maybe I ought to start doing that. Remember these people's faces and just plop down next to them when they sit down to eat. See how they like it. Because I damn sure don't like it. I'm going to start sitting across the couch instead of sticking to one end. Maybe that'll break people of it.

Somehow I doubt it, though. I'm not sure if I look nice or something, but when I'm working, it breaks my concentration when someone flops down hard on the other end of my seat... and then give me dirty ass looks like I'm disturbing them. And I certainly don't want to leave and go to the restroom with someone sitting in this seat. I've come back to people going through my bag with that before.

It's one thing when they ask first and I can move my stuff, but it's something else altogether when they just flop their asses down. Obviously, I don't like it.

Fuck it. The latest one's up, so I'm turning and putting my feet up on the other end of the couch. I don't give a shit anymore. I'm done trying to be nice or polite or much of anything else.

Now let's see if I can't stay connected long enough to post this entry. I guess we'll see, huh?


Wednesday, 8 February 2017 10:27 pm
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I managed to get the latest chapter of Monstrous: After Midnight up on almost all the usual places pretty much immediately after [personal profile] katsuko posted it today. So that's it up on [community profile] eternal_sailorm and Monstrous. I also transferred the entire Monstrous site from the subdirectory to the main directory of that subdomain. It was bothering me. It's fixed now, so maybe it'll quit bothering me.

I have had a great deal of help with everything today, in the orange stripes of a Roo-shaped helper. Every few minutes he's come to sit on me and "help" with everything I'm trying to do. It's not conducive to getting things done.

I did end up taking the car to get looked at by the mechanic that Claudio recommended, at least for a free diagnostic. It took the better part of an hour for him to look it over, in and amidst all the actually paying customers coming in and out. The verdict is... that he can't give me an actual verdict. It's not the easy fix stuff like spark plugs or loose wires. He would have to take off the engine manifold and get down into it to try to find the issue, and that simply could not be done in an hour or so... or for free. If it's an easy fix, then the repair cost could be between $400 and $500. If it's something more in depth, who knows? He even said it would be best for me not to drive it too much, because it could end up making matters worse. I think the problems with this are pretty self-evident, yeah? Given that there is only one car and two people in the household who need to go places.

It just never fucking ends. Hell, [personal profile] katsuko ranted about it over on her Tumblr. I think she's submitted it to [personal profile] copperbadge's Radio-Free Monday thing. Because honestly, we need all the help we can get. At least Katie isn't asking for her $1100 back just yet, because that would beyond break us.

I need one of these jobs to come through for me. Something. Anything. Please.

A happy discovery

Saturday, 14 January 2017 04:23 pm
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So, by some mischance, I happened upon the fact that I can indeed access when I'm on the free IKEA wifi. There is just a bit of a trick to it. In order to do this, I have to be using Opera, in Private Mode, with the built-in VPN turned to 'on'. If I have all this going, then I can access DMnet at IKEA.

So, while I should be writing, despite how much these assholes are fighting me, I've been getting a little closer to done. I'm also done with formatting on the Fanfiction pages. Sort of. I ended up changing my mind on formatting part of the way through, and now I'm having to go back in and make changes to accommodate the changes I decided on. But! But but! But I can now work on DMnet while I'm hanging at IKEA!

Yeah, even though I have the day off and could be spending the whole day in my pajamas, I decided to ride with [personal profile] katsuko to IKEA. The idea was that I would be able to get more writing done there than I would at home. Roo has been big on boobs lately, so there's not a lot of chance to be productive with all that going on.

I mean, I am being productive here and now, but not productive in the way I wanted to be productive. I wanted to wrangle these damn boys into submission, especially the Faraday and Vasquez from Wicked Ones. It's like they don't want to get laid or something. I swear. Damn it, boys. Of course, right now that Faraday is probably a little shellshocked at the moment from stuff [personal profile] katsuko wrote this morning. Poor baby Goody. Jesus.

Okay, yeah, I'm just seriously sitting here working on an entry and switching back every now and again to DMnet to work on formatting. Once I finish getting most of these pages to the new formatting, I'll need to tackle the formatting on the biggest page: Crossovers. And once that's done, I'll start back up in uploading stories. I want to at least getting all The Magnificent Seven stories and chapter on the site.

And then I'll see if I can't do some character wrangling.


Sunday, 8 January 2017 01:25 pm
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There are some extra levels of crazy going on at IKEA today. The store didn't open until noon today, but by 11:45, there were people trying to get the doors down, just throwing all mighty fits. It felt like Black Friday, truth be told. I think I said yesterday that [personal profile] katsuko was supposed to go in yesterday but was unable to, as the car was frozen solid. She moved it into a sunnier spot yesterday once she finally managed to get it accessible. It was still iced over this morning, and I drove it into IKEA covered in ice. Not completely, as I could see out the windows, but it was still pretty icy.

I got a new chapter of Wicked Ones posted on Wicked Ones posted on AO3. I also managed to get it on [community profile] eternal_sailorm, but it is not yet on I was going to work on that today... only I forgot that the IKEA wifi has blocked as an adult site, which still makes no sense. So I'll either have to work on that tonight at Mirko, after I finish my hosting shift and finish getting stuff set up for catering tomorrow, or when I get home tonight.

Tomorrow is going to be a little weird, because we have catering in the morning and our respective bar and hosting shifts in the evening, but nothing in the in between. I guess we'll try to go pay rent then. I think we have to go to the Kroger or Walmart near the house to do that, so that'll take up a good chunk of time. I mean, it has to be done no later tomorrow because we would be kicked on the 10th. I'm just hoping that either [personal profile] katsuko has a damn good night on the bar tonight or she can overdraft her account for the remaining amount, because if we clear out everything I have--between my checking account and cash--we're $165 short of what we need. If UberEATS isn't working, she should make that much on bar, but otherwise, we're a little SOL. The wording says "by the 10th", so yeah, tomorrow is the last day.

Seriously, I need a job where I'm making enough to pay all my bills and my fair share of rent, so that we're not stressing out this shit damn near every month. Why the fuck isn't anyone hiring me? I even added my bloody resume to my website, in case that somehow might help.

And yeah, that's about all I've got in me today. Mostly complaints, some cheerful writing things. I guess I should say that #365k/365Day is going well enough. It breaks down like this:
Day One: 1841 words
Day Two: 1037 words
Day Three: 1008 words (and oh, how they fought me)
Day Four: 1037 words again
Day Five: 1068 words
Day Six: 1133 words
Day Seven: 1405 words
Total Words: 8529 words

So there's that. Later, all.


Thursday, 29 December 2016 01:56 pm
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I managed to get the newest chapter of Monstrous: After Midnight linked up in most of the usual places. It's on [community profile] eternal_sailorm and it's on the story website, but it's not yet on DMnet. I'm not sure I'm going to bother putting it or Trinity on FFnet at all. I'm working on getting everything all linked up on DMnet, but it's slow going, ya know? Every time I think I've made some progress... not so much.

But that's about all I've got for me for today. I'm just going to keep trying to make words happen and let that be it. Later, all.

So early

Saturday, 24 December 2016 04:48 am
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Gods, it's so early. We're planning on getting on the road in less than an hour, though, so I wanted to go ahead and be waking up, so that hopefully I could be awake on the road. I have nearly six hours worth of podfics loaded on my phone to listen to on the road, and as always, I have plenty of playlists set and ready to go.

[personal profile] katsuko and I managed to get the next chapter of Monstrous: After Midnight posted on AO3, [community profile] eternal_sailorm, and the Monstrous site. So that's out of the way before we leave today.

I got a Christmas text from Cinda. I'm not sure what to do with it. I haven't answered it yet.

And that's all I've got. Time to start getting dressed.

Pew pew pew

Wednesday, 7 December 2016 10:17 pm
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[personal profile] katsuko and I are rewatching Guardians of the Galaxy. It's at least in part because I'm reading Guardians fic and in part because I need some Chris Pratt in my life right now. It's still a few more days until The Magnificent Seven BluRay arrives, after all.

I've been working on setting up something of a story bible for the new verse I'm working on with [personal profile] katsuko, Monstrous. It's still very early in the setup, but it'll be here.

NaNoWriMo Day 9

Wednesday, 9 November 2016 02:00 pm
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Okay, trying not to have to deal with real life at the moment. Extremely disappointed with my country at the moment, but I do suppose there's nothing to be done for it, yeah? Not for four fucking years.

So in the pursuit of trying to not deal with real life, somewhere around 2:30 or 3:00 this morning, I bought [personal profile] katsuko and myself tickets to go see The Magnificent Seven one last time. I think this time is even going to be in IMAX, given the prices of the tickets. I'm going to get the closed caption device again, and this time I'm going to record the subtitles in parts where Vasquez is cursing up a storm... and where he calls Faraday "g├╝erito.

I swear to you: this fucking movie, these fucking characters, this fucking fandom... It is certainly the kind to produce a lot of talented authors and drag people out of hiatuses -- both for writing and commenting.

I did finally end up finishing that recommendations page, in and amidst everything else I've been working on and dealing with. It's... shorter than I had been expecting it to be, but the stories on it are all quality. The Vasquez/Faraday just isn't updating as quickly as I wanted, so I'm starting to venture on to the Goodnight/Billy stories... and I tend to be finding a lot of BDSM... so clearly people are getting different vibes off them than I am.

Either way:
The Magnificent Seven (2016) Recommendations Page

And since it's almost time for the movie to start, I'm going to end here with my most up to date word count:

13946 / 50000 words. 28% done!

NaNoWriMo Day 5

Saturday, 5 November 2016 09:03 pm
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I've been reading and researching instead of writing today. Seriously, not my fault: [personal profile] katsuko has been on a writing binge and so I've been helping her get her research done as it's needed. Also, apparently all the stories that I'm currently reading are going to update right now.

I have gone ahead and posted that WTF story I wrote at the beginning of the month here on Dreamwidth. It's here for any interested parties. I've also got it on if anyone cares. I don't think that I'll be posting it on AO3 any time soon. I'm not overly proud of it. I think the first The Magnificent Seven story I end up posting there will be of the series that [personal profile] katsuko calls Damning the Devil and I call The Damn Robicheaux Boys; I think that the former title will be what goes up on archives, but the latter will be what we always refer to it as.

On that note, I feel like I need to post some of the things I've been reading, since I cannot access the recs page on when I'm at IKEA. It's still blocked, though I did get them to give me an answer on why it is: apparently, it's considered an adult site. Whoops. I didn't think any of the stories on there got that level of filthy, but I guess I have now been educated. Maybe a list of the stories I've been enjoying lately can be my post here tomorrow. It should have some length to it, that's for sure, though I will resist the urge to say something like "read everything that [ profile] thrillingest writes"... even if a huge number of the stories that I will be reccing are by her.

And yes, I keep forgetting that I have a Tumblr. I get behind on it, then I get discouraged by being behind on it, and then I ignore it hard because I'm discouraged and behind. It's a vicious, vicious cycle. It's happened with Tumblr frequently, it happens over and over with Twitter, and every so often it strikes with Instagram. Facebook I usually just get so pissed off with the people on there that I don't care that I'm not caught up.

Roo is mightily pissed off at the two of us for giving him his medicine. His face is starting to swell up some, and I'm starting to wonder if he's allergic to the baby food he loves to eat or if maybe one (or more) of his teeth are infected. (Though, admittedly, it's gone down a little since we first noticed it.) He's on an antibiotic, a steroid, and an appetite enhancer, so I'm hoping that one of the former two will make him feel a bit better and maybe help with that issue. The appetite enhancer is doing miracles already. He's eaten nearly twice as much as he usually does. He also has a lot less lethargy, and he is his usual lovebug self, even if he did bite the everloving shit out of me yesterday.

Anyway, that should probably be about enough for me. I need to get some sleep and maybe get caught up word-wise tomorrow. I leave the entry, as always, with an updated word count:

7057 / 50000 words. 14% done!
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I got the site updating done on Katherine Bell net. The changeover from concrete5 to WordPress is now completed. This is going to make my life so much easier, especially since I'm hoping to work on keeping it more up to date than I have been. I'm not sure I'm going to ever write under that name again, but it's good to keep the site more up to date than it has been being, yeah?

I was going to work on DMnet, but apparently SafeDNS has the entire domain blocked, so I can't. I'm not sure why. I don't think there's that much adult content on the site, but apparently it also blocks for popups and uncredited content and too many zip files and all kinds of crazy things. I've gone through and cleared a lot of popups and large zip files and such from DMnet and some of the subdomains. I might even try to completely clear out ones that haven't been updated in years.

But that's a matter for when I can connect to something on the domain.

And that's it for tonight.


Thursday, 28 May 2015 10:54 pm
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So I'm a little ashamed here. I started this fic around January this year. And then I got busy at work, so I let it sort of sit. I picked it back up over the weekend and finally finished it. It's less than 500 words, but it took me literal months to finish it. And I suck for that. I finished the story over the weekend. I got it typed and on AO3 early this morning. And now I finally have it on [community profile] eternal_sailorm. It's on sort of. It's only up on the new version of the site, not the old static version.

Of all the characters I've ever written, Hicks is the "loudest". When he has a story he wants me to tell, he will literally keep me awake nights to make sure his words get written. He's... insistant. I kind of like that about writing him.

So yeah, I wrote Aliens fic, I sucked at getting it posted, but it's up now in many places. It's called "Concession", and it's part four of Save Your Life. Only one more scripted part to go... and it's the original story I conceived of in this 'verse.
Concession on [community profile] eternal_sailorm
Concession on AO3
Concession on

...and eventually I'll put it on the Pit of Voles.
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I... really don't know what to say tonight. I seem to be having a series of nights of these. Part of that is general tiredness, I'm thinking. Part of it is that I come home from work with my mind absolutely numb.

That being said, though, I am still going to try to tackle NaNoWriMo when it comes around next month. It might be a sign that I have lost my damn mind -- doing CVS, Mirko, Seven Seas, and NaNo -- but I'm going to give it a try. The worst that can happen is that I drop out. It wouldn't be the first time I've done that, though I am admittedly never pleased when I have to. I don't really have any ideas yet, other than some vague original ideas that I'm not sure how much flesh I could get out of them, but there's still time.

I'm coming along fairly well with the whole website thing. It's not a quick process by any means, but I'm coming along fairly steadily. I've content of some sort of just about every page. I've finally got the links behaving the way I want them to, so hopefully that transfers over properly when I move it all off the test server. I might be highly ticked off if it doesn't. But the whole thing won't actually go live until I have everything working the way I want it to anyway, so I'll just take advantage of test servers and subfolders as needed until I have it ready to go. So, it is coming along nicely. I wouldn't say no if anyone wanted to play around on it and see if there's anything that doesn't make sense or is broken or anything. Of course, not everything works yet or has the proper attached content, but if there are broken links, it would be better for me to know now rather than later.

I spent a couple of hours the other day going through my LiveJournal trying to find the date I finished Where Angels. The date I had previously guestimated was July 2006. According to LJ, I announced on 09 December 2006 that the story was done. There's a whole lot of difference between July and December of a year. But along those same note, I have started putting some content up for Yu-Gi-Oh, obviously. Specifically, I have the following stories already posted, with the correct dates: "Complicated Heart", Just Another Day, Metal Heart, Our Farewell, Third Chance, Utopia, and Where Angels. I also have all my Aliens stories and chapters of stories up, as well as my Crystal Blue Snake of the Night story.

Tomorrow is Katsuko's and my salon day. Well, hopefully. I guess it depends on if my Mirko check ends up in my bank on time. Otherwise, I guess I'll be watching Katsuko get a salon day and then dipping into the Manic Panic when I get home. But hopefully the check will be there, and I can have my salon day as well. Here's hoping. My hair hasn't been cut since February, and I can't even say when the last time I went to a salon for myself -- not just as Katsuko's moral support -- was. More than likely, it was last year. But hopefully I can get prettied up, and all that fun stuff. Please, Bank of America, be swift for once in your thrice damned life.

And I guess that needs to be about it. I'll hopefully have some pictures tomorrow. Later, all.

Oh my gods, today

Thursday, 9 October 2014 11:45 pm
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Today was a "fucking hell" kind of day. I got up and took Katsuko to work, then I came home and worked on the update for DMnet for a bit. It's... coming along, just very, very, very fucking slowly. I'm working my way through the index pages. Once those are done, I'll get the actual stories up. Once that's done, I'll start checking the links and all and making sure they all work... and then I'll transfer everything over from the test server to the live launch. The actual stories/content is actually going to be the slowest going part of all of this. I've been working on this off and on since August. Maybe if I had been more on than off, I would already be done, but honestly, between the three jobs and trying to have a day or so a week just to relax, working on websites has not exactly been my top priority. Once DMnet is done, though, then I'm going to throw my attention on Endless Loop. Katsuko and [personal profile] daimeryan_rei both gave me great edits for Color of Life, and I want to do right by their hard work.

Anyway, I worked for a bit, I tried to catch up on some of the sleep I've been missing, and then I went over to Mirko to work. Brandon was managing tonight and he always cuts me early, so I brought Ripley along to try to get some work done while I was waiting on Katsuko to do her side work. She got cut nearly half an hour before I did, though, so I didn't get a chance to do a lot. A huge fucking work rant )

And I'm not sure if that rant helped me any, but it might be good to have some of that off my chest.

I emailed the job in Gainesville, the one my sister-in-law got me an interview for last month. My contact there, Katrina, said that the job still hasn't been officially approved, so it hasn't been posted, so I can't actually apply to it just yet. She's hoping that it will be posted soon. She did mention to my sister-in-law that she and the other person I interviewed with were very impressed with me, for whatever that's worth.

Anyway, morning shift at CVS tomorrow followed by a food runner shift at Mirko, so I guess I had best try to get some sleep (even if I'm not particularly tired). Good night, all.

Words go here

Saturday, 13 September 2014 10:40 pm
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I know that words of some kind need to go here. I'm not feeling too particularly talkative or thoughtful or even creative, so I have no idea what to put here. I got up at ten, took my medicine, slept on the couch, got dressed, and went to work. Work was particularly dead tonight, because the University of Georgia Bulldogs were playing the South Carolina Gamecocks tonight; most people were at home or at the sports bars watching the game. Carlos cut me at around 8:15... then it started picking up 8:45. All in all, it was a rather "eh" kind of night. Mostly I got work done on, though I'm still pretty damn sure I won't be done in ten days. There is still so much to get done, and I really just need one full day to work on it. The caveat is that I need one full day when I'm not completely exhausted to work on it and get it done. That bit's a good deal trickier.

I probably shouldn't be, but I've been eyeballing a waist training corset on eBay. Every little bit helps in the battle to get my waistline back under control, right? I do need to get on the scale at some point in the near future, but at the same time, I'm dreading. I don't want to see if the weight has gone up. If it still about the same or lower, good, but if it's gone up, it'll just be a huge disappointment for me. I haven't bought said waist training corset because I need to measure myself first, which might be the work of tomorrow. We'll see anyway.

I work middle shift at CVS tomorrow, so hopefully that will mean that I'll be doing more of the makeup and/or putting out sale signs.

I'm so sleepy. I probably should go to bed, huh? I will if Jimi ever gives me a conversation break.
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My subject line was just going to be "blegh", so I decided to spice it up a little bit by pretending to be witty. I'm not feeling terribly witty, however, so mostly it's just silly. I have the coughs trying to start, my throat hurts and feels scratchy, I'm even more tired than normal, and generally I just feel run down. I think I called it: I'm getting sick. Thank you, storming weather, for that. I needed it right now. Thank you so much.

Katsuko got the cast off her hand yesterday, so I know she's happy about that. No weird tan lines, though, which was a little disappointing to me. I wasn't exactly anticipating some "Tom Hardy as Bane" tan lines, but still, a little would have been nice. She called me from work a little bit ago so that she and Carlos could put me in the system to clock in and out (and for Carlos to say that he likes my first name better than Katherine, as everyone seems to these days). She also announced at that time that she was going to call me out sick to work tomorrow. I almost wish she would. I could use an entire day of nothing but sleep. Or maybe "another entire day of nothing but sleep" would be a better way to phrase that. And besides, I have to open Sunday anyway. I would ask that the schedule be remade, but the person who makes them is -- of course -- Tamika, and she won't be back in until tomorrow anyway.

I picked up in the kitchen a bit while I was making myself some soup for lunch. At least all the receipts are up off the counters and all now. That's a good, productive thing, right? I can pretend I'm keeping house, right?

I also worked on some more of I made a decision to put all the individual stories on the fandom page (so one-shot Aliens stories are on the Aliens page under Fanfiction), while multipart stories have their own page beneath the appropriate fandom page (so my multipart Aliens story falls under the subheading of Aliens). It's easier to show it than to explain it. All in all, I think it's coming along nicely. I also finally figured out how to make the header and footer on individual stories expand and collapse so that they're out of the way. Once I have all the various index pages set up for multipart stories, as well as getting all the one-shot stories linked on their appropriate pages, then I will go back and put the stories themselves up. Right now, only a few are actually there: "Cakewalk" and "Containment".

A few more things I want to figure out how to do, maybe before the site goes live, maybe at an unspecified future date:
  • Figure out how to mirror LJ and DW comments onto the individual stories
  • Turn off "previous posts" at the end of each story
  • A few more things that I'm forgetting about right now
Of course, these are in no particular order, and there are quite a few other things that I can't remember right off hand at the moment.

I do need to start getting dressed for work, though, as well as feeding the kitties and getting my dinner together for the night. I close with Suzanna tonight, so that's a good thing. Later, all.

Should versus am

Thursday, 4 September 2014 12:49 pm
apollymi: Bakura looking smug, text reads "He belongs to the dark" (YGO**Bakura: He belongs to the dark)
I should be getting ready for work. I am sitting around in my pajamas trying to type around Roo. I should be preparing some kind of food for dinner, even if it means washing some dishes. I amstill sitting around in my pajamas and moving Roo's tail off the keyboard. I should be working on updating before the 24 rolls around and finds me yet again unprepared. I am -- you guessed it! -- still sitting around in my pajamas. Can I help it that my pajamas are so comfortable? It's hot as hell in the apartment, and my PJs are cool and comfy, so yeah, I'm still wearing them.

I had meant to get on the scales before breakfast today, but I did not end up doing that. Mainly this is thanks to me waiting until late to get my ass out of bed, and even that felt like an ordeal. Staying in bed and resting the day away sounded way too appealing, and it was all I could do this morning to make myself start moving.

But I'm running out of time before taking Katsuko to her appointment, so I need to wrap this up and get dressed. Later, all.

Something to say

Wednesday, 3 September 2014 11:34 pm
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One of these days I'm going to make a post and leave all my sleepy/exhausted typos in, just for shits and giggles. Maybe I'll even do strikeouts for the typos in question and put back in the real words. It would certainly be a boon to my word count.

I did my work today at CVS. Mostly it was running the register and putting out stock on Aisle 3, aka the hair care aisle. Not that I got terribly fair with stocking because it was freaking busy today, as always. After that, I came home and rested for a wee bit then went to pick Katsuko... and give Carlos my CVS schedule for next week. He had Katsuko text me my Mirko schedule from here on out, so I gave it to Tamika. Hopefully, after next week, I'll be able to start working both schedules, Mirko and CVS. Something tells me that days off are about to become a thing of the past. Hopefully one of these applications and interviews will come of something, and I can go down to something more steady and less 'oh my gods, every day'. But maybe I'm putting the cart before the horse: maybe Tamika would try to schedule me every day that I'm not at Mirko.

...And maybe I'm Betty Crocker.

Anyway, it's late and I'm tired and maybe a bit morose, so I'm gonna cut this off here and maybe read some fanfic or work on DMnet or go on to bed. Tomorrow will be a long day, with taking Katsuko to the clinic and then going to work. I'm pretty much just ready to have this week over and done with. (Some days, I'm just ready to have life over and done with.)

Yeah, I'm gonna go with morose. I guess it's time for me to sign off in that case. Later.


Sunday, 24 August 2014 11:27 pm
apollymi: Captain America in the middle of rubble, no text (Aveng**Cap: Devestation)
I don't really have anything to say for myself for today. I got up, I went to work, I came home from work, I read a bit, I worked on DMnet a bit, I watched Katsuko nap a bit, I tried to nap a bit, and now I'm writing this entry. I did not accomplish writing, but then I wasn't really expecting to. I had fostered vague hopes of making more progress on the site than I have, but there's really nothing to do for that. I'm still fiddling around with the theme and layout, but I have the menus doing what I want, minus needing to change colors on them. I also still need to make a header image, but I'm sort of saving that until last.

I did accomplish quite a bit at work today. I did from 7:00 until 10:00 as the primary person on registers, then I was backup register person from 10:00 until 12:30, I worked on stocking makeup. I took a break (two hours later than I was supposed to) from 12:30 until 1:00. From 1:00 until 4:00, I continued being the backup register person and I put out more makeup at the same time. All totaled, I put out four full totes of presorted makeup. I have another four totes that are already sorted still to do, which is my project for my four hour shift at work tomorrow, when I will be backup register person as well, most likely. For all Tamika's talk about having me just do makeup, I don't foresee her actually being willing to just let me only do that. I would make a lot of progress that way, but it would mean that she would have to be handy to help out. Granted, she's a little better about that than His Royal Nibs ever was, but that's like saying 35F is a little bit warmer than 33F.

The problem is that no one at our store wants to do makeup. No one wants the hassle of putting it out and keeping it straight. Because of that, no one really knows the section well know to make informed recommendations. I said that I was working on makeup today and tomorrow, and all I got in response were a lot of "I'm sorry" and "that sucks". I enjoy it. It satisfies my inner OCD, and I get to look at pretties. Plus it gets me out from behind the register and lets me interact with the customers more directly. This appeals to me. I enjoy this.

So I've managed to read all the interesting sounding Guardians of the Galaxy and Fullmetal Alchemist stories that are on AO3 that are: (1) either a pairing I liked, (2) don't contain pairings, (3) are in the English language, and/or (4) that sounded appealing. I'm leaving them both open on my computer, so that I can just click 'refresh' and see what new stories have come in.

So I have a 9-2 shift tomorrow. It's just five hours, so I will only get a 15 minute break. I'm all right with this, I think. I'll just stash some fruit bars in my bag and let that be that. I might also put some candy or something in my pockets because that does a decent enough job of tiding me over. When I get home tomorrow, I think that I will take the garbage out, so that I can clean off my desk and clean out the fridge. I've been bitching about it needing to be done, but I haven't done it yet. So I'm hoping I can do that tomorrow. I also need to find out when I can meet with Mirko corporate to fill in my employment forms and find out some kind of schedule. And finally, I need to call my doctor, Jennifer, to see if I need to come back in or if she will just renew my prescription for me, because it is helping. I still sleep a lot sometimes and I still have downswings, but most of the time, I feel like a functioning human being, which is what I set out to accomplish, so go me with the win. (And can you tell that I'm still reading Buffy fics?)

And that's about it. I guess I need to throw myself at my bed and hope for sleep to visit me in time for me to at least see Katsuko before she takes the bus to Buckhead.