Saturday, 11 February 2017

apollymi: Animal with a drum cymbal in his mouth, text reads "Eat Drums! (Muppets**Animal: Eat drums!)
We had a busy day, between coming up with things to do for [personal profile] katsuko's birthday and trying to do the pet sitting too. It wasn't too bad, I guess, but it still wasn't the kind of birthday I wanted to do for her. We went out to lunch and did a little shopping and went to a movie, all of which is fine and good... but it was interspersed with the pet sitting. Teak is a sweetheart and all, but I guess I wanted a birthday completely off for her.

Especially since I doubt my birthday will be completely off, unless I manage to get the car finished before the very last minute. Yeah, I'm not exactly holding my breath on that one, as you might have guessed.

Also, we have had way too much Roo assistance since we've been home. It's... exhausting, more than the rest of the day was, I think. He's making laps of the couch and walking all over keyboard keys. It's made much of anything very, very difficult.

So I think I'm going to try to write while he's occupied elsewhere. Or I might just eat the word count loss and go on to bed. We have another full damn day tomorrow.

Actually, yeah, that sounds lovely.