Sunday, 15 January 2017


Sunday, 15 January 2017 02:39 pm
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So I was going to work on getting more of the fics up on DMnet today, but it looks like they closed the loophole I found yesterday, so I really can't. Then I was going to do some more writing, but fanfic stole my soul and I ended up getting nothing done. I did manage to read some long fic, but no writing has happened yet.


Wicked Ones Joshua is still fucking fighting me. To a lesser extent, so is that Vasquez. More than that, I'm a chapter or so from what [personal profile] katsuko and I sat down and tagteamed the writing of. After that, there's only a bit more before the story ends. Well, I say that, but I mean it will only be a few more chapters, some of which are already written, but the chapters tend to be fairly substantial, usually around 3,000 words each. The part we're getting to is closer to is closer to 6,000 words, and that's if I don't do more editing and adding, like I have been doing. I've been tweaking on this one part since it was first written, especially as I get closer to it and small changes have to be made to it.

It's probably simultaneously both the most painful and most relieving thing I've ever written. It's both comforting and painful at the same time. I'll be happy to post it, though, at least so I can quit messing around with it.

I managed to get a bit close to tying up the scene I have been fighting with, but it's not completely over yet. There's just a bit more I need to persuade these boys to do, and then we can wrap. I wrote a bit more on the Leverage thing. Honestly, these damn cowboys are running my life at this point... and I can't say I'm angry about it. [personal profile] katsuko and I have spent more time conversing these days than we have in year, since we were both in the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom at the same time. I'm getting more writing done than I have in forever, and that's a damn good thing. And honestly, some of Wicked One is damn near therapy for me.

I still wish I could get to the gym. It's just not convenient, and apparently, I'm lousy at making time to go. On catering mornings, I don't want to get up any earlier than I already am, and I don't always have time between catering and work to run back to Roswell for the gym. It's been long enough since we've gone that I'm considering canceling our current gym membership. If I can get $100 to spare, I might just do that: cancel the current gym and go back to LA Fitness. There are more convenient locations available for it, after all.

And [personal profile] katsuko has now been released from IKEA, so we're going to go find lunch before Mirko.