Back to work

Tuesday, 5 February 2019 11:13 pm
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Well, I think I see how I rank at work. I think I see how much (or rather how little) I matter to the entire running of the office. Not a single person besides Anastasia asked me how my appointment went yesterday. Well, I take it back: the director Chris asked, but only after I asked how his dentist visit yesterday went. Granted, Richard did wish me the best of luck tomorrow morning, where I'm interviewing for a position at a different testing location within the same department.

If I were to get the position I'm interviewing for tomorrow, it would save me so much time and money and energy. It's literally 15 minutes away with traffic, three exits up the highway from my house. It's just over 6 miles from my house, 7 minutes without traffic. I wouldn't spend an hour and a half getting to work and nearly two hours getting home. I could go to the gym again without it being a huge hassle. I wouldn't be so late getting home that cooking would be a huge hassle.

But I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I did that with the Dunwoody position, and look how well that turned out. And this would be even better than that one, location-wise. And I really just do not want to work with Glynda anymore, Miss "Practically Perfect In Every Way".

And that's all I've got. I'm so damn drained there just aren't words for it.

Something here

Sunday, 27 January 2019 11:23 pm
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I am watching the weather like a hawk. (No Atlanta Hawks puns intended here. I tend to forget that team exists anyway.) It's calling for a wintry mix, which classically means that GSU will close with "an abundance of caution" or some other way of saying this is the South and we don't know what to do with snow, ice, or sleet.

So continuing the stomach weirdness, [personal profile] katsuko and I took Anastasia out for dinner last night to a Mexican restaurant we go to frequently. I carefully avoided anything with tomatoes or peppers in it, just to be on the safe side, and I even ate extra slow so that nothing would get stuck. In fact, I just got nachos, splitting an appetizer of them with [personal profile] katsuko and Anastasia, and then getting a plate of them for my dinner. Both the appetizer and the plate had cheese and refried beans, and the plate added on guacamole. It should have been safe, because these are all ingredients I've had at this same restaurant before. And yet, I spent most of the night dealing with the... explosive evacuation of the contents of my bowels, which usually means that something I ate a few hours before then was a very, very bad idea.

I don't know here. It's a single location place, though I would hesitate to call it a "small" restaurant. I can't vouch for the authenticity of their recipes. I know I always order from the "Vegetarian" section of the menu... But I also know that authentic refried beans are made with lard. I usually don't eat their rice, because I know a lot of authentic Mexican rice may be cooked with chicken broth.

I feel like the food I can eat is slowly being whittled away. Pretty soon, I'm going to be down to cheese balls, oyster crackers, and pudding, with the occasional side of potatoes and tofu.

And the damnedable thing is, I'm hungry. I'm so damn hungry. I feel so sick so much of the time. I have food evacuating my body at top speed, and yet I'm hungry.

Happy Saturday

Saturday, 26 January 2019 07:33 pm
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Today was Anastasia's birthday. Her boyfriend/baby daddy bailed on her, so we went out to eat with her, because if anyone knows what it's like trying to have a birthday in a place where you don't actually know that many people, it's [personal profile] katsuko and me. And we're not even having to try to have a birthday with an 11 month old in the house... even if Ivan is a cute little bugger. Honestly, I'll be glad when she moves to this side of town, so that we can visit more easily and so that she's in a safer area than down around the airport.

I can't tell yet if Luci's diffuser is working, but either way, I think I'm going to order a second one for back the hall, so that the whole house is covered. I also got in the first month of their flea medication today... and that was a treat and a half, trying to put that on the two of them. The neat thing was, the medication came with some freeze-dried shrimp/prawn treats. Boo devoured them after some brief initial hesitation. Luci was very concerned at first, but then she ended up licking up the crumbs from the floor so well that there was a wet spot.

Most of my writing today came from finishing a section I fell asleep while writing yesterday and some editing. So not great, but better than nothing.


Sunday, 13 January 2019 10:40 pm
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Damn, the weekend is over again already. I'm sadly very disappointed by this. I seriously hope that Glynda's gotten her panties out of a twist by now. It's been an entire weekend. Surely that's long enough, right?

In other news, Anastasia sent me links to two apartments to look at in Marietta for me and [personal profile] katsuko to look at. Now, granted, I'm not the biggest fan of Marietta myself, but this is probably "Marietta" the same way that Sandy Springs is "Atlanta": in name only. It's closer to Smyrna and Vinings than Marietta, it looks like online. I really like the look of one of them, given that it's gated-access and pretty decent price-wise. I don't know how soon we actually are thinking about packing up and moving, but it's a thought, anyway.

Anybody want to come help us move house?


Friday, 21 December 2018 11:52 pm
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Oh my gods, I was starting to think it was never gonna get here. But yay! The two week time away from work has finally begun! Granted, I'm still a little miffed that I have to use 32 hours from my own vacation time for it, but it'll be worth it to have at least some time away from GSU.

We also did the office party, of a sorts, even if it mostly consisted of Anastasia, LaTrease, Richard, [personal profile] katsuko, and me going out for dinner... and Anastasia bringing the baby along. Seriously, Ivan is the biggest sweetheart ever.

But I'm thinking I might take a nap, and then I might even get up and try to get some writing done. Later, all!
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What a damn day.

So, let's start at the beginning. On the way into work, I got a phone call from Anastasia: someone had run a stop sign and hit her car, while she was driving with her son. The front end of her car is a total mess, so she couldn't drive it. She called me, because (1) neither of us have a lot of other friends in this damn town and (2) our boss LaTrease hadn't answered her phone when she tried to call and let her know about the accident. So we ended up being without Anastasia and Glynda today. Normally, this would make for a huge bit of problems, but thankfully it was pretty slow for once.

I did get to leave work early, but then it was off to the train station and waiting at one of the local malls for [personal profile] katsuko to come pick me up and then go take care of my client's kitties. And then we were finally able to come home.

And when we were coming home, while I was on the phone with Mum, we saw a coyote crossing the street near our house.

So yeah, today was all kinds of weird. I'm glad it's over.
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Oh yes, I'm starting to remember again why NaNo is always so much harder for me than either of the Camp months. It's not just that Camp lets you set your own word goal. No, it's more than the end of the year tends to be a bit crazier as far as jobs go and that makes getting writing done in any meaningful way is much, much more difficult.

The interview today went pretty all right. I'm still not certain how likely the odds are of me getting it, but it was a fairly smooth interview, barring the fact that one of the two people who was suppose to interview me got stuck in traffic and was 45 or so minutes late to the interview... and the other is the head of testing that I see every day, Chris. I got a couple of interesting questions that threw me a little, like "How would you describe your current testing environment" and "What is a question you've been asked in another interview that you think would have been helpful in determining a candidate's qualification for this position".

Other than that, when I got to work, Glynda was (predictably) in a mood, enough of one that she had in turn set off Anastasia in a foul mood too. One of the computer decided it was through working, and I couldn't get Tech Support to understand that, if the hard drive is failing but the CPU is still receiving power, it's not going to magically heal itself and start working again if I move it to another station. It took nearly 35 minutes to finally convince Tech Support that sending a new CPU was the best thing to do... and that I could only rack up another five minutes of overtime on the phone with him.

Word count-wise, I'm ending day one on a fairly decent basis. Not as great as I wanted, but not too bad either. Here's where I'm sitting so far for the day:

1719 / 50000 words. 3% done!

And that's it. Good night, my freaky darlings!


Tuesday, 9 October 2018 10:31 pm
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Well, I made it through today. Work was... work. I got some lovely compliments from one of the STEP testers, which is always nice, and I might have slyly mentioned that she was more than welcome to leave nice comments on her survey at the end. And I also managed to do the doctor's appointment thing. No really big changes. I have a new anxiety medication to try, once I get the prescription filled, and I have to go back in a couple of weeks to see if it's helping any.

Also happening today, Anastasia got robbed at gunpoint at the Walmart on her side of town yesterday afternoon. Yes, afternoon, around 6 o'clock. She had the baby with her. They got pretty much everything but her house keys: car keys, purse, wallet, phone, everything. She's been messaging me through Instagram to let me know what's the what. In broad ass daylight, with other people walking around nearby... other people that tried to chase the two robbers down and told the police where they went. And this is what has my anxiety through the roof most of today.

And that's pretty much all I've got for today. Good night, my freaky darlings.
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This one is going to be very short by necessity. I’ve already taken my Tramadol for the night, and I’m feeling the sleepy creeping up on me. It’s not heavy or overwhelming like some other medications I’ve had to take, but it’s definitely dragging me under just as surely.

Today at work was... vaguely better. LaTrease coached me a bit on the things that were objectionable from Thursday, but she was definitely very chill about it, which I appreciated. Glenda remained in a bit of a mood, but not as bad. I did come in to find that Robert (the part-timer I worked with on Thursday), Chris (LaTrease’s boss, who was also trying to help with damage control on Thursday), and Anastasia went to bat for me, so that was a damn nice feeling. It’s my understanding, in fact, that Robert and Anastasia got flat-out nasty on my behalf because they thought the whole thing was some bullshit. Which was nice.

And because the medicine is really starting to kick in, I’m gonna go throw myself at my bed. Later, all.