A... day

Thursday, 31 January 2019 11:19 pm
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Honestly, the only reason I know what day it is anymore is because it's on my computer. I kinda want to call it a week and not bother going back to work, but I have to, I guess. I mean, I'm going to be off so many days in February that it would be wrong to take another day any time soon.

Let's see: I have Monday the 4th off for this initial consultation with the gastroenterologist. I have Monday the 11th off for [personal profile] katsuko's birthday. I have Friday the 22nd off for my own birthday. I think I've mentioned all that before, though.

What's been added to that is that I now have an interview for the position in Alpharetta for Wednesday the 6th. I'm still not terribly hopeful on the whole thing, but it's worth a shot. I'm not throwing this shot away. (Yes, I had to go there.)

It's a work night, and I'm so tired that I can barely see straight, but I'm also not actually sleepy. Tired, but not sleepy. Seems to be the story of my life, huh?

Sad face

Tuesday, 29 January 2019 09:28 pm
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Well, I was seriously hoping for two days off, but apparently we only get one "abundance of caution" day a month. :( I really wanted tomorrow off too, but I do have to go back to work after all, despite the weather stations calling for black ice on the roads.

All that said, I did enjoy the hell out of having a day off during the week. I'm not sure yet if it makes the week more tolerable, but I'll probably have an answer to that tomorrow.

From here until the end of February, I have some short weeks coming up. I have next Monday the 4th off for a middle of the day doctor's appointment with a gastroenterologist. I have the next Monday the 11th off for [personal profile] katsuko's birthday. And I have the next Friday the 22nd off for my birthday. I suspect that I'll end up having an endoscopy somewhere in there too. (I hope that's going to end up being sooner rather than later.)

And I'm now going to try to go to sleep to the dulcet sounds of sirens
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Well, it was a fairly nice birthday day, I guess. I got to sleep in, which is always a nice thing. I ate lunch with [personal profile] katsuko at Macaroni Grill. We tried out a new tea shop since our Teavana is gone now. (sad face) I picked up my birthday macarons at Macaron Queen, and that's always damn nice.

But then I decided to go ahead and go to the doctor to find out why I'm still sick. An hour and $60 later, I'm told I have had a series of colds, one after another after another for the last two or three weeks. I have a whole lot of new medicines to take to help with that, so hopefully that will make a difference of some sort.

And that's about all I've got for today. I have some handwritten stuff that needs to be typed up, but I need to be a bit more awake for that, so I'm not even gonna try. Instead, I'll do all that tomorrow.

I feel like a birthday would be remiss, however, without posting a few links to wishlists and other such helpful things, so...

Amazon Wishlists
PayPal donations

So, good night, all. Later, my freaky darlings.
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Thank all the gods the work week is finally over for me. It's been a particularly shitty one, and I'm glad it's over and done with. I have a short week next week, thanks to me taking Thursday and Friday off for my birthday. It's just been one thing after another after another: mostly testers with attitudes and other such crap.

But there's also been a lot of singing "Jesus, take the wheel," and if I hear that again in the next month, I'm going to go around the bend. Somehow Glynda seems to think, if she sings that often enough, everything will magically be better? I don't know. All I know for certain is, if you hear that seven or eight times a day, every day, it gets really, really annoying really, really quickly. I'm sure she thinks it's cute, but it's killing me here.

Cut for personal darkness )

And yeah, that was kind of... ehhh of me. I feel a little better getting it out though, so I guess that's what counts. I guess. I really don't know.

I do know that, when I checked my temperature last night before bed, it was 100.1°F/37.8°C, and I still had to go to work, because I was going to be the only person closing to be able to do the router upgrade. And I did it. I powered through an entire work day of dizzy spells and feeling generally out of it. I climbed on chairs and messed about with expensive electronics, and I can't even tell you know much about what I did all day... or ate for lunch... or talked about with [personal profile] katsuko... or if I ate dinner... or much of anything.

So, yeah, I'm glad this work week is finally over, and I hope my birthday week is better than this has been. On that note, good night, all.

Happy birthday to me

Wednesday, 22 February 2017 10:43 pm
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It's been... a day. I guess that's the best way to put it. It's been a day.

Roo woke me up around 7:30 this morning when he decided boobs would be the best place to sleep in comfort. He also woke [personal profile] katsuko up at around 8:30 this morning when he decided to hock up a hairball... mostly on the electronic, but also on me. I ended up have to quickly cut off the power to one surge protector and unplug it, because that's where he managed to hit.

We lazed about the house for a bit before going to lunch at Macaroni Grill. Yes, I know: I work at an Italian restaurant, but I still decided to go out to eat at an Italian restaurant for my birthday. Mac Grill has had a special place for me ever since I first discovered it in Tallahassee. I won't say that I'd eat there every day, but we did used to do it once a week back then. Not so much now, of course, but that's a different story. After lunch, we killed some time in the North Point Mall and had some hot tea, until we felt we had digested enough to go get cupcakes.

We were going to go to Panera and try to write next, but I got a phone call from GPLS right as we were leaving CamiCakes. I didn't get the job, of course: it once again came down to one other person and me, and she had more recent admin experience. So that's another job down the toilet. They did say that they might be having a different position coming open, possibly in a few months, that I might be qualified for. Whole lot of not certainty in that sentence, huh?

So, yeah, we went to Panera, but there wasn't enough in for me for writing. Hell, there's not really enough in me now for it. I'm still going to try, mind you, if the boys are willing to cooperate.

And I made a Jellybean gif on Tumblr... because the world needs to know the cuteness that is my Jellybean, my Ava.

We ended up driving up to Dawsonville and returned a bag I bought at the Vera Bradley outlet last week. Or rather, we exchanged it, because I got one that was just a wee bit bigger but in the same pattern. We walked around a while there and then came home... with [personal profile] desolate03 chatting with us on the phone pretty much all the way home, which was nice. We don't get to talk to our T-Kitty often enough anymore.

So we didn't do as much -- or spend as much money -- as we did for [personal profile] katsuko's birthday, but that's probably not a bad thing, since rent is coming up due real soon.

And I'm out of things to say. I hope tomorrow will be better for writing, because right now, I'm just not feel much of anything good.

Later, all.

Stupid early

Tuesday, 21 February 2017 06:50 am
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I said last night that I had to get up stupid early to take [personal profile] katsuko to IKEA. Hello and welcome to stupid early. This post will be a huge ramble, because it's stupid early. Those two words might well be a theme for this post. I'm really tired, so I'm really babbly.

Cut for politics, US healthcare, and rants on Buckhead )

Cut for talking about writing and Mag 7 )

And finally, without a cut... Tomorrow's my birthday. I'm not even sure that I'm going to be able to go visit the family for it. Money's just too tight. [personal profile] katsuko and I celebrated her birthday too hard earlier in the month. I feel like I would be remiss to not include a link to my Amazon wishlists, though. Ummm, I like fanart and fanfic?

And I've killed most of the time I needed to wait, so I'm gonna close this off now. Later, all.

Something fast

Monday, 20 February 2017 11:23 pm
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I'm going to make something really quick here, because I fell asleep in the middle of writing an entry last night. (Whoops.) Not exactly ideal, yeah? Go, team me, with the embarrassing, huh?

Tomorrow's an early morning too, with me having to drop off [personal profile] katsuko at IKEA at 6:00. ~.~ After that, it's over to Panera Bread to kill time until the kitchen guys get there for us to do the catering order. So I have to kill from around 6:15 until around 8:45, roughly speaking, given how long it takes to get from IKEA to Panera and then to get from Panera to Mirko.

I'll do the catering tomorrow and drive it over to its two respective schools, though thankfully not in my own car, and then it's back over to IKEA to pick up [personal profile] katsuko again. We're going to go from there to the tag office to renew Shinigami's plates ahead of my birthday on Wednesday. I think [personal profile] katsuko is planning on moving laundry up to tomorrow instead of Wednesday like normal, and I think that's about it.

Writing. That needs to happen, and a lot of it needs to happen. I'm still running ahead of the year. It's Day 51. I'm sitting at 58,195 words so far for the year. It's respectable. I'm not behind. But I'm losing my surplus. [personal profile] katsuko is running about 2500 words behind right now. I know that, once the April Camp NaNoWriMo rolls around, we'll be able to get caught up and get some more, but we're trying not to fall so far behind that Camp can't catch us up. So far she's had 4 days completely without writing. I've managed to avoid that, but my word day has been 465 words... and I've had a few of those kinds of days during February. Most days are still over 1000 words, but not enough of them to make me happy. I'll get back over there, though. I just need these damn boys to start cooperating.

I might need to include Roo in "these damn boys". He's giving the laptop some major headbutting love, enough to damn near knock it off my lap. That's saying something. He has great happiness, obviously.

Anyway, it's now time for sleeping so that we can get up stupid early in the morning. Later, all.
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We had a busy day, between coming up with things to do for [personal profile] katsuko's birthday and trying to do the pet sitting too. It wasn't too bad, I guess, but it still wasn't the kind of birthday I wanted to do for her. We went out to lunch and did a little shopping and went to a movie, all of which is fine and good... but it was interspersed with the pet sitting. Teak is a sweetheart and all, but I guess I wanted a birthday completely off for her.

Especially since I doubt my birthday will be completely off, unless I manage to get the car finished before the very last minute. Yeah, I'm not exactly holding my breath on that one, as you might have guessed.

Also, we have had way too much Roo assistance since we've been home. It's... exhausting, more than the rest of the day was, I think. He's making laps of the couch and walking all over keyboard keys. It's made much of anything very, very difficult.

So I think I'm going to try to write while he's occupied elsewhere. Or I might just eat the word count loss and go on to bed. We have another full damn day tomorrow.

Actually, yeah, that sounds lovely.


Saturday, 1 October 2016 10:49 pm
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It's finally October! It's nearly Halloween! Yay!!! *happy dance*

Seriously, I tend to spend all year looking forward to two events that happen late in the year: Dragon*Con and Halloween. I've done one, and now the time for the next is swiftly approaching.

Oddly, I only have one or two events I look forward to at the beginning of the year, and that are [personal profile] katsuko and my birthdays, in February. Summer has nothing really good to say for itself, as far as I'm concerned, now that's it's a drive of over five and a half hours to get to a beach.

And that's it for me.


Tuesday, 23 February 2016 11:16 pm
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So, yeah, we did most of the pampering part of mine and [personal profile] katsuko's shared birthday today. We went and got our hair done... and it looks freaking amazing. We went back to Sephora and got Katsuko all kinds of pretty things, along with me a new lipstick, powder, and a shared eye compact. So many pretties! It's great!

Tomorrow, we're going to hang out with [personal profile] desolate03 a bit, which is nice, because we haven't gotten to hang out with Kitty in so long! And she's another February birthday girl too (the 20th), so it's just a continuance of February birthday awesome-sauce.

And it's really weird trying to type all this while Katsuko is braiding my hair. ^_^;;


Monday, 22 February 2016 10:24 pm
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So apparently, my birthday is fifty-three days into the new year. I have learned something new today. [personal profile] katsuko took me out and about on the town as much as possible with the limited time we had available.

It was a pretty good birthday, for all that I did have to work on it: catering and dinner shift. I think I nearly killed myself working the dinner part, though. I wound up feeling about like I did earlier in the week, plus a whole lot of extra wheezing and panting because I couldn't get my breath. I did my inhaler as many times as I felt safe, but in all honesty, I'm still a bit wheezy.

I think once dinner is accomplished, no matter what time it is, I'm going on to bed.

Happy birthday

Sunday, 22 February 2015 11:30 pm
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Happy birthday to me.

Happy birthday

Wednesday, 11 February 2015 09:00 pm
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Happy birthday to my very best Hikari, [personal profile] katsuko. Love ya, sweetie.

Books and dragons

Sunday, 16 March 2014 09:07 pm
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Somehow today is Day 162 of my ongoing 750 words project. I'm not sure how that happened. What's weirder: I'm not sure if I'm confused if it's only 162 days or that it's already 162 days. Weird, huh?

I finally have Katsuko next to me reading Firelight. I finished Cold Days (the fourteenth Dresden Files book) late yesterday, though, so I'm at a bit of loose ends as far as reading is concerned. I'm actually now just rereading Shadowdance, rather than go through my books to find a new something to read.

That is to say, that's what I'm doing when I'm conscious. I got up at 7:30 this morning to feed the demonling kitties and went back to bed. Katsuko got me up at 12:30; otherwise, I think I might have just kept on sleeping. I managed to stay awake until around 4:30, until I laid back down for a nap... which Katsuko got me up from around 7:30. In that first long bout of awake time, I took a hot soaking bath with some of my Ceridwen's Cauldron, my LUSH splurge purchase from my birthday. It felt really nice, but my tub is so small that I can't really soak all the parts of me that need soaking. If I get my legs in to soak, then my back has to be nearly up straight; if I get my back in, then I just about have to put my legs up on the wall, plus I have all this hair, which doesn't cooperate with staying out of the water most of the time.

Anyway, yeah, I soaked, and I've slept a lot of today away. I still feel really cruddy, though, and my head is just throbbing. I'm taking some Excedrin Migraine right now, and hopefully that will do something to stem it off before it gets any worse. Katsuko is making us some snacks, and I might eventually get off my arse and make us some dinner... if I don't just go back to bed. I have several AO3 story links open, though, so I'm going to try to stay awake to reread all of them... because they're all stories I've read and enjoyed before. I might even take a while to sporfle over a Supernatural fanfic I enjoy, one of the few Dean/Castiel ones I still reread: The Fourth Wall. Other things I'm rereading from: The Bourne Legacy, The Avengers, crossovers of the above two, Push, Push crossed over with The Avengers, and so on.

I still have some 330 words to go, and I'm not sure I have words for them. I'll come up with something, of course, because I always do, but I haven't the foggiest what they will be, what I will babble about next.

My dragons are still good. I'm trying very hard to get a predatory dragon, but it is just not cooperating. It's the rarest of the first batch of dragons, and it's just a matter of chance and luck to get one. I've been trying for the last several days, and I will continue to keep trying until I manage to get myself one. The wikia speaks briefly about pairing a leveled up +rare Fire Dragon with a +rare Grass Dragon together to get one. I have a +10% rare Fire Dragon, Fate, that I keep pairing with a +5% rare Grass Dragon, Myrandr. They keep giving me Fruit Dragons and Spring Dragons, though. But according to the wikia, the options are those four: Fruit, Spring, Flower, Predatory, with a slight chance of breeding another Grass Dragon back out of the mix too. Getting each of the first batch of dragons is worth a couple of prize points, which is why I'm still trying it.

Let's see. I still need to acquire the following dragons from the first batch: Predatory. From the second batch, I still need the following: Steam, River, Swamp, Coral, and Ferocious. From the third batch, I still need: Rock, Rain, Desert, Dandelion, Chinese, Butterfly, and Agile.

I'm debating on giving up on the Predatory Dragon for now, and just focus on the myriad others I still need to get. I can always come back to it. It is, after all, one of the rarer dragons, so I might be a while in getting one. Once Myrandr and Fate get out of the Breeding Cave this time, I'll let them have a break. It's time to start sending my Water Dragon, Ariel, in for a while and start getting some of those second batch dragons out of the way. Third batch will entail getting Pandei and Keres, my two Air Dragons, to play nice with other dragons.

And yet again, I've managed to get to 750 words, mainly by talking about books and dragons again. Go, me?
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I'm having quite a time trying to get the computer to stay connected to the internet long enough for me to do this post and check my email. I've had to completely cut off the wifi three times now, and I have a feeling that I'm going to have to do it again soon. What's funny is that the wifi works perfectly for the iPad; it's just the computer that it doesn't like. I guess I could do the post on Serenity, but I'm pretty sure if I switched over, then Serenity would be hit with the same issue.

We did the joint party thing today. It was a full house of sixteen people: me, Mum, Charlie, Hayden, Grandmother, Grandfather, Aunt Cathy, Uncle Tim, Lee, Brittany, Cristin, Homer, Anna, Addie, Ansley, and Brittany's parents, Julie and Chris. I feel like I'm missing someone in there. Okay, that's actually seventeen, but Ansley's a wee enough little thing that I'm not sure she counts. There was also Levi, Brittany's Boxer dog, and he was all over the place. Oh, he was very well behaved and such, more so than Anna and Addie anyway, but he was definitely a quite large puppy.

I managed to get myself all worked up over the conversation with Mum regarding the job, and it turned out to be a big nothing. What I should have gotten myself worked up over, though, was the conversation regarding Katsuko's car. When he was doing his and Mum's vehicles two weeks ago, he marked that car as sold, so it can't be renewed in Lee County like we were hoping. So that means we have to find a way to get that car fixed and working up to code by the end of March, so that it's all can be done in her name. We might even need to transfer the insurance into her name, instead having her listed as a driver on it while it's under my name. It's going to be a hullaballoo any way you look at it. I'm not looking forward to all of this.

I do have four jobs sitting open in tabs on Ripley here waiting to be applied for, but I don't think I can keep the connection going for long enough to get my resume off Dropbox, much less stay connected long enough to go through several pages of applications. The jobs are pretty much all over North Georgia: one is in Demorest, one is in Dahlonega, and two are in Gainesville. These are all about an hour without traffic from the house. If I can get them, though, that's what matters. (Amusingly to me, to get to Demorest or Dahlonega from the house, you have to go through Gainesville.) Two are part-time and two are full-time, so that's interesting (to me).

And I think that connection has dropped out yet again. It's about to make me want to tear out my hair in frustration. Usually, the connection here is better than the connection at home, which isn't necessarily saying a lot, but tonight, it's just horrible. It's there for a few minutes then it's gone again and so on and so forth. Very annoying. If I didn't think it would be a huge pain, I would just try to write some on some story or another and import it in for my word count, but I'm pretty sure that would be more of a pain than it would be worth. Besides, I've only got about 200 words to go. I will make it through, though it may take a few more connection restarts.

Gods, it's roasting in here here. The temperature dropped below 50°F, so Grandfather cranked up the heater. He's very cold natured (gets cold very easily) and always has been, but this year, I seem to be a lot more warm natured than I have felt in previous winters. I haven't gotten cold nearly as easily. (It's tempting to ascribe this to the excess weight. I don't know.) So it's chilling off again outside, currently 48°, and I'm wearing thin pajama pants and a tanktop to sleep in. My one concession to the weather is that I'm wearing socks to sleep in. Not terribly thick socks, but socks nonetheless. The laptop is almost too warm for me to hold in my lap, and I definitely cannot leave my fingers resting on the keys; it feels like they would get burned. It's definitely used to having its chill mat as a readily available option.

And that's 750 words for the 140th day/night in a row. Only 60 days/nights more to go before I reach my goal. I'm gonna sign off now before the connection drops again. Laters.
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So today was Katsuko's birthday. We did... exactly jack shit. Everything around us was pretty much closed in case of weather. They were calling for something like 3" to 5" of snow and ice today. I don't think we even got a single spot of snow yet. We have, however, had a lot of rain... and the temperature has been hovering around the freezing mark all day, so it's sort of really icky. We sat around and read today instead of going out. I had picked us up some frozen pizzas and other snacks last night, and we dined horribly upon them. There was also a more than fair amount of red moscato wine and a small bottle of white pinot noir wine.

I did get a check today from Seven Seas for the most recent editing job I did for them: Zero's Familiar Chevalier. Interesting enough storyline, even if it was sort of typical Seven Seas stuff: hello, boobs. (There will be a girl who has giant boobs, and she will be competing against a small chested woman for the affections of a man. That has been the basic plot of the last three or so volumes I've done for them.) I'm glad for the work, though, so no real complaints here. And those $50 checks really help when they come in. (And they've been coming in a lot more quickly now than they used to. It used to be that the checks could take 10 to 12 weeks to show up; now it's more like 3 to 4, so I'm happy.)

I'm not sure what exactly the plans are for tomorrow. I suppose it really depends on what the weather ends up doing. If it's fairly clear and the roads are safe to drive, I think we'll go do the emissions testing on Shinigami, take Katsuko for her birthday lunch, take her to do any shopping she desires to do, take her to her work meeting at 4pm, and then maybe even do a birthday dinner. But all of that depends entirely on the weather having cleared up and there not being ice on the roads. I did that once, and I'm none too keen to try it again.

I'm a little sad, though. I ordered Katsuko a birthday present last week... and it didn't ship until yesterday. I also requested her a birthday card... that didn't appear in her inbox (but did in mine, so I ended up forwarding it to her). I was going to do the whole "take her out and about for the day" thing that we always do... but the weather didn't allow for it. Yes, there hasn't been any snow, yet, but just about everywhere was closed... and the places that weren't didn't know how long they would remain open.

Amusingly, though, this was like the third or fourth birthday she's had where there has been major bad weather like this. This does amuse me, especially since my birthday is only two weeks later; as far as I know there has never been bad weather like this on my birthday. It always hits right before or just after it.

So yeah, we just did a lazy day. There are plans this week to finally do the living room rearrange. Once that's done, we can actually start watching the TV again, and that will be nice. I sort of miss my Netflix. More than that, I sort of miss my movies that I only have on BluRay... or only have unpacked on BluRay... like Aliens. BluRay isn't something that I can watch on the computers, so that's a bit sad making. Or you know, I could quit being lazy and unpack the rest of the DVD boxes, but I'm a little leery on doing that, since we're still talking about whether or not we want to stay here after August... assuming I have a job by that point. If I do, then, yeah, we might leave. I think we're talking Sandy Springs or Dunwoody, but I wouldn't be opposed to Brookhaven or Roswell... or maybe even Norcross. After all, those do seem to be the places we spend the most of our time. Dunwoody has the shopping, Roswell has Katsuko's work, Norcross has our favorite restaurant, and Sandy Springs is sort of centrally located to all of those. Honestly, we moved to Decatur, but we hardly ever spend time in the city itself. It's all Perimeter Center and Roswell... or Atlanta itself... for us in truth.

And that's the quickest I've ever written 750 words: just under 15 minutes. Go me.
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So yay, I have a couple of takers on Color of Life. That's a wonderful thing. I'm aiming for perhaps April now with it. It was going to be the one that would be out by my birthday, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Instead, I'm trying to get Tales of the Supers ready and out by the 22nd, pushing Color of Life back slightly. I'm sort of okay with that. I'm wildly excited about Endless Loop, but I'm not sure anyone else is, so better to focus on the one that has some interest in it, you know?

(If anyone else wants to help out, just comment on the previous entry. I will leave it set to screened.)

We had plans for things we wanted to do tomorrow for Katsuko's birthday. I'm not sure how many of them we'll actually be able to do. The news here is calling for 1" to 4" of snow, with sleet, rain, and ice mixed in. That's what's expected for tomorrow. Wednesday is not looking to be much better. This does derail Katsuko's birthday plans, and it might disrupt my plans to have the emissions testing done on my car on Wednesday. If it does, ehh, we'll survive. We'll push everything to Thursday: the birthday plans, the emissions testing, etc. Maybe if the emissions testing goes well and my car passes, I'll even go get my Georgia tag on Friday. My tax return is in, and that's the only big purchase I'm planning with it (while I have made a smaller purchase of two DVD/BluRays I've been wanting: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Tangled).

(And it will be a large purchase, but it will be a necessary one. If I'm figuring correctly, it will be about $400 to do all the initial registration stuff, depending on the fair market value of my car. It could be as high as $600, but it could be as low as $300. Obviously, I'm hoping for the lower end of that scale, but I'm trying to be realistic. And it looks like I do have the option of only paying half of it right away and paying the rest off in payments over the next year. I might go with that option, so that I can put back some of the rest of that money towards having a bit more of rent for a few more months, if Georgia State doesn't come through.)

And I won't be hearing from Frances any time soon, I don't think. This same winter storm already has Georgia State closed for tomorrow. There is no word yet if GSU will be closed on Wednesday too. This same nasty weather is supposed to continue then... maybe.

I might try to get some writing done tonight while I put the heating pad on my back. It's been throbbing the last few days, mostly while I've been editing. And while I haven't gotten a lot more editing done, I have move the Scrivener files over to Dropbox since Ripley and Wanda haven't been speaking nicely to one another lately.

I do have a new manga to translate for Seven Seas, which is nice. Okay, I'm pretty sure the manga itself won't be too nice, given the type of books that I tend to get from them, but it will be nice to have that little bit of money coming in. Yeah, it's only $50 per title, but that's $50 that I didn't have previously. This week's title is Girls und Panzer... and I'm resolutely not going looking for any information on it. I'll just stand by my statement that Seven Seas tends to get the odder titles... and they tend to give me the ones that are odder still.

And yeah, that's about it. I'm gonna go lay on the couch now. Laters.
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So, Happy February 3rd, Happy Day 121 of writing 750 words a day, and why not, Happy February. I could be doing the birthday countdown, but I will refrain for now, since too much else is on my mind. Still nothing positive on the job front. We've gotten to Mum sending my resume and CV to friends of friends, and that's sort of where my brain is. Well, that and how I need to get my tax return in, so that I can get a Georgia tag on my car before the end of the month. I'm trying not to freak too much over it, but I've only got a few more weeks of unemployment left. Specifically, I have 6 more weeks left. That'll get me into March, but that's it.

Okay, not freaking out. Not freaking out. Maybe something will come of Georgia State. Frances does have my resume, even though there is also quite a number of other candidates who applied for the job. She said it was something like 89 in total. I'm hopefully guaranteed at least one interview, so I seriously cannot screw it up. I can't. I need this job. Nope, not freaking out at all...

I did write last night, all on the Shiara's Dozen story. It came to almost 500 words, so that's a good thing I guess. It's all short, choppy sentences, because that's how I try to describe action. It seems like shorter would be better there, to convey a sense of motion and all that literary garbage. I've gotten Delphine semi-free and Ezra involved in the plot. Now I need to finish up this section and get Jennifer and Benjamin involved. And then eventually Shiara herself might get involved.

And I think I need to go rescue Boo from the horrible kitty-eating box. Laters.

A Happy Friday

Friday, 22 February 2013 09:28 pm
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Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday to me!
Happy birthday to me!
We're floating away!

So we went out and did my birthday thing today. I got approximately five billion "happy birthday"s via Facebook, 3 via text message, and two by phone, all of which was really nice.

We got up early, and [personal profile] katsuko and I went to Divas and Devils to sell a couple of my vintage dresses I didn't want anymore. We tried to part ways with more of them at a store that buys clothes, but they didn't want any of them. (This is the 2nd time I've taken stuff there, and they haven't bought anything. I wonder how they do business.) So then we took the clothes on to a consignment shop Supervisor recommended; they took a dress and five blouses. If they sell by May, I'll get a fair chunk of change for them. If they don't, then I marked for them to be donated, so they're still out of my hair either way.

We did lunch at Macaroni Grill after that, and we visited with Amanda, our favorite server in town. It was pouring down rain after that, so we just went to the mall to try to wait it out. After an hour, in which I got a belt and a scarf, we left... and it was still raining. We did a Marshalls run after that; Katsuko got a few things and got me a few things as well. Still raining when we left, so we went across town to Home Goods, where I got another multi-skirt hanger; I need at least 4 more, so I can use them for pants as well.

We piddled for a bit after that, checking out hair dye in Sally's Beauty Supply, and looking at tasties in Fresh Market, then we headed back towards our side of town to eat at Red Elephant, buy some fabric, thread, and elastic at Joanns, and the cat stuff for the next fortnight at Dollar General. It was still raining through all of this, so once we finished all of that, I just went and brought the car over for Katsuko to load the heavy cat stuff easier. We came back home, I backed in far enough that it was a very short run from the trunk of my car to the door, we unloaded the car, I parked it correctly, and we just collapsed inside once the kitties were fed and stuff was put up.

Grandfather (and Betsy) telephoned to wish me a happy birthday. Jelly Bean (Ava) has chicken pox quite possibly, which blows. Betsy got her job she was interviewing for, and Mum found her an apartment in Warner Robbins where she was looking, so she's ecstatic. When I talked to Mum after I got home, we talked about how I put the question to Facebook about what kind of job could people see me doing? She said she wasn't too surprised with the answers, and maybe I should ask some of my friends and family in the Atlanta area for a job until I finish schooling and get on as a whatever wherever. I mentioned that one of my guy friends from high school said I could use his 3rd bedroom for a bit, and that somehow made her day.

Oh, and there's this I've been working on. I'm gonna add ads to it eventually and see if I can't get a little money off my babbling. For what its worth.

And that's been about it.

A Merry Monday

Monday, 11 February 2013 06:22 pm
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This is just a quick post to say something very important.

Happy birthday, [personal profile] katsuko!!!