Rant ahead

Friday, 28 September 2018 10:18 pm
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I’m just gonna sit here and bang my head against the wall.

Next month is going to be the first real vacation @katsuko1978 and I have taken together since 2010, when we spent 3 days together in Saint Augustine, FL. (By “real vacation”, I mean a relaxing trip where we leave the city we currently live in and do the cheapest, cheesiest touristy things.) We’re actually only getting to take this one because we’re staying with @mistmarauder instead of getting a hotel.

I’m in the middle of getting oral surgery to take out a bunch of broken teeth, because paying for the dentist hasn’t been in the budget. Once we pay the parts my (crappy Georgia Board of Regents) dental insurance won’t handle, it’s going to be nearly $5000.

I’m slowly paying my Mum back for the loan towards replacing my car. I’m trying to save money to help @katsuko1978 buy a scooter, so that we have two vehicles, especially when we work in different cities. I’m trying to pay off the parts of my surgery to remove uterine fibroids (back in December 2017) that the (crappy Georgia Board of Regents) medical insurance wouldn’t cover. I’m trying to pay off various bills that have gone into collections.



So of course right now is when my laptop decides it’s time to start dying. I have been trying to make it last until I get my tax return next year, but now I’m starting to worry. I’ve been used to the trackpad not working; it’s been iffy since Roo sat on it many years ago. I’ve been used to the speakers not being the best and crackling when I play any sounds; I got a cheap external speaker to handle the problem.

But then the screen started losing liquid crystals about a year ago, leaving me with one corner of the screen completely black. Okay, I said, it’s just a small spot.

But then half the screen suddenly lost part of its brightness. It’s not completely gone, but one of half of the screen is still as bright as normal and the other half is constantly about half as bright as that. It wasn’t easy, but I could still see enough of it to write. When I couldn’t see something well enough, I mirrored the screen onto the TV.

But then two weeks ago, a small piece of plastic broke off the housing right below the trackpad. Well, it’s nearly ten years old, I said to myself; losing a little plastic here and there is expected.

And now tonight, a second piece of plastic popped off below the trackpad, and now it’s popped up and mostly detached from the rest of the laptop. I have to run a small fan on the side to keep it a little cooler. I’m slowly working on backing everything up to an external hard drive and Dropbox.

Because I damn sure cannot afford a new $1300 laptop. Hell, right now, I can’t afford a $1100 Apple refurbished one. No, let’s go one step further than that: I can’t even afford a $600 refurbished one from Mac of All Trades.

Something’s got to give here. At this rate, it might just be me.

Date: 29 Sep 2018 04:44 pm (UTC)
darjeeling: (Default)
From: [personal profile] darjeeling
Ouch on the surgery :(

Glad to hear you guys are getting a vacation though!