Friday, 19 May 2017 11:10 pm
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So, yeah, apparently this story is going to be super kinky, even if we never hit all the things these characters think about doing to and with each other.

Let's just say that [community profile] 15kinks might end up being like double that in length... and that's just the canon era, not counting if we decide to do the modern au also. With Faraday's fantasies alone...

Anyway, Mum texted me to say that she doesn't want me on the road with the bad weather this weekend, so I'll be going down next weekend when it's supposed to be pretty.

I do still have to administer a test tomorrow, but after that, I've got a free weekend. I will try to not go see Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2 again. Who knows though?

Anyway... bed now. Morning comes really early after all.


Tuesday, 9 May 2017 10:06 pm
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[personal profile] katsuko and I went back to see Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2 today. It was every bit as good the second time around.

Tomorrow at New Job is my new employee orientation. Because I'm on my third week, and I'm just now getting my orientation in. Of course, Anastasia has been there two weeks longer than me and is just now getting her orientation in too.

Anyway, I'm falling asleep where I sit, so I'm going to finish this up. I still need to type up what I wrote at work today. I keep thinking that, if I get a nap, I'll be good to go to knock this bit of copying over, but I know how I am after a nap: I'm tired, grouchy, and lethargic; I'll be even less enthused about getting this done than I already am.

But I also keep falling asleep where I sit, so I'm going to get this done and go the fuck to bed. Later, all.

Whistling badass

Friday, 5 May 2017 11:46 pm
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So, I've survived another week at New Job. I'm tired. I'm so damn exhausted, truth be told, but I've made it another week.

I'm getting a little closer to being official at GSU. What I do have: an ADP account for time management (and HR), an email address, a computer login, and a Panther campus ID card. What I don't have yet: keys, an ADP login card for doing my own clock-ins and clock-outs, and a few other things. I'm not sure I feel like a full-fledged employee just yet.

[personal profile] katsuko and I did go to see Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2 today. It was very good. I'm not saying too much more, because... spoilers. But Yondu is a whistling badass, and I adore him. I want to pick up Baby Groot and freaking cuddle him. There are indeed 5 after credit scenes. Kurt Russell chews on the damn scenery every chance he gets. There are plenty of Easter eggs in the credits. I would like to reiterate that I love Peter Quill and I want to see much, much more of him; I cannot wait for The Avengers: Infinity War to come out.

I like what I love most about the Guardians of the Galaxy movies is that they feel very self-contained. It doesn't feel like each movie is setting up the next in the franchise constantly. Like how all the Phase One individual movies set up The Avengers and how The Avengers: Age of Ultron sets up Thor: Ragnarok and how Captain America: Civil War sets up Spiderman: Homecoming... and so on and so forth. No, the Guardians of the Galaxy movies are self-contained and, for the most part, never even venture to Earth/Terra.

And yeah, that's all I've got to say on the matter. I need to get [personal profile] katsuko into a bed, because she has an early shift in the morning.

So.... later, all.


Thursday, 4 May 2017 11:01 pm
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One of these nights I'm actually going to have something worthwhile to say here, instead of always bitching about sleep and how tired I am and all that shit.

I did manage to write some today. It was on Wicked Ones and Resurrectionist, a little bit on each one, probably less than 400 words in total. But I'm trying. I'm working on getting words. They are happening; they're just happening slowly. But whatever works, right? As long as the words occur, that's what matters, yes?

I don't think I'm going to get a thousand words today. I'll be doing good to break 700 in total, I'm thinking.

And I won't get too many words done tomorrow either. I'm finally in the computer system at New Job, so tomorrow I have to go get my picture ID and my keys. I'll also be getting an email address set up tomorrow too.

...Plus... Movie. Tomorrow is the day that [personal profile] katsuko and I are going to see Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2. I'm seriously excited. You can't tell it, but I am.

Anyway, that's about it. Later.

End of April Camp

Sunday, 30 April 2017 10:35 pm
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It's the very last day of Camp NaNoWriMo April Edition. It's been a fun right. I can say that I did finish the month with over 50,000 words, which was my goal. I did decide at the last minute that I wanted to write more words than [personal profile] daimeryan_rei, which was probably a dumb idea, since Dirj writes like a mother, and it meant I needed to do a last minute word sprint to get to where I wanted to be. It meant I had to break out Write or Die to get a thousand words in 30 minutes at one point. I'm trying my best to get the words I need, but it's going to be tight. I'm not sure how much awake I've got left in me at this point.

On the other hand, I had a nice two days off in a row, and I think I'm going to get very spoiled on that. It gave me long enough to feel a little less run down. It gave my feet long enough to stop hurting quite as much as they were before.

Tuesday I do have my Benefits orientation, so I'll be getting myself signed up for those in the very near, which is damn nice. That's a nice thing to be moving towards. I'm still not sure if I'm going to go with Single Healthcare or Domestic Partnership Healthcare. It's a terribly important thing to be deciding on, though, so I'm not rushing it. Either way, [personal profile] katsuko still has her coverage through IKEA, which also covers me until mine goes into effect. If I go with single coverage, then in June, during open enrollment, she can change to single as well. If I go with the domestic partner coverage, she cancel her IKEA one altogether.

But that's a saga for Tuesday. Right now I'm not going to worry about it, since it's something I'm not making decisions on until I have all the information in front of me.

And Friday is the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie! I so cannot wait! I need some good, happy Marvel movie. Because my Tumblr is alive with bitching about Captain America: Civil War, and I'm fucking sick of it. It's been the first fandom thing I've blocked on Tumblr.

And I guess it's time for me to get my ass to bed. The morning comes early, since I have to have [personal profile] katsuko to IKEA by 7:00 and myself to New Job by 8:30. Later, all.


Saturday, 29 April 2017 11:53 pm
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I think I slept most of one of my two days off away. I mean, it's nice, because I feel a little closer to human, more than I have in weeks, really. But I saw [personal profile] katsuko off to work this morning at 6:15 or so, stayed awake until I got a text saying she was at work, went back to sleep, stayed asleep until almost 11, piddled around the house until she got home from work at 3:40 or so, ran errands, came home, laid down for a nap at 8:30... and just now woke up again.

And now it's almost 1 in the damn morning, I think I'm going to be going back to bed PDQ (pretty damn quick).

But on the other hand, I did manage to accomplish one thing: I bought [personal profile] katsuko and I tickets to see Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2. Okay, granted, I bought them for Thursday, because I was looking at the wrong week's schedule for [personal profile] katsuko. So part of our errands today was to go by the movie theatre and exchange them for tickets for the most appropriate Friday showing.

I am so stupidly excited about this movie. I'm desperately avoiding spoilers, but everyone has said that they enjoyed it. That's a good sign.

Even if I did dream a bit of fucked-up-ness of Chris Pratt's characters from the last three movies I saw him in (Joshua Faraday, Owen Grady, and Peter Quill) all being half-brothers, because Ego the Living Planet cannot keep it in his/its metaphorical pants throughout time and space.

And I refuse to write that. I will not write that. Not when I still have so many projects on my plate.
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I've been rewatching the new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. So many rewatches. So much love. So very cannot wait.

And yeah, that's about all I've got to say for myself today.

Another today

Tuesday, 3 March 2015 09:22 pm
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It's been another today. Katsuko and I both had the morning off, so I lazed around on the couch and slept in while I could; I think I'll be doing that again tomorrow. I could really get behind that.

Still reading way too much fanfic. A lot of it is still from The Losers fandom, but there is some Harry Potter, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Avengers going on here too. I've been reading this monstrously long Harry Potter fanfic, called The Stealing Harry-verse, which I'm really loving. Not only is it one of my favorite HP pairings (Sirius/Remus), it has taken the time to think out and discuss what could have happened if one thing had been changed: if Harry hadn't stayed with the Dursleys until he went to Hogwarts. It goes on to rewrite most of the first three books. Even unfinished, it weighs in at a hefty 443k+ words. I'm finally on the last story, barring the author's notes of what was going to happen after it. So, yeah, I'm reccing that one, you guys.

And... yeah, that's about it. I think once I get this HP fanfic finished being read and make it a bit further through The Losers section on AO3, I might try to do some writing of my own. After all, Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up soon, and I want to do... something for it. Not sure what just yet, but I do want to write for it again this year.

Trying to be awake

Tuesday, 7 October 2014 11:57 pm
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I'm trying to be awake long enough to get this entry written, when all I want to do is be asleep. Pretty damn sad, huh?

We did go to see Guardians of the Galaxy again today. This makes the third time we've seen it in the theater... and not even close to my record number of times seeing something in the theater, a title that is still held by Speed with eight times. Considering that Speed came out in 1994, which means I was still two years from owning a car, and considering that the only movie theater in Albany at the time that would play R-rated movies was in the bad part of town, I feel like that deserves a special nod.

(And yet by the time that theater and the one in the better area of town merged, the staff of the bad area of town one knew me pretty damn well. I came over to see movies as often as I could... and to play their Bram Stoker's Dracula pinball machine... because it was awesome.)

I have a Jimi in my lap. Since I started this post, I've had Boo and Roo both in my lap at various points. That may sound like a lot of turnover, but honestly, I've been working on this post for over an hour. But now I have a Jimi, and he's a little purring love bug.

I think, tomorrow, the plan is for me to drive Katsuko in to work, come home and do whatever around the house, then go back up to Mirko for my food runner shift. I'm seriously hoping that part of driving Katsuko to work tomorrow includes a stop for bagels. I've been thinking about them for days now.

Anyway, I'm going to finish up the fics I'm reading -- yes, fics plural, because of them is dark as shit and I need an occasional light hearted shift -- and head on to bed. Morning comes so damn early sometimes.

Later, all.
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So I only had to work at Mirko today. I'm... oddly okay with this. I got to rest and relax and do a whole lot of extra sleeping today while I waited on pest control to show up. They finally did around 3:20 or so this afternoon, right when I was about to give up on them ever showing. It was the same lady who usually comes; I liked her because she always speaks with and sometimes plays with the cats when she's here. Today was a briefly playing with the cats and chatting with the Apollymi kind of a day. After she left, though, I finished getting dressed and went on to Mirko, hoping that I could join Katsuko when she went to Starbucks for the day. Of course, however, Steph didn't deign to show up at her scheduled time of 4:00, instead moseying in around 4:45 with the excuse of "no one told me I was late". So there was no time for a Starbucks run. I ate my meal, did my shift, and came home, where we ate our dinner. I'll be kind of sad when the polenta and asparagus appetizer is done, because I'm enjoying it greatly.

Randomly, I kind of hate that all these skid resistant shoes seem to assume that everyone is flat-footed. I have very high arches on my feet, and they can get rather painful if they aren't properly supported. I get tired of buying shoes and then having to buy inserts for the shoes. It's a right pain.

I'm typing all of this around where Boo's tail is curled around the monitor. It's sort of cute. A pain, but cute. Meanwhile, Roo is on my lap perfecting the fine art of booby grabbing. It's his special skill, after all. He has a very distinctive boob grab. It's very much like how Boo has a very distinctive chirp and Jimi has a very distinctive air raid siren yowl for food. Those are my kitties for you: each of them distinctive in some way, shape, form, or fashion.

Tomorrow is both Katsuko's and my day off (from both jobs, in my case). We've already bought tickets to go see Guardians of the Galaxy again. I think we're also planning a Vera Bradley trip. That's about it, though. It's going to -- hopefully -- be a taking it easy kind of day. I like the sound of that, after all.

Anyway, that's about it. I'm gonna sign off now and wait for my turn to crash on the couch for a bit. Later, all.
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I did my work at Mirko today. We had a full house as far as servers went, and it seemed as though the rainy weather brought all the customers out in droves. We actually had every single table in the restaurant full at one or two different points in the night, which is sort of a first for me. I also finished up that volume for Seven Seas and got it sent off tonight. I feel all kinds of accomplished in getting this done today when I feel decidedly craptacular.

I got up this morning, took Katsuko to work, stopped by the pharmacy drive-thru at CVS to get my prescription (at last), came home, made a first pass over the entire volume of manga, took a nap, go up when I got a phone call from Grandmother asking if I had been able to get my prescription, found out Katsuko was on break and had my first Mirko paycheck with her, got dressed, drove to Buckhead, picked her up, went by my bank and got my check deposited, picked me up some Starbucks (since she had already had some), went back to Mirko to eat, eventually clocked in, worked our respective shifts, left work, bought teas at McDonalds, deposited Katsuko's money in her bank, went by Kroger to buy cat stuff and wine, and finally (fucking finally) came home again. I've just made a second pass over the manga and sent it off to Seven Seas, so I feel as though I have accomplished plenty today.

Tomorrow both Katsuko and I have the day off. I even have the day off both jobs, which I think is pretty damned amazing considering fucking CVS and damn Tamika. I think our plans are to sleep late, maybe go to Joann's, and perhaps even watch a movie. We might also go by a Verizon store and see what the deal is on trading in an old iPhone for the new iPhone 6. Yes, I was going to just stick to the iPhone 5S, but the iPhone 6 has an option to go as high as 128GB. That might take me a bit to fill up, so it might be the better way to go for me. The highest the iPhone 5S goes is 32GB. That's the same size as what I have now, and I'm constantly having to delete things to keep enough space going for updates.

And yeah, I'm really tired now, so I'm going to finish up the Guardians of the Galaxy fics I have open then I'm either going to bed or to lay down on the couch until Katsuko is ready to go to bed. Later, all.


Tuesday, 26 August 2014 11:28 pm
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I just had a long entry and lost it. I'm sort of sad about this.

I went to work today. I did my job and did the two things Tamika wanted me to do: help customers and put out stock. Of course, since she's playing at manager right now, she thinks she needs to "coach" everyone... only her "coaching" is couched in not quite insults and talking down to the part-timers like she thinks either we're all stupid or she's better than us somehow. I liked her a whole lot better lot better before she became interim manager, because she is such a "do as I say, not as I do" kind of manager. It's very hard for me to respect that kind of a manager, when she expects other people to do things that she would never do herself. I still think that Kendrick would have been a better choice for interim manager, and I think that the team would have benefited more from his style of management more. But I guess there's nothing to do for that. What's done is done, and all that jazz.

Roo is perfecting his secret love-love techniques at the moment. His main and favorite move is Booby Grab... and it's just what it sounds like. He lays on my lap and holds onto my shirt at the boob. It's a cute but annoying technique.

I did no writing today. I will admit that I thought about writing and did a bit of plotting... on a story that I literally have not worked on in ten years. I fully blame Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal for this. And I still think that Crystal Mamoru looks like he was designed by CLAMP. I see shades of Tsubasa and X/1999 in his design, especially the extra long legs and the big eyes.

Still reading on various Fullmetal Alchemist and Guardians of the Galaxy stories. I have a few that I get updates for, but mostly I just leave the AO3 pages open and refresh them once or twice a day to see what's turned up.

I have customers coming in the last couple of days and asking me about what I'm going to do at Dragon*Con. I don't think I've talked about it that much to customers, but I guess I must have. That or they listened to me talking about it to coworkers. What's funnier than that to me is running into one of my regulars at Steak N Shake at one in the morning and them asking how I've been and what's going on in my life. My regulars are one of the things I will miss if I ever manage to escape CVS.

Okay, I'm playing Legend of the Cryptids while I type up this entry, and I'm finding a secret boss with 18,000,000 (yes, 18 million) hit points. I'm not too sure how seriously I can take him, however, when his name is "Kevin, Chief Assassin". I have a 56 attack combo going on him, which somehow only adds up to a medium damage boost, and I wonder how many combos I'll have to score to get a large damage boost. Apparently the answer is 61. I have to attack him 61 times in a row to get a large damage boost. It's taken 20 attack/defense power refills to make it through this guy, and I really hope there aren't any bosses stronger than he is. Ridiculous name or not, he sucks to fight.

And now Roo is getting antsy, so I guess that I had best find a place to stop and try to make myself go to bed. Later and good night, all.


Sunday, 24 August 2014 11:27 pm
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I don't really have anything to say for myself for today. I got up, I went to work, I came home from work, I read a bit, I worked on DMnet a bit, I watched Katsuko nap a bit, I tried to nap a bit, and now I'm writing this entry. I did not accomplish writing, but then I wasn't really expecting to. I had fostered vague hopes of making more progress on the site than I have, but there's really nothing to do for that. I'm still fiddling around with the theme and layout, but I have the menus doing what I want, minus needing to change colors on them. I also still need to make a header image, but I'm sort of saving that until last.

I did accomplish quite a bit at work today. I did from 7:00 until 10:00 as the primary person on registers, then I was backup register person from 10:00 until 12:30, I worked on stocking makeup. I took a break (two hours later than I was supposed to) from 12:30 until 1:00. From 1:00 until 4:00, I continued being the backup register person and I put out more makeup at the same time. All totaled, I put out four full totes of presorted makeup. I have another four totes that are already sorted still to do, which is my project for my four hour shift at work tomorrow, when I will be backup register person as well, most likely. For all Tamika's talk about having me just do makeup, I don't foresee her actually being willing to just let me only do that. I would make a lot of progress that way, but it would mean that she would have to be handy to help out. Granted, she's a little better about that than His Royal Nibs ever was, but that's like saying 35F is a little bit warmer than 33F.

The problem is that no one at our store wants to do makeup. No one wants the hassle of putting it out and keeping it straight. Because of that, no one really knows the section well know to make informed recommendations. I said that I was working on makeup today and tomorrow, and all I got in response were a lot of "I'm sorry" and "that sucks". I enjoy it. It satisfies my inner OCD, and I get to look at pretties. Plus it gets me out from behind the register and lets me interact with the customers more directly. This appeals to me. I enjoy this.

So I've managed to read all the interesting sounding Guardians of the Galaxy and Fullmetal Alchemist stories that are on AO3 that are: (1) either a pairing I liked, (2) don't contain pairings, (3) are in the English language, and/or (4) that sounded appealing. I'm leaving them both open on my computer, so that I can just click 'refresh' and see what new stories have come in.

So I have a 9-2 shift tomorrow. It's just five hours, so I will only get a 15 minute break. I'm all right with this, I think. I'll just stash some fruit bars in my bag and let that be that. I might also put some candy or something in my pockets because that does a decent enough job of tiding me over. When I get home tomorrow, I think that I will take the garbage out, so that I can clean off my desk and clean out the fridge. I've been bitching about it needing to be done, but I haven't done it yet. So I'm hoping I can do that tomorrow. I also need to find out when I can meet with Mirko corporate to fill in my employment forms and find out some kind of schedule. And finally, I need to call my doctor, Jennifer, to see if I need to come back in or if she will just renew my prescription for me, because it is helping. I still sleep a lot sometimes and I still have downswings, but most of the time, I feel like a functioning human being, which is what I set out to accomplish, so go me with the win. (And can you tell that I'm still reading Buffy fics?)

And that's about it. I guess I need to throw myself at my bed and hope for sleep to visit me in time for me to at least see Katsuko before she takes the bus to Buckhead.

From Mirko on Ripley

Saturday, 23 August 2014 10:15 pm
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I'm on Ripley at Mirko Pasta. I brought her with me today so that I could work on DMnet. I finally got the menu to expand and collapse -- which is apparently calling "accordioning" when it comes to HTML and CSS and other web design stuffs -- the way I wanted them to, so now I'm starting to really fly through setting up the site. I think that's a good thing. I've got all the recommendations pages done, except for where I need to add additional stories to some of them, namely Captain America, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yu-Gi-Oh, and the newly added Guardians of the Galaxy pages. I also need content on the Fanfiction pages, both for others' works and my own.

I'm still having a bit of difficulty figuring out why some of the links on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer recommendations page keep opening in a new window, instead of a new tab. It's only on that one page, and it's only for links coming from this one website, so I'm really none too sure what's up with that. It might just be something with that site, but it worked fine on a static HTML page version of the page. So, yeah, I really just don't know. I do know that, on the site of origin, the stories open via javascript into their own small popup windows. I used that for DMnet a while myself before I got tired of coding it.

What I have left to do on the site: make the links pages, upload images so that I can do links and so on, upload fanfiction and any associated images connected to said fanfiction, and... probably some other stuff that I can't think of right now. I have until 24 September to get this finished. I've been working on it a couple of weeks now, but now that I have that plugin behaving, I can start moving more quickly. I've already done more pages today alone than I have since I started this little project back on 09 August.

It's a bit busy in here today, busier than I'm used to seeing it here on a Saturday evening. I'm thinking that this is a good thing. Of course, it's mildly crazy, but I guess there's not really a lot to do for that. I would be hiding out in a corner booth, but with the busy-ness, I'm not even going to try for that, so I'm parked at the bar with a ginger ale. All is good with the world, at least as far as that.

I do have my schedule for work this coming week. It's going to be... interesting. Maybe "crazy" is a better word. Anyway, here it goes:
Sunday: 645a-4p (with Tamika, break from 1030-11)
Monday: 9a-2p (only a 15 minute break)
Tuesday: 9a-5p (with Tamika and everyone, break from 215-245)
Wednesday: 5p-midnight (with Kendrick, break from 815-845)
Thursday: 4p-midnight (with Kendrick, break from 815-845)
Friday: off, Dragon*Con
Saturday: off, Dragon*Con

I'm going to be one seriously exhausted girl at the con, but I guess it will be worth it. Here's hoping anyway. It would be good to get some money coming in sooner rather than later.

And I guess that's really about all I have to say for myself. I'm going to work on the site and read Buffy and Guardians fics while I wait for Katsuko to get off work. Later.

Today in the life

Monday, 18 August 2014 10:30 pm
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Today has been a very "blah" kind of day. Katsuko gave work a try this morning, and it seemed to go okay. She didn't want to stay to work the dinner service, though, since it's wine night and she can't really open a bottle right now. Of course, Carlos forgot that and put her on the schedule, so she has to go in tomorrow. I think that's how it ended up going. Maybe she was supposed to work tomorrow anyway. I'm not sure. I don't know.

I know I'm having a very "meh" and "blah" kind of day. It's the kind of day where I don't even want to talk, much less explain how I'm feeling. I just want to drift along and feel detached from everything. I think I did more signing today than I did actual talking. Probably not the most fantastic of days all around in that case. I'm still not much in the mood for talking, but I guess I need to start developing that mood before I open at work tomorrow. Not looking forward to that.

Still reading a lot of Guardians of the Galaxy fanfics and now I've downloaded some of the comics. It makes for good reading material anyway. I'm thinking of putting them on Serenity to take to work and read during my break. Apparently there's an app called ComicFlow that lets you do that. So yeah, I think I'm going to do that. Be something to do when I don't have internet, instead of playing Bloons Tower Defense 5 yet again.

And yeah, I guess that's about all I have to say for myself tonight. It's taken me nearly two hours to type even this much, so I'm just going to go with it's time for me to go be elsewhere.
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So I did the work thing today. It went mostly okay. Tamika is acting manager for the next 90 days or so, so she's being very "by the book" at the moment. She's not really acting like her usual self, and it's a little annoying, especially with how she keeps hovering. To be honest, though, it annoys Skylah a whole lot more than it annoys me. I'm fine with her as acting manager, though I still think that Kendrick would have been a better choice... but I'm not overly cool with the hovering. It pisses Skylah off something fierce, however, so I'm just going to do my best to stay out of the way there. Small target and all that.

Katsuko has been sending me Guardians of the Galaxy fics most of the day when I wasn't at work, so that's what I've mostly been doing, when I wasn't paying around with the games I have on Serenity, the iPad. I also splurged and bought the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy, because it has some of the best music I've heard on a soundtrack in years, maybe since A Knight's Tale. It may be no coincidence that both soundtracks have a David Bowie song on them. That certainly goes a long ways to improve my opinions of it.

Still working on the WordPress version of DMnet. Mostly I'm still working on the Recommendation pages, because if I'm honest, I know that that's mostly what people come to my site for. I would be happy to be proven wrong, though, so I'm not exactly going to remove the rest of the content.

And I had had plans for making a big long entry today, but I'm sort of tired (just sort of) and I think I'm going to drag Ripley over the couch and read for a bit, at least until Katsuko's ready to go to bed. I'm not sleepy, just tired. They're totes different, you know.

Yeah, that sounds like a plan. I think I'll go do that now... or once I ditch the bra. Later, folks.


Saturday, 16 August 2014 11:12 pm
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I am one seriously stiff and sore Apollymi-yami. My back feels like one big knot, my shoulders aren't much better, and my ankle is still killing me. If Roo keeps laying on my legs much longer, my knee will be starting to hurt too. Stomach is a wild mess, and I'm still just exhausted. I've been popping antacids like they're made of candy for most of the day. I'm sure I will end up regretting this later, but at least my stomach is somewhat settled.

Katsuko and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy again today. It was nice to see it again. Still thinking that Rocket and Groot are my favorite characters, but I do love Peter Quill. I really don't see much in the way of shipping (unless someone wants to ship Rocket and Groot), and I'm going with Katsuko that the whole "Yondu isn't your only family now, Peter" bit (very paraphrased) as Gamora and Peter slipping more into a friendship or sibling relationship than trying romance. Not every movie needs a romance angle. I find myself liking Drax more upon a second watching, which wasn't hard because he fell flat to me on the first viewing, so much so that I forgot to even mention him in my first write up on the movie; he was that kind of nonentity to me before, but I am starting to better appreciate him.

I have my schedule for next week, and it's going to be a pain in the ass. I can tell this already.
Sunday: 11a-630p (break from 245-315)
Monday: off
Tuesday: 645a-4p (break from 12-1230, with Tamika)
Wednesday: 5p-midnight (break from 815-845, with Suzanna)
Thursday: off, Katsuko to orthopedist
Friday: 4p-midnight (break from 745-815, with Tamika)
Saturday: off

I also tentatively have my schedule for the next week, the week going into Dragon*Con, but it's still very tentative, so I'm not going to bother posting it just yet. I do have off on the days that I requested, though, so I'm not inclined to sling too much of a bitch fit just yet.

The WordPress test site version of DMnet is still coming along nicely. Feel free to play around on it and see if anything breaks. If it does, let me know in a comment to this post. Yes, there isn't a lot of content yet, but I'm still working on it.

And now back to fanfic.

From Panera Bread

Tuesday, 12 August 2014 08:36 pm
apollymi: Elinnora (Nora) from the Familiars series, no text (My Writing: Nora (Familiars))
The internet at the house is still down, so we're at Panera Bread, making use of their free wifi. I'm finished with work for the day, and I get to sleep in a bit tomorrow. I mean, I still work tomorrow, but I don't have to open and that's good enough for me. I think I close with Marcus tomorrow (now), so that's all right too. At the moment, my feet are killing me and that will likely continue to compound, but after tomorrow, it should be all all right, depending on what Carlos has to say. I really need this second job, or else I need one of the other places I've applied to to come through for me. Lord and Lady know that I have plenty of them out there.

I've had a magnificent headache most of the day today, and when we get home from Panera, I might go lay down on the couch to see if that will help it.

I don't know what kinds of plans Katsuko and I have for the next few days. She works doubles tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday evening. I work tomorrow evening... and that's it for this week. We were going to go to Sweet Tomatoes today for a meal, but they don't have wifi, so we didn't. Maybe we'll do that on Saturday before Katsuko goes in to work. I know we're hoping to go see Guardians of the Galaxy again on Saturday morning. Because we both have stupid amounts of love for that movie.

I'm trying to make words happen on the Familiars story and on Summer Dream, but neither of them are cooperating. Of course, right now not even None So Blind is cooperating. Stupid headache.

It's possible that I didn't beat that sinus infection and that that's what's wrong with me right now. It would explain why everything tastes weird and there is constantly this horrible smell in my nose.

And that's it from me from Panera. Later!

Should be at Mirko

Saturday, 2 August 2014 10:36 pm
apollymi: Duo, Usagi, and Heero with grunge border, text reads "OT3" (OT3: Duo/Usagi/Heero (grunge))
I should be typing this post from Mirko... but I'm not. I spent most of today still sleeping off July. At least, that's what I'm telling myself I'm doing, instead of just sleeping an inordinate amount of time during the day when I should be accomplishing things. I do tend to feel like I'm wasting my days, especially my days off, but damn it, I just so tired during the day. Honestly, if I could have a lifestyle in which I could plan my sleeping from, say, three in the morning until eleven in the morning or noon, I feel like I would be so much better off. I don't think a job exists that would permit such a lifestyle change, though, short of working in a bar or something. I can't really see myself doing that.

I haven't really written much since July either, sadly enough. I am enjoying the stories I'm working on, but I sort of need a break after the marathon. I will be finishing them, at least Summer Dream and None So Blind, but I'm not sure when. I'm not sure if I will be finishing "Your Rain" or if I'm willing to leave that as another abandoned OT3 project. I am in the process of moving None So Blind and Summer Dream to Scrivener. That will make it easier on me for updating, so that I'm not trying to update several big files all at once; this way, I can split them into chapters and deal with them that way.

So yeah, we got up this morning and went to the apartment office to update the lease... only to find that the hours had changed: instead of opening at 8:30 on the weekends, now they open at 10:00, so that was a bummer. So we went on to the AMC and got our tickets for Guardians of the Galaxy and walked around the North DeKalb Mall a bit. In fact, we made one full lap of the mall, noting all the empty or repurposed store fronts, before we just gave up and went on into the AMC. We got a drink and a popcorn, along with some cheese to put on the popcorn, and went into the theater. Good thing we went in early too: it filled up quickly. We even had people make the decision to sit down directly next to us, even though there were other seats available.

Cut for possible spoilers for GotG )

Anyway, after the movie, we went back by the apartment office and resigned the lease for a year, making sure to mention the air conditioning situation to Sonya before we left, before heading back home. I collapsed on the couch for a while. I'm not sure what Katsuko did during that time. I know I was still feeling pretty "guh, meh" after I woke up, so I just let her take the car to Mirko's while I stayed home. I slept a bit more, while keeping an ear out for maintenance. I heard them knocking on the door next to ours to fix their air conditioning. I promptly went outside and waited for them, so that when he left next door's apartment, I could ask when they were coming to work on our AC. He replied that he didn't have a work order for us, even though we watched Sonja put it in, but he would come look. He changed out a second air filter and switched it on... and it worked. I commented that it was going to be like taking your car to the mechanic (when it messes up all the time for you but works perfectly there), and he laughed and started saying about how I could keep an eye on it... and then it shut itself off. He stopped in the middle of what he was saying to comment "That wasn't supposed to happen". He said for us to have the office put in another work order on Monday so that he could have a contractor come out and look at it.

I read for a bit after he left, and that's us caught up to now. I think Katsuko and I are going to grab some IHOP shortly, and then I'll try to call it a night before it gets too late. I'm not holding my breath there, though.

Later, all.

Finally August

Friday, 1 August 2014 03:27 pm
apollymi: Stitch with a cape and a swimsuit top on his head, text reads "I'm the goddamn Batman" (L&S**Stitch: I am the goddamn Batman)
I feel like I should say this: it's finally fucking August. I didn't think that July was ever going to end. I always enjoy doing JulNo and Camp NaNo, but at the same time, they are such huge amounts of stress and make the month feel forever long. I finished the section of None So Blind that I was on, but there is still quite a bit of story left to go. Yes, I'm 31,000 words into this story, and there is still a long ways to go. I'm looking forward to the rest of it, myself.

Yesterday's issue is still an issue, sad to say. We're going to talk to the apartment office tomorrow morning and see if we can't get some kind of resolution. I imagine it's not going to be a fantastic one, but we'll do what we can because that's all we can do.

I think, after we meet with the apartment office tomorrow but before Katsuko goes to work, we might try to catch Guardians of the Galaxy. Maybe. It's a thought anyway. It might be nice to de-stress and all that. It would be nice to get away from our problems for a bit and just unwind.

On that same note, I keep thinking that we need to find a park in the area where I can go walking. I was so enjoying the park in Roswell, but we don't get up that way anymore. It seems silly to drive nearly an hour just to go hiking. There has to be something closer... that isn't Piedmont Park, because I always hear how crazy busy that place is.... and what a nightmare parking can be.

Anyway, it's almost time for work. I close tonight with Kendrick, which is preferable to closing with Tamika. We get mad shit done, yo. Or something like that. I'm taking Serenity with and will be trying to write on my breaks (or break, since I tend to not get my 15 minute one lately). We'll see, though.

But first I need to get Roo to move his ass, so that I can change clothes and all that fun stuff, so I can feed them, scoop my dinner gumbo for the night, and get on the road. Wish me luck!