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Because gods know I've got no words today...

Rules: Choose any 3 fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.

*I choose:
1. The Magnificent Seven (2016)
2. Yu-Gi-Oh (anime and manga)
3. The Avengers/Marvel MCU (This means all the movies so far, plus Agents of SHIELD and the Netflix series currently out)

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017 11:22 pm
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I’m trying out making this entry with Fluid, one of those apps that turns webpages into apps. It’s just a thing I’m trying, since my browser keeps freezing up on me. Which is a pain, because it’s started right when [personal profile] katsuko and I started transitioning all of our [community profile] 15kinks stories to Google Docs to be worked on, so that we can both work on them whenever. It never fails.

But I think all of the Canon Era part of the story is now up. I’m still working on getting the various AUs posted and formatted. I do need to fix the formatting on some of the earlier stories to match with the later stories, but that’s something I’ll fuck about with tomorrow.

Tonight, I need to focus on getting a thousand words for #365k/365Day. According to my Excel spreadsheet, I have 259,874 words already this year, meaning that I’m already 71.2% of the way to my goal of 365,000 words in 2017. Having a few WriMos in there helped a lot towards that high total thus far. But even last month, which wasn’t a WriMo, I managed to get 65k done.

And a large part of that has been [community profile] 15kinks in the last month or so. I still don’t quite feel like we’re far enough along to start posting it. I think we’re hoping to be pretty close to done before we start posting. I mean, that’s what I’m taking away since we’ve been saying over and over that we’ve learned our lessons from Wicked Ones and After Midnight and so forth.

But be that as it may, we might have one reader for this: Mist Marauder. And there’s been the one lonesome person on Tumblr who PMed us to talk about loving GoodDay. Otherwise, we seem to be sailing this boat solo. Which is pretty familiar to me, from my Yu-Gi-Oh days.

Anyway, I need to get a thousand words today, even if I am literally months ahead at this point. I’m only somewhere in the 400s, so I need to get to work. Wish me luck!

Later, all.


Monday, 7 March 2016 09:06 pm
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Yeah, I don't know that I have anything really to say. Rod had to go to do a catering order in Midtown so I ended up spending a lot of time talking with Suzanna, the new director of operations/district manager. She wanted to know a lot of information and things that I felt were in need of improvement, especially once she found out I've been here for eighteen months now and that only [personal profile] katsuko and Stephanie have been here longer than I have. I ended up giving her about four dupepad pages of nothing but ideas, thoughts, and complaints... and on Katsuko's advice, I included the fact I do a lot more stuff than the other hosts and should be making more accordingly.

And yeah, that's it. Still writing, and I think I'm almost done with the story. I still need to come up with something for Camp NaNo. But that's a problem for another day.

Later, all!

From Mirko on Ripley

Saturday, 23 August 2014 10:15 pm
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I'm on Ripley at Mirko Pasta. I brought her with me today so that I could work on DMnet. I finally got the menu to expand and collapse -- which is apparently calling "accordioning" when it comes to HTML and CSS and other web design stuffs -- the way I wanted them to, so now I'm starting to really fly through setting up the site. I think that's a good thing. I've got all the recommendations pages done, except for where I need to add additional stories to some of them, namely Captain America, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yu-Gi-Oh, and the newly added Guardians of the Galaxy pages. I also need content on the Fanfiction pages, both for others' works and my own.

I'm still having a bit of difficulty figuring out why some of the links on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer recommendations page keep opening in a new window, instead of a new tab. It's only on that one page, and it's only for links coming from this one website, so I'm really none too sure what's up with that. It might just be something with that site, but it worked fine on a static HTML page version of the page. So, yeah, I really just don't know. I do know that, on the site of origin, the stories open via javascript into their own small popup windows. I used that for DMnet a while myself before I got tired of coding it.

What I have left to do on the site: make the links pages, upload images so that I can do links and so on, upload fanfiction and any associated images connected to said fanfiction, and... probably some other stuff that I can't think of right now. I have until 24 September to get this finished. I've been working on it a couple of weeks now, but now that I have that plugin behaving, I can start moving more quickly. I've already done more pages today alone than I have since I started this little project back on 09 August.

It's a bit busy in here today, busier than I'm used to seeing it here on a Saturday evening. I'm thinking that this is a good thing. Of course, it's mildly crazy, but I guess there's not really a lot to do for that. I would be hiding out in a corner booth, but with the busy-ness, I'm not even going to try for that, so I'm parked at the bar with a ginger ale. All is good with the world, at least as far as that.

I do have my schedule for work this coming week. It's going to be... interesting. Maybe "crazy" is a better word. Anyway, here it goes:
Sunday: 645a-4p (with Tamika, break from 1030-11)
Monday: 9a-2p (only a 15 minute break)
Tuesday: 9a-5p (with Tamika and everyone, break from 215-245)
Wednesday: 5p-midnight (with Kendrick, break from 815-845)
Thursday: 4p-midnight (with Kendrick, break from 815-845)
Friday: off, Dragon*Con
Saturday: off, Dragon*Con

I'm going to be one seriously exhausted girl at the con, but I guess it will be worth it. Here's hoping anyway. It would be good to get some money coming in sooner rather than later.

And I guess that's really about all I have to say for myself. I'm going to work on the site and read Buffy and Guardians fics while I wait for Katsuko to get off work. Later.
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This is going to be a really quick post because I went and let time get away from me. I have work tonight, and I'm working with Marcus again, though I think His Royal Nibs will be there part of the time as well. I have paperwork shit to finish up before I leave work tonight, but I'm going to try to get it done over my break. I'm also going to be working on Scene 9 of None So Blind tonight if work permits.

I've been reading Tendershipping, Candleshipping, and Gemshipping fics all day, so I'm actually in a fairly good mood. We'll see how long it takes CVS to break me of that though.

Anyway, yeah, time's up, and I need to get on out of here. Later, all.

JulNoWriMo Day 6

Sunday, 6 July 2014 11:01 pm
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So Katsuko and I just totally got out the tape measurer to see how much difference ten centimeters is in terms of actual height. Kaiba is 186cm tall, and Ryou is 176cm. So in our dorkiness, we determined that 10 cm is roughly equivalent to 4 inches, which is the difference between Katsuko's and my heights. All this so I could determine whether Ryou would have to tiptoe or just lean up slightly for snogs. The answer turned out to be more towards the latter option, by the by, than the former. Katsuko can kiss my cheek well enough with just leaning up, so it's easy to extrapolate from there. Yes, this is the shit that goes through my brain and requires me investigating in the weird hours of the night.

I also got to watch the first episode of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal today. Oh my gods... I will admit that the CGI animation threw me a little, but by the end of the episode all I could think about what how adorable it was. I sort of just want to pick up this Usagi and cuddle her. Mamoru, to me, looks like he belongs in a CLAMP anime now. I can't really put into words what makes me think that, but that is definitely the impression that I get from it. In fact, it was the first thing that came to mind -- and out of my mouth, as Katsuko can verify from across the room. I'm looking forward to the next episode, though that isn't due out until 19 July. Maybe this will give me the push I need to work on Street Angel.

Part of me still wants to sign up for [livejournal.com profile] fanfic50 again, maybe even with Usagi again. I would just do a different table this time around. I'm restraining myself for the moment, because I have so much on my plate as it is, but part of me very much would like that. It sounds like a lot of fun. I did Table 7 last time. In all honesty, I want to try to do all ten tables, but I think part of me would love to tackle Table Three next. I'm getting better at shutting my brain off and writing semi-smexy things and even kissing stuff, so I think that maybe it wouldn't be as impossible as it would have been only a year ago.

(Then again, after you've written a seen like I did a couple of days ago for Summer Dream, writing just about anything gets a lot easier. Why, oh why, did have to write a sadist... who has no issues with turning sexual sadist? Why, brain, did you feel the need to give me this character? Oh yes, because you wanted to torment a character. Of course.)

On the Camp NaNoWriMo and JulNoWriMo side of things, I haven't written as much as I had been hoping to. I still just cannot shake this headache. I've even tried Mum's suggestion of taking sinus medicine, but that isn't doing a lot either. I don't think the medicine I have is so old that it wouldn't work, since I just got it a few months ago, but I don't know. I don't have the box for it any longer, just the pills. I really just don't know. I'm sort of all over the place with this damned headache. Work is also not the best thing in the world for trying to get writing done. I'm... yeah... really just all over the place today. Kinda sad, huh?

The boys are not being overly cooperative with me today. I kind of want to stick them in a closet and not let them out until they snog and tell me all about it. That's probably a bad thing to say, isn't it?

I sort of want to do a fan appreciation post for Bakura Ryou sometimes. He's survived shit that would have scarred other characters for life: constantly changing schools, friends falling into comas, mother dying, absentee father, obviously beloved little sister dying... and all of that is before he arrives in Domino. After that, it's being bullied by teachers, Monster World (or weird duel on Pegasus' island in the second anime), Pegasus' eyeball soup, getting stabbed in the arm, Zork... The list goes on and on. He's a strong character... but fandom is absolutely certain that he is mentally traumatized, abused, meek, and incapable of saying boo to a goose. This is why I like stories that have a strong Ryou: because he's one of the strongest characters in that series. Hidden badass, crouching badass.

And I might be slightly loopy and/or sleepy as hell. I think I need to go collapse somewhere in the vicinity of my bed. I need to be up by 7 a.m. in order for me to grab a quick shower and hopefully get my hair mostly dry. I can Dan at the dentist office at 9 a.m. I'm not sure if I will be doing my shadowing tomorrow, but I think that might the case. It would be hard to work around the rest of my schedule for the week. We'll see how it goes. Wish me luck, everyone!

And I leave you with a word meter.

11093 / 50000 words. 22% done!

Post 2 of 2: From home

Friday, 9 May 2014 11:53 pm
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So Katsuko got turned loose just as I was finishing that last bit there. So in short, it took them nearly 45 minutes past her scheduled time to release her. I think has a lot to do with why she's acquiring other employment.

I've spent most of today reading Fullmetal Alchemist fics. I started off the day with my original pairing: Envy/Ed. Then I read one that was Envy/Ed with a side of Roy/Ed... and then I started reading a lot of Roy/Ed fics. Also, seriously, I didn't realize how many Weiß kreuz voice actors were in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It's damn near a reunion. There's quite a few from Yami no Matsuei as well, which makes me kind of grin. Seriously, I'm just waiting to see if Midorikawa Hikaru turns up, because that will round everything out and make my heart explode into fannish glee. Because Midorikawa always makes my heart explode into fannish glee.

Yes, I think I have officially crossed the line into too many fanfics today... but I don't really care. I should be writing on my own fanfics... but I also don't really care. There hasn't been a lot of interest in Crooked Way, not in any way I can see, just the same two people for each chapter. One of them reads everything Yu-Gi-Oh I put out and is consistently my best reviewer; she has been for years, in fact. The other reads everything Bakura/Kaiba that I put out.

Roo is trying to break into the cabinet under the kitchen sink. This... is no surprise. It's not a night around here until someone tries to break into a place they aren't supposed to be.

And I have some 300 words to go, and I have no idea what to talk about. I refuse to talk about the kind of fanfics I've been reading today, since few of them were rated less than M (and AO3 goes one level above M with the E rating if that says anything). I did read a few T rated stories, but only a few. There really aren't too many of them for these two pairings apparently.

I'm probably going to watch a few more episodes tomorrow. It won't be tonight, though, because Katsuko has a fairly early shift tomorrow at Movie Tavern: 8:15 in the morning. That means we need to leave the house by around 6:45 in the morning to get her there on time. I think instead of the episodes, I'll just keep on reading. Reading is good, right? Even if it's most porn (with some plot tossed in)? I'm voting 'yes', because I am.

I didn't get to sleep last night until 4 a.m. I just couldn't shut my brain off, and FMA:B kept tossing me cliffhangers. (And I still feel seriously dumb for not realizing that Roy Mustang was voiced by Shin'ichiro Miki in this version of the anime. I feel like a bad, bad fanchild.

And yeah, I'm out of things to say. I'm sort of feeling very 'meh' at the moment, so I'm going to go back to the pretty, pretty (porny) fanfic now. It's porny enough that I don't have to worry about the characters when I'm not reading. (Does anyone else do this? Worry about the characters when you have to stop reading or a story hasn't been updated? Because this one hits me way too often, especially in well written stories.)


Not much to say

Thursday, 17 April 2014 08:28 pm
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I'm not sure that I have all that much to say. I have been trying to finish up this monster length Final Fantasy VII fanfic, and I just polished it off this morning. It was good, even though the main pairing wasn't the one I enjoy most (anymore). It did contain my favorite pairing, as well as a side pairing that I'm growing weirdly fond of.

I'm thinking of selling some of my doujinshi. There are a lot that I bought because they were there, basically, (or I won them at con panels) and they might be better appreciated by someone who reads Japanese (or who just wants them). Of what I have and what I'm thinking of getting rid of... I think there are some Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, Neon Genesis Evangelion, perhaps some Get Backers, a few of my Yu-Gi-Oh, a few of my Gundam Wing, and so on. All I know is that my doujinshi collection takes up one full moving box, part of another, and a backpack. That's more than enough doujinshi for any one person to own, I'm thinking.

I don't know though. I've tried selling some of them before, without a lot of luck. I almost feel like I would have better luck parting ways with them at a con... but I don't want to wait that long.

I have some 15 or so minutes left before I need to leave Panera. I'm trying to convince my stomach that it isn't actually hungry.

My weight wasn't too bad for a starting place this morning. It was 204.6 pounds or 92.8 kilograms (or 14.6 stone). I don't actually have my measurements with me, because we record them to an Excel spreadsheet on Wanda, but I think it was in the 33" range. I'm not sure what I'm aiming for by con time. I would love to see an inch drop. Three would be lovely but probably unrealistic.

I walked just under three miles (4.8 kilometers) this afternoon. It doesn't sound like a lot, but almost all of it was hiking up and down steep trails. I didn't think I was ever going to get my right calf to stop throbbing, but it finally worked itself out. With the amount of exercise that gave me, I'm really under for calories for the day. Well, if I'm still hungry when I get home, maybe I'll heat up some broccoli or California vegetables... or see if the Cajun tofu I made the other day is still good. No, wait, it might not be: I made it before I went to Cuthbert last week, so... yeah...

I need to start back cooking more than anything else. I have all the ingredients to make vegetable soup, and I might throw that together for our lunch tomorrow. That always goes over well in our house. I try to make a big enough pot to last several days, but it usually ends up lasting the two of us two days. Maybe I need to start doubling my recipe or something. That would be a lot of the most expensive ingredient, Boca "burger" crumbles, thought. One serving uses one bag, so... yeah...

I haven't written nearly as much as I should. For the last few days I've been reading this monster Final Fantasy VII fic. Earlier this week, I finished Betrüger (at last!), and now I find myself at loose ends. I have things to be working on -- Crooked Way and Street Angel especially -- but the words just aren't there.

Honestly, I'm feeling a bit null and void. Probably not so great, huh?

Anyway, it's almost time for me to leave now Panera and head over to Movie Tavern to wait out Katsuko. Later.

Oh gods

Sunday, 13 April 2014 11:30 am
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Oh gods, I feel like I need to apologize for that last chapter of Betrüger. I was very mean. No, I'll go so far as to say I was cruel to my characters. Kaiba Seto may be one of my two favorite Yu-Gi-Oh chapters, but he's also my current favorite angst chew toy. That means, when I'm in a bad mood or I'm stressed (and feel like writing), Kaiba is the one who usually catches shit.

Between all this job shit and money woes and lack of quality sleep, Kaiba has been catching some major shit. He probably wishes I would bring some of my old angst chew toys out of retirement. One was an original character, Enjeru, but Omi (from Weiß kreuz) was another one. It's been a while since I've had any urge to write Weiß kreuz fic, though, since 2005 to be specific.

Okay, I have one chapter of Betrüger still to go. I think I'm going to wait to start working on it until tomorrow. I need a little break. I was driving Kaiba literally crazy... and he was trying to drag me down with him.

I still have a bit of writing to go for today. Ideally, I could write another 2100 words to get completely caught back up. Depending on which of head kids is willing to talk and how much they're willing to talk, it might not be an unreasonable goal. If I could get Morgan to start chatting, it would definitely be doable. I continue to find less than inspired there, though, since I realized how far from my mark I fell with Color of Life. Given the fact I might need to rewrite Book 1 from scratch, I find it hard to want to work on Book 2, you know?

But maybe I can persuade Nora and Fyn to converse. Maybe I can get words going on the Shiara's Dozen story again. Or hell, maybe I can work on Crooked Way or Street Angel. We'll see. But there will be words.

Books and whinging

Saturday, 15 March 2014 07:02 pm
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Seriously, I need to start remembering to do my 750 words before I leave to take Katsuko to work. This hoofing it over to Publix for the better wifi is for the birds. It's good for me and all that, but I feel more dead than alive today. Walking back and forth in the cool wind isn't exactly helping matters any.

So I finished Shadowdance and the short story Entwined yesterday. (You may note that I also finished Winterblaze yesterday as well. Seriously, this series is like candy-coated crack. I've read all four books and two short stories in one week. I can't remember ever plowing through a series like this before. The closest I've ever come has been when I was rereading the Trinity Street West series by Justine Davis. I didn't read that series so quickly the first time, mainly because it was such hard work tracking down the individual books at various used book stores. Quite a pain. And that was back when Albany had many used book stores to choose from. I'm having a hard time finding those anywhere now. Forgive me while I pretend to shake a fist at e-books and online bookstores.

I did finally figure out why the steampunk community recced Shadowdance. My initial estimation of the GIMs was a bit off. It's less body thieves and more sort of clockwork Frankenstein's monsters with the ability to project their souls out of their bodies. All in all, the way that supernaturals are presented in the series is rather brilliant. A lot of things are handled in unique ways, from the werewolves/lycans I mentioned before, to the soul eating demons, to the rather unique vampires. All in all, me likey.

I said all this to Katsuko trying to interest her in the series, but I like this series. I like it a lot. Things are handled in ways that make sense to me and seem realistic, even in the fantastic setting. Bad shit happens, and people don't just magically get over it; trauma has to be dealt with, and I adore that fact. I really hope the author continues it for a while longer... but at the same time, I hope she also has the sense to end the series before it does like so many other series have: jump merrily over the shark.

For the record, I plowed through Winterblaze because I really wanted to get to Shadowdance. I liked the character of Jack Talent from his first appearance in Moonglow, and I was anxiously looking forward to his book. What can I say? I like the assholes: Kaiba, Bakura, Zarek, Talent, and so on. The bigger asshole a character is, the more I tend to like them. I don't know: they feel more real to me. (I may have gone overboard with that for Morgan. I'll have to work on scaling him back quite a bit. Assholes are one thing, but unlikeable characters are an entirely different kettle of fish.)

So what am I doing now that I have no more Darkest London to keep me entertained (until August)? I'm rereading Cold Days, the most recent of the Dresden Files books, because it's not long until the next book comes out and I want to be in a good place to remember what all has happened. Since dropping Katsuko off at work at five o'clock or so, I've reread the first ten chapters... and my favorite character has just returned. Unsurprisingly perhaps, my favorite character (aside from Dresden himself and Mouse) is Thomas. I wouldn't quite put Thomas in the asshole category, but he's not always the nicest guy and, yeah, I like that about him. The fact that he's hot like a hot thing and even Dresden has to admit it is another selling point.

So I'm going to run into Publix and maybe get some fruit or something to snack on. If I don't see anything quick and easy like that to nom, I'll go by the combined KFC/Taco Bell and get another bean burrito to eat for dinner, since they're (really) cheap. They don't always sit really well on my stomach, but it's better than skipping lunch... or overdrafting my bank account or credit cards because I was trying to get better food. I would rather avoid that if at all possible, after all.

Seriously, a new job cannot happen soon enough. I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and not having any money to go to the doctor and do something about it. I'm also tired of having to balance whether I would like to eat against everything else. I am out of unemployment and cannot reapply until fucking October. Seriously... Just seriously... FML.

Serious babble

Friday, 24 January 2014 09:58 pm
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I consider it vaguely amusing that I've been collecting PDF versions of fanfic stories I like and put them into a Dropbox folder so that Katsuko and I can load them on our iPads. There are quite a few fandoms on there now: Alice, Aliens, Forever Knight, Inception, The Magnificent Seven, Primeval, Push, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Sherlock, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, The Avengers movie-verse, The Avengers comics-verse, and Tin Man. There's also a fun Marvel-verse/Pacific Rim crossover. All totaled, there are 104 fanfic stories in PDF format in this folder, as well as another 15 PDFs that are books or Endless Loop. One of these days, I'm going to have to put Belladonna and Of Worlds to Fall into PDF format for this kind of thing... but not today. I do still have some more The Magnificent Seven stories to go through to decide if I want to get PDFs of them; thankfully, AO3 makes it all a lot easier.

I didn't get any real writing done today. I fixed a few typos in various things, but mostly I've either been reading or doing this PDF conversion and upload. Thankfully, all I have to really do with the PDFs from AO3 is download them, renamed them, upload them to Dropbox, upload them to iTunes, download them to Serenity. There are probably more steps there than need to be, but I've had formatting issues doing it more directly than that, so more steps for better formatting.

I guess I should say this: if you want access to this gigantic folder of fanfic stories, let me know. I'll send you the Dropbox link. I can't guarantee when I'll add more stories to the folder at any given time, but it's likely to be son. Again, got Mag7 stories open that need going through.

I've been in email contact with Frances today. Apparently, she hasn't received my application yet, which is troublesome because I applied back on 02 January. This is definitely a bit concerning, but Frances is on the case, and we've agreed that if HR can't find my application, I'll just send her my resume. Hopefully that will work.

I did really mean to get writing done today, but the day just seriously got away from me. I might try for some tomorrow, but I'm not making any promises at this point. I might even try for some on Sunday, while Katsuko and I are out to go see I, Frankenstein. Because it looks like good cheesy fun, much in the same way Underworld is. And Kevin Grevioux did the original screenplay, so I have some hopes of it being done well. I like the dude; he has skills. (And I might be madly in love with his voice, but that's a whole other can of worms. Seriously, I would pay to hear him read my BluRay player manual.)

And I think I'm going to have to rewatch the Underworld movies, at least the first three. I still haven't bough the fourth one yet. Honestly, my favorite character only appeared in the first and third movies... and yes, I just pretty much admitted that Lucian was my favorite character. What is it that I've said so many times: I like a character, and they end up either dead or insane... or the villain... or some combination of the above. With the Underworld series, it was most assuredly the former. (I think, with Yu-Gi-Oh, my favorite characters might have managed to hit all the options there. That might take some talent.)

And this is one entry that is taking forever to finish up. If I can just get another 150 words, I'll be done, but mostly I'm ready to go lay on the couch or otherwise get comfortable and read Tin Man fanfics. Or maybe I'll stay on the computer and keep reading Mag7 fanfics. I'm not sure yet. I'm just sort of ready to be done with this entry in a bad way. I'm not going to give up on it, not since I'm on Day 111 now, but I feel like I'm running out of things to say and am now just aimlessly babbling. Not that that is any different from any other day, but still... The point stands.

So... yeah, I'm really, really running out of things to say, and I have another thirty or so words to go. I guess I can say that my plans tomorrow include looking for more positions to apply to and reading. Sunday is I, Frankenstein with Katsuko up in Roswell, and then we might go up to Alpharetta for her to play at Build-A-Bear.

And that's me over my word limit, so buggering off now. Laters.
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I'm glad no one here gets Britishisms, because I've been doing the double-fingered flipping off in a Decatur-ish direction. Seriously, just skip over to Katsuko's journal and have a look at what she's been having to put up with today in regards to our apartment. It took until 8:30 or so for them to finally come wet vac the carpet. I'm sorry, but that should have happened a long time before 8:30 tonight.

But that's a thing. It's seriously that: a thing. It's just a thing.

I got to get new photos of Jelly Bean from Chip and Nancy, which was nice. She's getting so big! She's not coming down for XMas because they will be having to appear in court with Betsy to get enough custody of her to put her on their insurance. She needs tubes in her ears, and right now, there isn't enough money and no coverage at the moment. Betsy has to sign off on this in front of the judge, and she has folks in the jailhouse telling her not to do it. Of course, being Betsy, she's more likely to listen to the jailhouse folks than anyone else. So who knows what's going to happen? Certainly not me.

The highlight of the day was driving to the next town over and visiting the retirement home, where some of Grandfather's parishioners live. For the past many years, he has been doing Sunday School at various nursing homes and retirement homes. The most local retirement home closed, and many of the residents went to the one in Edison, including a little old Black lady we all just love to pieces, so I try to finagle in a visit when I can when I'm down here. Today was a good day for just that, and Grandfather, Miss Thelma, and I had a lovely visit. It's funny listening to her talk about Grandfather's grandfather being good friends with her father and the things these two men got into. Of course, her daddy was a preacher and Grandfather's grandfather was an utter reprobate, so I imagine it was quite the relationship.

Uncle Tim joined us for lunch again today, before announcing he had to haul a load up to Peachtree City. Yes, he is a truck driver. We are all pleased as punch that he is. Before this, he was working three jobs where he wasn't making money (two of which he was actively losing money on): farming, writing, and being a volunteer fire chief. The former two are the ones he was losing money on. Between him and my aunt, they're making enough to get by on now, which is a pretty fantastic thing, as I see it. But he has to haul some light fixtures up to Peachtree City and then turn around and come back home, but it gives him a paycheck and he's happy with that. Over lunch, we discussed Smokey and the Bandit, Jackie Gleason, Jerry Reed, and many other things. Personally, I want to watch that movie on a big screen TV with him and Katsuko and see what the hell happens.

I did manage to turn up two Nick/Vachon Forever Knight fics last night, thanks to links from the Forever Knight wikia. They're both by the same person, and they're both pretty short, cavity-inducing things, but there isn't enough Heartbreakers fic out there. Part of me wants to beg for Nick/Vachon fics for Christmas, New Years, and/or my birthday. I have needs here, folks, needs that aren't being met. I know it's a rare pairing. I still ship it. Don't make me post that video again, the one by Not Literally.

I'm still trying to turn up additional Heartbreakers fics out there. Yes, it's a small fandom and a rare pairing within it. There ought to be more than three online, though, not counting my own. Me and my damn rare pairing love, I swear. If it's not Bakura/Kaiba, then it's Nick/Vachon, which is apparently even more rare than Bakura/Kaiba... which I would have thought was impossible. Yes, I know Lacroix/Nick is the "accepted" pairing. Gimme Nick/Vachon, dammit!

But other than that, it's a continuing lamentation upon being broke when Things I Want show up for sale, like "I [Godzilla] Japan" shirts. Because a girl can never have too many Godzilla shirts. If the new movie is worth half a damn, I'll have to go see it multiple times, just so I can wear my Godzilla shirts.

Also, I did the Challenge exercise for today. I did the Digital Clock Challenge... which resulted in me doing 93 jumping jacks. My shins hurt.

But it's late, and I'm tired and drained and just blegh. I'm gonna go to bed. I wrote a wee bit more on that FK fic, but I'm not going to bother here right now. Maybe once I have some more done.

And that's it. Ciao.


Tuesday, 3 December 2013 10:42 pm
apollymi: Duo and Heero embracing, no text (GW**Duo/Heero: No Words)
It has been a long and lazy day of reading fan fiction all goddamn day. I've actually been reading nothing but "Gundam Wing" fanfics, which is always a damn good thing. In particular, I've been reading some of Fancy Figures' old stuff, what of it I can still find online.

I think it's always kind of nice to go back to your early fandoms and give them a read over again. "Gundam Wing" was definitely one of my first fandoms, and Fancy Figures was one of the first authors I ever read. Because I am both lazy and broke, I haven't bought the rewritten versions of the Duo/Heero stories I loved so much way back when, but it is possible (if you look hard enough) to find some of them still online.

I hope I have done a more thorough job taking all of "Endless Loop" down. Then again, it's not like I had it archived in a lot of places. I might need to check and see if it's still on the Darkshipping mailing list, but I'm not even sure I remember how to get into that, much less delete stuff. I'll be giving it a try, though.

The only places that I know "Endless Loop" is still up are my own sites. I will probably be either locking down the various stories behind passwords and such, or I will be deleting it from online wholesale. I hate doing it, because it remains one of my most popular stories, but if I'm publishing it, then the fan fiction version doesn't need to be available anywhere.

I say that... "one of my most popular stories"... It's all a bit subjective, isn't it? It's not like any of my stories are hugely popular. Granted, I don't exactly write major pairings in major fandoms. Even in the bigger fandoms I write in or have written in at some point in the past, I have written less common pairings. Yu-Gi-Oh was probably my biggest fandom... and my only popular stories there were either Yami/Bakura or Bakura/Ryou. Again, common pairings. My favorite stories for the fandom are my Bakura/Kaiba stories. And I came into fan fiction in the Sailor Moon crossover genre, which can go either way as far as popularity goes. But I guess that's what I get.

I guess I'm feeling a little maudlin tonight. I want nothing more than to go to bed and just mope. Moping sounds really good to me. I feel fat and down and just so goddamn drained.

Like I said yesterday, I am finishing up reading all the "Gundam Wing" fan fiction stories that I had open and then I will be back to work on "Endless Loop". Cut for Endless Loop rambles )

Yeah, still maudlin. At least Boo enjoys me singing to her. My little girl likes songs and singing and anything that involves music... as long as it's not coming from the "talky box"/telephone. I think she would be content to sit and listen to me singing to her all the damn time. That would be quite lovely for me as well. I'm not singing for her now, though, mainly because she's sitting on Katsuko's lap and I hate to be a pain. I don't tend to sing when anyone else is around to hear it. I'm not any damn good at it, so there's no point in inflicting it on anyone else. And yet, I'm perfectly willing to inflict my dismal attempts at writing on the general public.

Health rambles )

But that's about it for me. I'm going to go back to reading fics now. Ciao.

Post NaNo 2013

Sunday, 1 December 2013 11:43 pm
apollymi: Captain America and Bucky staring at each other, no text (Aveng**Steve/Bucky: Watching)
It feels so weird for NaNoWriMo to be over. The month felt so long, and I got so invested in my characters that it's hard to step away from them, even for a single night.

Lots of talk about Endless Loop and the head kids there )

Let's see: other than that, it's been a lot of relaxing and being tired and being lazy. I've been reading all the Cap/Bucky (movie 'verse only) stories that I had bookmarked over the month to read at last. That was a lot of fun. I've been battling the urge to take a nap for most of the day, so that hopefully I can get some goddamn sleep tonight. Here's hoping anyway.

And yeah, I guess I don't have a lot to say other than talking about my own novel/novella. (I'm not sure what it qualifies as a novella or a novel. I'm planning on it being long than 50,000 words, but I don't know by how much. I know publishers tend to count 50,000 words a short novel and anything over 80,000 words as a novel, but that's small press publishers. I'm not sure about the Big Six. I'm not sure if I want to bother counting it. I tend to go with the Fanfic Symposium definition of what length constitutes what (though I switch their definition of novella and novellette because the version below makes more sense in my head):
100 words = drabble
500 words = flash fic
1000 words = short short
15000 words = short story
17500+ words = novellette
25000+ words = novella
40000+ words = novel

And yeah, that's about it. I think I'm going to give this sleep thing a try. G'night.

A reading day

Saturday, 26 October 2013 11:04 pm
apollymi: Sarah reading a book, text reads "can't talk reading fanfic" (Labyrinth**Sarah: Can't talk - Fanfic!)
Well, I'm about finish up Volume 24 of Samurai Deeper Kyo. Yeah, I slowed down a little bit. Part of that was trying to get Katsuko to read beyond where she stopped last time (which was Volume 5). I'm trying. I'm not sure I'm succeeding, but I'm trying. Maybe I'll break out of the secret (tears) method.

It has been a fairly quiet day at the house with Katsuko and the kitties. Katsuko was trying to read Teen Wolf fics online, so I tried to keep the cats busy by laying on the couch. You would be surprised how successful something that simple is.

Randomly... I wish I enjoyed popular series as much as she does. It would mean finding fics to read would be easier. There are a grand total of 32 Samurai Deeper Kyo fics on AO3... and hardly any of them are Kyo/Yuya. Most are no pairing. Many are in Russian. Q uite a few are that pairing I cannot stand. But there are 6 Kyo/Yuya fics, and that's actually the highest number for any pairing. But a grand total of 32 fics for the manga on AO3.

But there are 27,553 Teen Wolf. I never managed to really get direly into that series. I could give or take the series. Only two of the major characters appeal to me... and after reading about Season 3 there so far, I'm not sure I would still enjoy Stiles or Lydia. I actively detest Scott and even more so Allison, and none of the other teenagers are really in any way developed, especially Danny (obviously writers'/creators' favorite) and Isaac (how much woobie can be tossed at/into one character). Derek's character development begins and ends with angst. And the grown-ups, especially Papa Stilinski and Peter Hale, are the best parts of the series. And now that they're throwing new mythology in left, right, and center, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go into Season 3 with active detesting. I would probably leave with active loathing.

And that's a rant and a half. I was just going to talk about Samurai Deeper Kyo and my active love for it and how much I frigging adore Onime no Kyo/Shiina Yuya and how much fun I have getting out Google every so often while reading Samurai Deeper Kyo to look up just who are historical characters in the series (almost everyone) and who aren't (Kyo, Yuya, and a few others). It's historical fiction (that is makes you learn Japanese history) with giant sword fights and ridiculously awesomely powerful characters. And people coming back from the dead. And a shadow clan pulling the strings of an entire nation. And let's not even talk about the anime.

It just seems like if a series has two (or more) halfway attractive males have more than half of a conversation together, then there is an ungodly explosion of fanfic for it. Don't get me wrong: Lord and Lady know I'm a huge slash fan myself... if it makes sense. Give me Duo/Heero or Ban/Ginji or Dean/Gabriel or the Tenth Doctor/The Master. These make sense and generally have chemistry through the goddamn roof. Give me Yami no Bakura/Kaiba Seto, where I know I can find things that make it work, or even Angel/Spike, where they're likely as not to have plenty of hate sex. Just give me something that makes sense. Too much of slash is just "Boy 1 and Boy 2 are pretty. I'm gonna write them boning like mad bunnies."

Gah! And there went another rant.

I think I'm going back to my manga now.

A Tuesday

Tuesday, 22 October 2013 11:51 pm
apollymi: Kyle and Sarah, text reads "Come with me if you want to live" (Term**Kyle/Sarah: Come with me)
So, it's been a lazy ass day. I didn't sleep well again last night, and I woke up with a killer headache. After Katsuko and I did our usual McDonalds run, I laid down on the couch for some more sleep. For once, Boo did not join me for longer than 5 minutes. I had a kitty-free nap, which was weird.

I got another rejection email from Emory, but thankfully it wasn't for the job I want. I'm still in the running for that one at least.

I got two new donations for the fundraiser. However, I also had a bill I wasn't expecting come through. I totaled it up, and I'm down to $140 short of paying all the bills and rent. So, C Parkes and Kathy Cole, if you happen to read this, thank you. You've gotten me that much closer to paying my bills this month. C, I'm also sending you a coupon for the free eBook. Also, the alarm is now paid for this month. How the hell did I forget about that one?

I've reread the entirety of Endless Loop. I've gotten it taken down from Fanfic.me, which is a step in the right. I still have other places it needs to come down from, as mentioned last entry. In fact, I just went ahead and had everything deleted from Fanfic.me. It seemed easiest.

But well, I'm kinda drained, and I'm thinking of heading to bed soon, once I get these words posted on 750Words and some sleepy-time medicine in me. Maybe I'll even achieve some sleep in the dark hours.

(Is it bad that a hopeful part of me is already trying to figure out how to work sleeping if I get the job I want? Because I'm thinking: get in around 3am, sleep in my bed until 7:00 or so, do the morning ritual with Katsuko, come home, sleep on the couch until around noon or 1p, then start getting ready for my day. It's a thought anyway. I would be working Sunday to Thursday, so I would have Friday and Saturday to get stuff done. I'm trying to not get excited about this job I want... because when I get excited about something, it never ends up happening... but maybe talking this little bit about it won't jinx me too badly. I hope.)

So yeah, that's about it.

A Monday

Monday, 21 October 2013 11:36 pm
apollymi: Kaiba looking determined, text reads "Where angels fear to tread" (YGO**Kaiba: Where angels fear to tread)
It was another lazy day. I didn't sleep well last night, so I had some Boo-enforced couch nap time, which was nice. Other than that, I've been reading fanfic, others' and my own. For others', it's been The Avengers; I had fluff needs that weren't being met, and sometimes, reading Captain America/Iron Man fics can be really good for that.

I've been transferring stuff off of my Dropbox drive to my Google Drive. It's not an ideal solution, but my Dropbox drive is full, and I definitely cannot afford to pay for additional storage there. I have some 6GB on Dropbox, but I have 15 on Google... and that makes a difference. The whole reason I'm doing all this back up is because I had to clear off my camera's flash drives in order to be able to use them (because I can't afford to buy more Compact Flash drives every time one fills up). Yes, they've come down a lot in price, but I love my camera and I take a lot of high quality photos. If I remember right, my camera cannot accept anything higher than either 4GB or 8GB Compact Flash drives, so it would add up quickly.

Although, I guess if I had done that, then I would have a lot of the photos I lost on Duo still. Maybe it's not the worst idea. But for now, I'll keep using Google Drive. I would keep using Dropbox, but again, out of space.

I did mention that I've been rereading my own fanfic, namely Endless Loop. I'm trying to track down all the places it's up online... so that when I finish Color of Life, I can take it all down. DMnet, ESMnet, Fanfiction.net, Archive of Our Own, the Endless Loop subdomain on DMnet, Fanfic.me... Those are the ones I can think of off hand. There might be others, but I doubt it. In fact, I think I might go ahead and take it all off Fanfic.me tonight or tomorrow. I have no love for that site, and I never use it. I think I dislike it even more now that it's on WordPress.

Don't get me wrong: I love WordPress. I use it to manage Ellie Hicks.com, and I intend to start using it to manage Katherine Bell.net also eventually. But I'm not sure it works well for what they're trying to do here. Especially since it seems I cannot edit or delete my own stories from there.

So yeah, I now know what I'll be working on tomorrow.

A long Sunday

Sunday, 16 June 2013 08:56 pm
apollymi: Kaiba and Bakura, close up on faces, text reads "Don't fear the reaper" (YGO**Bakura/Kaiba: Don't fear the reape)
Prompt I would like to write and discussion of writing said prompt )

Exercise and health )

Words to say that I'm trying to reach 1000 words )

I'm a cereal killer )

Can I make to 1000 words? )

Cemetery discussions )

I wish I could come up with something to say for this prompt today, but apparently the creative words are not going to come, even though I've now broken 1000 words overall. I'm just going to give up for now, go do my yoga, then go to bed. Good night, all.

A busy Monday

Monday, 20 May 2013 04:28 pm
apollymi: Bakura & Kaiba fanart commission, text reads "Apollymi" (Alice**Charlie: Mad as a box of frogs)
Today is another one of those "I can't type for shit" days. I'm sitting here working on my first commercial of the day, and I keep typing simple things like "PvZ" wrong... over and over and over again. Because dammit, the new PvZ Facebook game is finally out of beta and open to the public... and my friends list there has been losing its collective shit over this game. But apparently I cannot type, which is troublesome for finishing both my 9 to 10 commercial posts for the day at AdLovr.com and for finishing this journal post... and oh yeah, somehow getting my 750Words in at some point in the today.

I'm seriously starting to think I've bitten off more than I can chew on an ongoing basis. There's writing, there's real job, there's editing when I get stuff from Seven Seas, there's commercials for AdLovr... There aren't enough hours in the day to do all of this and still accomplish both sleeping and eating. (And I just typed "eating" as "editing". Oh my gods...) I'm already at the point of carrying my laptop into the bathroom with me to keep working.

But I have discovered that, when it gets to being late at night and I'm working on AdLovr, I start channeling my inner Bakura. Meaning, I get downright sarcastic and silly... and apparently Jodi and her boy love it. So, yay? Go me?

Anyway, after work, it's home to feed the kitties, get some quick shopkicking done, maybe some dinner, then back to work again on the ads for the day. I've earmarked one, which is good, but there are still eight or nine left to go. I will make it. I will persevere.

A tired Wednesday

Wednesday, 15 May 2013 02:45 pm
apollymi: Princess Serenity sitting on a throne, deep in thought, no text (BSSM**Usagi: Contemplation (Serenity))
I think I might have accidentally bounced out all my excitement yesterday, because today I'm whupped. Flat out whupped.

Also, I am in an office with a bunch of gossiping busybodies. I told three people in the office (Philia, Supervisor, and Coworker BBB... Philia because she's my friend and not the gossiping type, Supervisor in case any of these jobs I've applied for start telephoning, and Coworker BBB because he's one of my references for said jobs) yesterday about getting accepted to Brenau. Since then, I've had no less than 2 other people come up to say congratulations. I haven't even had a chance to tell my Associate Dean yet! At this rate, she'll know before I can tell her. Gossiping busybodies! I swear!

Writing on 750Words is still coming along strong. I've managed at least that much every night, which means I've been updating my [community profile] 24hourthemes table like a boss. I actually seem to have two chapters that need to go up. Whoops. And I'm halfway through a third one. Double whoops.

So now I'm just waiting to get my packet of information from Brenau so I can formally say I will be attending. After that, it'll be time to talk to their financial aid office to see what kind of assistance I qualify for. At $768 per credit hour, I'll need all the help I can get: grants, internships, student loans. You name it: I'll probably need it.

I'm so goddamn tired today. I went to bed pretty close to my normal time, maybe even a little early by my recent standards. However, Roo kept me up a lot of the night last night to deliver love. I don't mind a kitty cuddling up to me and settling right down, but that's not Roo's MO: he prefers to settle for a few minutes then pull out the happy claws on you. I then try to roll out of his reach, so he gets up and follows me. Did I mention his preferred place to settle in is either on the head or neck or chest? Any way you cut it, it isn't comfortable. No wonder I always have back pain.

I'm developing a want, and I don't need to be lusting after this. My money needs to be going to the move. But it's so cute!! The Vera Bradley Backpack in English Rose seriously appeals to me, and I wants it, my precious! I wants it! (I would like it for an everyday back, not a backpack for carrying books and all in, but as a purse that sits more easily on my back.)

To any effect, that's about all I have to say on anything right now. Later, folks.