Monday, 15 May 2017 09:18 pm
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[personal profile] katsuko and I are working on one of the joint sections of the GoodDay semi-canon compliant story. It's... not happy, but it's better than some of the shit they're getting into elsewhere in the story. I kinda want to shake them and explain to them that kink? It needs to be negotiated a bit first. At least the kind of kink they're getting into: breath play, rough sex, under-negotiated on pretty much everything... At least they're doing that negotiating in the parts I'm writing, even if it is a bit after the fact.

We've both said it a time or two, but if this were a modern!AU of this, it would probably involve a dungeon, a Christian Grey-style former dom, and Faraday trying to hire a hitman to take out said Christian Grey-style former dom. (I've found amusement in thinking of Faraday calling his bestie, Vasquez, to see if he can't hire Vasquez's cousin Carlos to come snipe the son of a bitch... because throwing in random The Losers references is a lot of fun.)

But enough about kinky shit. Work was work today. It happened. I did manage to get my four keys that opened almost no doors traded in for one key that will open everything I need it to. That's a good thing, because this weekend I have my first Saturday test to proctor, which will be an interesting thing, I guess. But I did need to have a way to get all the doors open for it, obviously.

Also, I've received my first jury summons in decades, for July 6 this year. I have to call the courthouse on July 5 after work (after 5:00) to be sure they still want me to come in. Sounds like quite a PITA, if you ask me.


Sunday, 16 April 2017 11:09 pm
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Okay, this one is going to be hella short and hella quick, because I don't really have anything to say. I'm just... Yeah, I'm just not. I have a whole lot of just not going on right now, and I'm not enjoying that at all.

Today at work was... well, today at work. It was the same as it always is.

We got some of the things done today that we set out to do, but I don't think we even came close to accomplishing all of them. I don't even think we've accomplished a half or a third of them. We moved the dressers so that the apartments can do fireplace maintenance, but we haven't swept or vacuumed yet today. Maybe we'll get up early and do all that tomorrow. I'm not sure I have it in me to do it all tonight.

I did get a chapter of Wicked Ones posted to AO3. Apparently, I sent [ profile] Hazel_Athena into feelings fits with this chapter, so that's a nice, I guess.

And yeah, that's about all I've got for me for today. More tomorrow when I'm hopefully feeling a bit more... me.

Long ass day

Thursday, 30 March 2017 10:38 pm
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it's been a long ass day. tomrorow will be even longer. i should be trying to make some kind of sense, maybe fill in all the information that i need to be sharing, but i'm just so tired. that's where i am right now: so tired.

and it's pouring down rain. has been since around 8:30 this evening. complete with the bridge collapse and this mess, getting [personal profile] katsuko to work tomrorow is going to be a mess. i'm dreading it, truth be told.

i'm still waiting to hear if my catering will be happning tomorrow or not. i probably won't know until after ive dropped [personal profile] katsuko off.

so, yeah, tomorrow's gonna suck ass.


Tuesday, 7 March 2017 11:19 pm
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This is an update on yesterday, mostly.

[personal profile] katsuko managed to get in contact with the office while I was in my interview. And seriously, bless Alton. Bless the man. He said something along the lines of "I have no doubt that you reported at the beginning. We'll update your file. If you can find the receipts for doing the two payments, we're all good. If not, you can do two $300 payments. We'd prefer them with this month's and next month's rent, but we would prefer the rent honestly, so if you can't do it on those months, just let us know."

Of course, that's a summary based completely on what [personal profile] katsuko relayed to me.

We stopped by the office after I picked her up from IKEA to discuss the whole cleaning thing. It's more like a warning, because the Orkin man complained. (WTF?! The Orkin man? Complained? Dude comes once every few weeks and just stirs the bugs up.) Office folks asked about my hand, and Krystal even scolded me for not getting someone to drive me to the Urgent Care. Wasn't a lot to do for that, though, when we don't know our neighbors all that well and no one was in the office on a Sunday.

On the other side of this, the massive panicked cleaning we did last night did results in a lot more living room space suddenly. I'm not faulting that. More living room space is nice. We do still need to vacuum my room, and I'm not entirely certain our little vacuum cleaner is going to hold up to that. It does well enough on the tile floor, but the bedroom is the only carpeted area in the house. Well, we'll see.

The interview today seemed to go really well. In fact, I described it more as a conversation mixed with the occasional interview-type questions. We even discussed stuff like GSU employee discounts with MARTA, books books and more books, the importance of not leading folks on, and the magic word "no", which would be an important part of this job. I'm hopeful, but I'm not holding my breath.

Carlos did call me to ask if I could do a catering delivery for him on the 25th, because he'll be out of town for his birthday. (Mind you, he just got back in town a few hours ago, from his third or fourth trip home to Miami this year.) It's a day off, but it would be a very sizable commission with a possibility of the company it's being delivered to tipping, so... Maybe?

And yeah, I worked more on the Wicked Ones AU that we are currently calling "the wandering boys". It goes AU after the chapter of Wicked Ones: The Early Years that [personal profile] katsuko is going to be posting Friday. This makes the third AU we've at least started based on various parts of Wicked Ones. And yes, this makes me happy.

And that's about it. Later, all.

Busy ass day

Monday, 6 March 2017 11:58 pm
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I'm not even sure what to say for today.

I can safely state that my hand hurts worse today than it did yesterday, so obviously the lidocaine wore off quite thoroughly. We've been doing a bit of an emergency spot clean of the house, so it's definitely throbbing now.

[personal profile] katsuko and I could both swear that, when we moved into these apartments back in January 2016, we paid the $600 pet fee, spread between a few months. We got a notice on the door saying "You have pets and they aren't on your lease - fix this now". As well as one saying to clean the damn house, which we did. Oh god, how we've did. I hurt in all new ways than I was already hurting before. I'm actually waiting on the pain to die down a bit so that I can go to bed.

But I can't find any information with that kind of stuff on it, saying we paid or discussed it with her or writing. Looking back over the lease from last year, they put us down as having no pets, even though we provided information saying we do. So, I guess it'll be our word against theirs, and I imagine ours will lose, since it's apparently our verbal discussion versus their written information.

On a happier note, I did get everything up to date on [community profile] eternal_sailorm and, at least as far as The Magnificent Seven stories go. I also updated the Mag7 recommendations page too. So... productive, yes?

And I'm really out of things to talk about already. We need to be going to bed, so that we can get up and get interview/work ready in the morning ahead of [personal profile] katsuko's 7:00 a.m. shift, but all the cleaning we've done today means we're not tired. Sore? Yes. Hurting? Oh definitely. Shaky? Sadly so. But tired? Not even a little.

So early

Monday, 27 February 2017 06:36 am
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Christ, it's early. I got here just as Panera was opening, and I'm going to be here until it's time for me to head over to IKEA again for the day. [personal profile] katsuko had the 6 a.m. shift today, and there just isn't a good way to get her over here without me coming too. So, unless I drive her up here, drive back home, and then drive back up here to pick her up... in time for us to go to Mirko... Unless all of that happens, I just have to find place to hang out for huge chunks of the day.

And of course, we're still trying to baby the car a bit yet, so I don't want to do all that driving on it. I could let her take the car and come back to pick me up after she gets off... but she would be driving right past Mirko to come back to Roswell and get me, so that's not really feasible.

I sometimes wish we could afford a place in Atlantic Station. It would really save us a lot of time and mileage. She could walk or take the shuttle to IKEA. Right now, I would only have to drive about five miles to Mirko. But it's a little bit in vain. We can't afford Atlantic Station right now. We can't afford the nearby Loring Heights or Ansley Park or even Midtown proper. (Definitely not Ansley Park. Definitely not.)

That's not stopping me from looking at the prices of homes in that area. It's wishful thinking, but still...

I've been putting in applications as much as I can over the last few days. It's been a bit of a headache. I'm ready to be working full-time again and be out of the restaurant, but it doesn't seem to be happening quickly. I've been applying for full-time jobs the entire time I've been at the restaurant... and nothing yet.

Still... what can I do but keep on trying? It's getting harder and harder to keep my chin up, but I'm still trying for now. I still keep on keeping on, for now, no matter how hard it is. For instance, this month, I'm not sure if we're going to be able to pay to keep the storage or pay to keep the lights on. I doubt there's going to be money enough to renew the hosting, which means all the sites and their emails are going to go dark for a while.

And ain't that the story of our life right now.

So damn tired

Thursday, 2 February 2017 10:55 pm
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I'm so damn tired. I've taken a nap this afternoon, and I'm soon to bed this evening. I'm still so tired that I can't even think straight.

All in all, I don't really have much to show for myself for today. We did laundry. We gassed up the car. We ate lunch. We napped. We went to work at Mirko. We finished gassing up the car. We bought a few groceries, mostly for the cats. We went to the bank. We paid rent. We came home. We ate dinner and watched an episode of Leverage.

Added up like that it sounds like a lot of things, but it certainly feels like nothing at all.

At least I'm running pretty well ahead on #365k/365Day. I've gotten over 39,000 words done so far, and a fair chunk of them is The Magnificent Seven... because these boys don't stop talking.

So... stats and status updates... Wicked Ones, I'm coming up on Day 3 in Rose Creek. Overall, including later scenes that haven't been slotted into place yet, I'm at nearly 40,000 words for this alone. Monstrous: After Midnight is still coming along well. I'm waiting to be told where I'm next needed for writing. Trinity is slow going, mostly because the boys keep demanding porn. "Memento Mori" is on a temporary hiatus. And the Leverage crossover thing? It's eating my damn soul. It's the happy 'verse, after all... relatively speaking.

Anyway, yeah, that's about it. Later, all.


Monday, 30 January 2017 01:15 pm
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Yeah, I got nothing. There isn't really anything I can talk about that's any different from things I've said a hundred other times before.

Well, I guess I can say that we got a provisional credit for $60 put into [personal profile] katsuko's account after the ATM ate her money. It's not the full amount, since we think that's about $63, but it's a step. It's a step in the right direction... and in hoping that they don't decide to reverse said provisional credit... or if they do, they wait until after we've paid rent. It's a cynical hope, I guess, but it'll have to do.

The boys continue to be difficult. I did 1200 words yesterday, but every one of them was a struggle. I'm hoping that today goes easier. So far, not so much, but I'm still trying.

I have to go pick up some copies of my resume from the FedEx store in a bit. I want to have them ready in preparation for the interview on Wednesday. I also printed out a letter of recommendation I had from a former manager, so hopefully that'll help.

I even went over a series of interview questions with Mum yesterday, trying to formulate out how to say things best. I'm hoping that it's helped.

And yeah, I'm still struggling with words. I'm going to keep trying, and I guess I'll go focus on that until it's time to go get that resume picked up.
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I'm trying to type up a long journal entry, because I'm not sure that I have coherency for writing in me today. I'm feeling very... not in my body today. Disassociated, I guess? Honestly, it sort of feels like when my blood sugar used to tank: like my brain isn't connected to my body. I'm not sure how to describe it. I'm not sure that I actually have words in my vocabulary for it. I just know it feels like I'm both too deep in my own head and yet also thousands of miles away from it. And it always gets worse when I have my headphones in (but weirdly, only the earbuds, not the over the ear ones... that I can't find).

I'm also not sure that I'll be able to find enough words to go in here. I'm trying, but things just aren't happening in my brain. It's distressing. I'm far enough ahead in #365k/365Day to take a day off or have a short day, but I don't want to. Slacking off leads to me not getting writing done.

Honestly, I think I'm just going to sit down and read until I can get my brain back in one place, instead of a hundred thousand and yet nowhere, like it feels like right now.

I do need to buy a new good pair of folding headphones that I can carry around with me. The earbuds just aren't good for me in a lot of ways, aside from the weird way they play with these... periods for me. They're also incredibly uncomfortable to me. And yes, I have tried several different kinds of earbuds; they're all always uncomfortable. But I can't find my over the ear folding headphones. I guess it's not a huge loss, because they were only $25 or so, so it's not like I can't find a pair of Bose or Beats headphones or something. But it still makes me mad, because they were better for me and all and grrr...

But that's not what I need to get on Amazon next. I need to replace my screen protector and case. The card case is getting a little loose, and I'm worried about my cards falling out. And I've dropped my phone enough lately the screen protector is cracked in no less than four places. Better the screen protector than the screen, I say. I wouldn't bother replacing it yet, since it's not messing with my ability to see the screen too much, but I keep nicking my thumb on one of the cracks and I'm a little sick of that. The case I have in mind is $10, but I can't decide if I want the heavier duty screen protector or the privacy screen one. I lean towards the heavier duty one, since I keep dropping the phone. So it would be about $30 for both. Hopefully I can afford to get them both on Monday, if we have enough towards rent by then.

And I guess I did manage some words after all, huh?

Back in black

Wednesday, 11 January 2017 08:35 pm
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So, yeah, we accomplished everything we set out to do for today. We got laundry done, we turned in proof of renters insurance to the front office (again), we got grain-free cat food for the babies, we got a few groceries for us, we ate a few meals that [personal profile] katsuko and I made (Boca nuggets for lunch and homemade lo mein for dinner), and we dyed my hair.

So, yeah, that's why the subject line. I use it every time I dye my hair back to black. It's usually a pretty damn happy thing, because I fucking love my hair when it's black. I went with a lovely shade of blue black this time, and I must admit that I thought of comic book characters most of the time I was doing it. A lot of time, the colorists will use a shade of blue black for truly dark-haired characters. So yeah, we dyed my hair while I sat back and thought of comic book characters. It's all good. I'm weird, and I know it.

I'm rereading some of my favorite Pacific Rim stories, trying to get Faraday and Vasquez to talk to me. Yes, I'm reading PacRim to get Mag7 characters to talk. Don't ask. It makes sense in my head, I swear.

And finally, I leave you with the before and after of the dyeing. Because it's a necessary thing.

Three words for you: Back In Black. #haircolor #back_in_black

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017 11:09 pm
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I did my catering this morning for Cliff Valley School. It's always one of the easiest schools we have to do every week, and they are certainly the most consistent. [personal profile] katsuko talked to Carlos and got some things clarified about what all she is responsible for as bartender. We came home and got some food into us and had a shower in preparation for the massive hair dying that will be occurring tomorrow.

It's always a task and a half getting my hair dyed, but it'll be worth it to have black hair again. I've missed it. I mean, I've missed it like burning. I mean, I spent money I really should have been saving back towards hair dye, that's how much I've missed having my black hair. We are still searching for some of the John Frieda red depositing shampoo and conditioner for [personal profile] katsuko, though. After all, she went with the Gingering route for her hair this time around.

I've had kitties on me most of the day today, which has really made getting much of anything done today interesting to say the least. So, yeah, I really haven't been able to do much of anything. I read, and when I had all three on me and couldn't even get to my laptop, I napped. I had had plans of working on Wicked Ones today, but yeah, not so much. Not to say that I'm not going to keep trying to get words on it today, but I am running out of today to keep writing in.

All in all, I just kind of want to collapse on my couch all over again and maybe do another nap. I'm tired, but I'm not really sleepy, not enough to go to bed for the entire night. After all, I'm still have the grossness from whatever set off my stomach yesterday. I had some very greasy lo mein and it did a lot to help, but I'm still feel pretty awful and am constantly running to the toilet.

But at least I don't have to do tomorrow's catering. That one is all Carlos, and I'm happy for it. I enjoy the money, but Christ the King School is just a gigantic pain in the ass, one I'm not willing to put up with. He wants to keep them, so he can handle them.

Tomorrow, though, we do have to do laundry and go by the apartment front office to show our proof of rental insurance... again. We've already turned it in once, but apparently it didn't get attached to our file or something. So we're going to turn in another one and see if that one takes. And yeah, the only other thing we have to do tomorrow is the laundry. We might need to run to PetCo and get some more high calorie cat food for the babies, but only if we can afford it. Otherwise it's probably over to Kroger for some regular grain-free cat food.

We might try to set up somewhere and do some writing, but that's very in the air. Funds are very limited, and we do need to get my hair dyed, which isn't a quick process, since there's so much of it.

But mostly there will be writing.


Sunday, 8 January 2017 01:25 pm
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There are some extra levels of crazy going on at IKEA today. The store didn't open until noon today, but by 11:45, there were people trying to get the doors down, just throwing all mighty fits. It felt like Black Friday, truth be told. I think I said yesterday that [personal profile] katsuko was supposed to go in yesterday but was unable to, as the car was frozen solid. She moved it into a sunnier spot yesterday once she finally managed to get it accessible. It was still iced over this morning, and I drove it into IKEA covered in ice. Not completely, as I could see out the windows, but it was still pretty icy.

I got a new chapter of Wicked Ones posted on Wicked Ones posted on AO3. I also managed to get it on [community profile] eternal_sailorm, but it is not yet on I was going to work on that today... only I forgot that the IKEA wifi has blocked as an adult site, which still makes no sense. So I'll either have to work on that tonight at Mirko, after I finish my hosting shift and finish getting stuff set up for catering tomorrow, or when I get home tonight.

Tomorrow is going to be a little weird, because we have catering in the morning and our respective bar and hosting shifts in the evening, but nothing in the in between. I guess we'll try to go pay rent then. I think we have to go to the Kroger or Walmart near the house to do that, so that'll take up a good chunk of time. I mean, it has to be done no later tomorrow because we would be kicked on the 10th. I'm just hoping that either [personal profile] katsuko has a damn good night on the bar tonight or she can overdraft her account for the remaining amount, because if we clear out everything I have--between my checking account and cash--we're $165 short of what we need. If UberEATS isn't working, she should make that much on bar, but otherwise, we're a little SOL. The wording says "by the 10th", so yeah, tomorrow is the last day.

Seriously, I need a job where I'm making enough to pay all my bills and my fair share of rent, so that we're not stressing out this shit damn near every month. Why the fuck isn't anyone hiring me? I even added my bloody resume to my website, in case that somehow might help.

And yeah, that's about all I've got in me today. Mostly complaints, some cheerful writing things. I guess I should say that #365k/365Day is going well enough. It breaks down like this:
Day One: 1841 words
Day Two: 1037 words
Day Three: 1008 words (and oh, how they fought me)
Day Four: 1037 words again
Day Five: 1068 words
Day Six: 1133 words
Day Seven: 1405 words
Total Words: 8529 words

So there's that. Later, all.


Friday, 30 December 2016 11:09 pm
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I'm trying to stay warm. Yeah, it's something like 32°F/0°F here, which isn't comparatively cold to some places, but it's cold for this part of Georgia for this time of year.

And I still have no damn idea where my electric blanket has disappeared to. I'm still approximately 80% certain I put it in my closet when I took it off the bed at the end of last winter. But guess where it ain't? Yup, it ain't in my closet. Of course, I also can't find my Mirko work shirt and apron, which I know was in my closet. I don't get it.

And yeah, that's all I've got for myself for today.

NaNoWriMo Day 19

Saturday, 19 November 2016 10:09 pm
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A very long day summary )

I'm still not feeling too much better, and I don't think I got a lot of rest last night to try to help the matter. I know I didn't get a lot of writing done, not nearly as much as I needed to, but I'm going to try to make up for that tonight.

I did get a new project from Seven Seas, Secret of the Princess, that's due on the 22nd. I'm part of the way done with a first read-through, and I haven't spot anything glaring yet. I might have to ask [personal profile] katsuko to look it over, because I'm not sure I'm with it enough to find small mistakes right now, if I'm on page 63 and haven't found anything yet.

Anyway, I'm going to see if I can't get these boys persuaded to telling me something. Here's the most up to date word count I have going right now.

40241 / 50000 words. 80% done!

NaNoWriMo Day 15

Tuesday, 15 November 2016 08:28 pm
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Okay, as far as NaNoWriMo goes, I'm apparently running three days ahead. I'm slowly building my lead, because I have no idea how well tomorrow's going to work for getting writing done. I'm still nervous as hell about it, but I'm also trying not to let myself have another panic attack if I can help it and I know that's what setting me off lately.

I've worked on the playlist for the shared NaNo project. It's now 23 songs, an hour and 25 minutes long... and probably contains more DOROTHY and Bishop Briggs than any fanmix ought to. Those two artists just fit so well that I have to keep using their songs.

Randomly, if I had three-fourths of a million dollars, I would buy this home for [personal profile] katsuko and me in half a heartbeat. Alternative, this one. These two houses are in the area of town we do the Roswell Ghost Tour through every Halloween, and the latter I've actually glanced at every time we've walked by it heading towards Founder's Cemetery. But then, we couldn't even afford the fixer-upper a few blocks away, the one with the caving-in roof and major structural damage, if we were to try to buy a house right now.

And that's about it for me. Here's the most up to date word count:

31381 / 50000 words. 63% done!

NaNoWriMo Day 6

Sunday, 6 November 2016 12:38 pm
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Oh man, I have so much catching up to do today. I'm going to give it my damnedest, but I'm not sure how hopeful I am right now. I have to do something like 2600 words today to get caught up, and while I have been able to do that before, it's been a bit, since I was at the library and had Philia to compete against. I'm not sure if I'll do nearly as good without that. Plus the library made for a bit more structured writing time than the multiple jobs I'm working now.

Roo seems to be doing better bit by bit. The swelling in his face does seem to be going down. I'm not sure if it was a food allergy and changing his food has helped or if he has an infection in his teeth that the antibiotics are helping. He's definitely putting back on weight. The appetite enhancers are certainly helping with that. I do know that he's now eating the high calorie food much better, and that's been a huge relief for me. We keep alternating him between the prescription Recovery cat food and the Newman's Own cat food so that he doesn't get tired of either one any time soon.

I think that tonight we do have to stop at Kroger on the way home and see about getting both kitty litter and some more of the Newman's. I'm also going to see about what they have at the pet store for high calorie grain-free cat food, but that might have to be after we've dealt with rent. I know that [personal profile] katsuko is at about $400, meaning that we're nearly $650 short still. That's before her bar shift tomorrow and Monday and before her Mirko paycheck, however small that might be. I'm just hoping that I make enough to make up the difference. Mum can't really help out this time, since there's a lot going on over in her area, so she's a bit tight on funds right now too. We'll need $1,045. I've had one Mirko check that big, the time they forgot the check before to include my catering. Most of the time, though...

Well, let's just hope that she has a good few days on the bar... and that I have a good Mirko check tomorrow. And that none of the other schools cancel orders over the next few weeks.

And now I'm trying my best to not worry, but it's really hard. We have until the 9th at 5:00p EST to pay our rent and the late fee, or we're evicted. Seriously, FML.

Okay, I'm going to try to write and see if I can't stop worrying myself into a tizzy. Maybe tomorrow will be that links list. Today, I'm just going to end off with, as always, my updated word count:

7989 / 50000 words. 16% done!

NaNoWriMo Day 4

Friday, 4 November 2016 03:22 pm
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It seems that my competitive nature is on hiatus today. I'm trying to make as many words as [personal profile] katsuko happen, but it doesn't seem to be happening. And in all honesty, most of the words I'm getting are in the Magnificent Seven Robicheaux brothers 'verse that [personal profile] katsuko and I are joint working on. Not as much as she's getting, obviously, but I'll take any words at this point. The rewrite of Endless Loop is just not going quickly at all, to say the least.

I'm not giving up on it, though. For one thing, it's way too early in the month for that. I'll gladly give it another week or so and see how things are looking then.

But mostly I'm enjoying this M7 'verse. It's fun. It's irreverent. It takes the loosest possible take on canon possible. And I'm enjoying the hell out of these boys. Granted, [personal profile] katsuko seems to have the sweet cowboy husbands, while I've ended up with the troll kings. But that's the luck of the draw I'm guessing.

I picked up Roo's medicine from the vet today. I also had to go by the human drugstore to get a pill splitter for one of his medicines. He has one that he has to take once a day, one that he has to take twice a day, and one that he has to take 1/4 a tablet every 2 days. This is going to be interesting. He's going to hate us in the two weeks we've got to do this. But hopefully it will help him some... or a lot. He still won't touch the high calorie cat food they sent him at the vet, but I'm still getting various foods into him, so I'll take what I can get. The vet yesterday on the phone and the vet tech in office today both said to let him eat what he wants as long as he actually eats something.

We had to spend a good chunk of rent money on this office procedure, so we're now officially late with the rent. Mum might try to help if she's able to get in some money too, but right now, I'm too tired to care about any of that. I can't find it in me to care about much of anything, except Roo. He's being his usual sweet affectionate self, but all the bad news yesterday has me out of it.

Anyway, I can't think here and it's almost time to go over to Mirko, so I'm going to cut off here. I'll leave off with an updated word count, though:

5798 / 50000 words. 12% done!

Happy Halloween!

Monday, 31 October 2016 11:45 pm
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It's still Halloween. I'm still celebrating. I'm just not celebrating with this damn omelet I've got in front of me. We were starving after the ghost tour, and IHOP was the only place open.

Only... I'd forgotten how little there is to eat as a vegetarian here if you don't want something sweet. I was giving the egg white omelet a try to see if I could stomach it any better now than the last time I tried it.

Nope. Nope is the answer to that one.


Wednesday, 19 October 2016 11:37 pm
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So [personal profile] katsuko and I had a fairly productive day today. We got to sleep in a little bit, which was nice. [personal profile] katsuko got the laundry done immediately after she got up, while I, on the other hand, got the cats fed, while managing to forgot at least three items that needed to go into the laundry. Whoops.

After that, we had a tasty and satisfying lunch of sushi and hibachi at the buffet place across the street from us. And then... we both went and voted. I swear to you, it took us less than half an hour, definitely a lot quicker and easier than the voting process in Florida was.

As a reward, I took us both to the local art supply store. I bought [personal profile] katsuko a bristol paper pad and myself two colored pens. There will be much writing, and she's talking about getting back into her art, so... win all around?

We also killed time in the Super Target, checking glasses and such.


Friday, 14 October 2016 11:44 pm
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It's so damn loud outside the apartment. Someone got pulled over by the cops, and they had to get on the loudspeaker to give him instructions because -- apparently -- he wasn't listening to them when spoken normally. There are at least two police cars, and I can hear the siren that sounds like either the fire truck or the ambulance right out there too. And it's basically right at the bottom of the hill from our apartment.

Where our apartment sits, we're technically a basement, but our patio is level to the ground. To get to our apartment, we have to go up one set of stairs and then down another. We're built into a hill, you see. From our patio, there is about fifteen feet worth of common yard, and then there is a metal fence with razor wire on top of it. After that is a sharp drop down of about fifteen to twenty feet, and then the road leading into the complex.

The hullaballoo is at the road leading into the complex.

So yeah, it's loud here tonight.