Lazy day

Thursday, 16 March 2017 10:45 pm
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I did a whole lot of nothing today. I feel vaguely more human than I did yesterday or the day before, but I also feel like I could use two or three more days of this to be in a better place mentally. I'm still working on it, and mostly it involves sleeping a lot. But I'm getting there. I'm trying.

I still have moments where I just want to go jump off a bridge. I'm not exaggerating. I want to jump off a bridge. I'm afraid of heights. But no, my brain has decided that the 400-to-85N overpass looks really fucking appealing. I drive over it once a week, and I drive under it three or four times a week. It's a constant thought. I tell myself that rush hour traffic is bad enough without a body to contend with too. Some days it even helps.

What I haven't done yet today is write. I've answered questions about writing. I've read other people's writing. But I have done very little of my own.

I need Wicked Ones to talk to me. I need to know what the hell is going on in Joshua's head, post-confrontation with Goody. I know he's working his own way to a better mental place, but he's not 100% there yet.

Damn, I wish all my friends from all my fandoms would watch this movie. I appreciate all the reviews and such I've been getting, but there are just times I want to see what [personal profile] desolate03 or [personal profile] daimeryan_rei think of some of the crap I'm writing right now. Granted, some of the stories are so AU that you almost don't need to have seen the movie. But sometimes we just flat out skip scenes that we didn't change from the movie, so that doesn't actually work.

The cut on my hand is looking a little closer to healed. I almost think the part across the meat is nearly there. It's the part that's closer to the side and the nail that is still lingering. The butterfly bandages have done a great job of keeping it from moving and all, so it is getting a chance to heal up nicely. It ain't gonna be pretty, but hopefully sooner or later, it'll be healed up.

What little I have written today has been on Monstrous: After Midnight. I'm working on the final battle in chunks and pieces. I have a whole mess of things that have to happen. I need to get through the Gatling gun, Fae-raday being shot, Jack Horne turning wendigo, blowing up the Gatling gun, and the aftermath. I don't know what [personal profile] katsuko's plans are, if she's going to try to get us to the point I'm writing, if she's going to tackle the Bogue takedown, or what's happening.

And that's enough whinging for today. I've been working on this for well over an hour now. That's longer than any journal post of any length should take.

Later, all.

So, yeah

Sunday, 12 March 2017 10:51 pm
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I got not a lot to say for myself today. I'm cramping like a motherfucker, but that only started this evening.

We got up this morning with the fullest of intentions of going to Urgent Care and getting my stitches taken out. When we got there, though, it was all "everyone should have been telling you that you can't have them removed here without having to pay extra, because your insurance doesn't cover doing that here". If I did it like the previous two doctors had told me to do, it would have been at least another $65 to $80, on top of the copay for the visit itself. We had to put change into dollars to put in the bank to get up the $20 copay, so there was no way we could do $100.

Got home and I text Mum to let her know what was going on. To say she was pissed would be an understatement. She immediately started texting Jesse and coordinating and shit. And then she started texting us everything we would need to take out my stitches ourselves. And we did. I cut, and [personal profile] katsuko removed. It took us all of 10 minutes, and most of that was because I couldn't get the scissors under the last stitch.

I still feel like I'm being held together with spit and a prayer, but that's more on an emotion level. The hand might be painful and less than perfect, but it's in decent enough shape. So long as I don't overdo anything, I should actually even be okay.

A lot of that "spit and a prayer" feeling comes from work. I'm just so... about it all. If I had another job lined up, I would quit in a heartbeat. Half a heartbeat. But I don't. And I can't seem to snag one. And it's making me crazy. Crazier. Something.

And yeah, that's about it. I did my own damn surgery today, even if it was fairly minor. I damn near lost my mind at work. I'm taking Thursday off so that I don't have to work with Josh's bitch ass two days in a row. So I will be away from the job from Tuesday afternoon through until Friday morning's catering. So maybe I'll be in a mental place where I can handle work again soon. Hopefully. Maybe.

And that is definitely it. Later, all.

Updating the things

Wednesday, 8 March 2017 10:31 pm
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So my hand ended up hurting too badly for me to even try to sleep last night, meaning I got less than an hour overall throughout the night. That in mind, I got out of bed a few dozen times to fuss about with the bandages, trying to loosen them to the point that it no longer hurt but would still stay on. I'd get it to what I thought would be a happy place, go back to bed, catch a few minutes sleep, then wake up with it hurting all over again.

So around 8:00, I went ahead and got out of bed to get ready to go to the Urgent Care. I woke [personal profile] katsuko up with the intention of telling her I was leaving and would be back, but she decided to go too. We got there by 8:45, saw the doctor by 9:15, and were out by 9:45. Doctor Patel was in and out in under 2 minutes, of course, but this is how doctors are, I've found. All the nurses I saw were excellent, though, and they who count, as far as I'm concerned. I'm supposed to start leaving it to air out a bit and only cover it to sleep and go to work. So that's fine. I'm also supposed to never, ever use Neosporin on it: only Vaseline. Which is funny to me, because I only used Neosporin because the LPN told me to.

It's also funny to me because it feels like medicine coming around full circle from where it was in the points of history I've been researching for The Magnificent Seven stories.

Everything above the cut is aggressively numb, which I guess is a good thing. Everything below the cut hurts and aches. The cut itself? It feels sort of... stretched. It only hurts if I move it too much and/or too fast or if something touches it too hard. Soft pressure? Okay. Gentle palpitations? Okay. Sudden movement? Not okay. Anything with pressure? Not okay. Anything weighty against it? Definitely not okay.

I didn't mention this to [personal profile] katsuko before today. But when I originally cut it and saw the depth of the cut (nearly halfway through the finger), my initial and completely numb thought was "Well, hell, I've just degloved my finger". Because apparently my brain has retained too much information from crime dramas.

Don't look up 'degloving'. Just... don't. Or look it up but don't look at pictures. It's a good way to lose one's lunch.

And that's about all I've got updates on. Later, all.


Sunday, 5 March 2017 10:34 pm
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Yesterday's post was almost nothing but whinging. I didn't delete it: I just made it private-locked. It seemed like a better thing to do.

I feel like I should have gone with this morning, after all, though. I ended up slicing my hand badly enough that I needed either five or six stitches. To top it all off, I also had to walk the 35 or so minutes to the Urgent Care to get it fixed up, because [personal profile] katsuko was in the car. She ended up meeting me there, though, so that was nice. But it did take up most of our limited time that we had for food, which was a bummer. And all I managed to prep for the week before I cut myself was the sweet potatoes.

So there is that. Which was a pain. It will likely continue to be a pain for quite a while, seeing as how I have to go back on Wednesday for them to check how it's healing... and then the next Wednesday to get the stitches removed... if it's healing well on Wednesday. The LPN wasn't terribly certain that it was going to reattach, given the depth and severity of the cut. She actually used the word "gnarly"... and not in the 90s slang way either.

So I've got about six sutures in my left thumb, a metric shit ton of bandages on top of that, a splint, and this blue Coban stuff that holds the splint in place. I look like I'm smuggling a blue mummy around.

And I got no damn sympathy from most of my restaurant people. Chloe went with the old "good job" comment. Jesús just laughed and wanted to touch it and poke at it. Claudio did a wince at the number of stitches, but mostly he laughed and poked fun (but not in a mean way). Jennifer suggested I invest in some cutting gloves for the kitchen, which was nice. And Duncan was sweet as can be and helped me grab things where he could to help out. And that was very good.

Right now I'm practicing typing with nine fingers, and that's working a lot better than texting with one hand did. So that's a semi-positive, yeah?

I don't think I'm going to be catching up on my words for the day. I mean, I have a pretty sizable surplus, so I don't have to do a 1,000 words a day. It just makes me happier to have accomplished it.

So yeah, today blew like mad, I only have use of nine fingers right now, and the lidocaine is wearing off.

FML was invented for days like today.

From Mirko

Monday, 6 February 2017 08:44 pm
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Yep, still sick. I keep hoping that I will get to feeling better sooner rather than later, but it doesn't seem to be working, at least not yet. My Sudafed continues to be the hottest of hot dates for me.

My #365k/365Day is still going well. I'm still running a few days ahead, and I'm still managing to get 1000 words, give or take, most nights. I'm trying to get most of them during the day today, because I'm not exactly at my best.

[personal profile] katsuko has a very early day tomorrow, where she needs to be at IKEA at 6:00 in the morning. I'm going to drive her there, and then I'm going to go to Panera Bread until it's time for catering. I'm hoping that enough hot tea will be sufficient to keep me both awake and semi-healthy for the catering shift, and I'm planning on actually having a damn bagel for once, because I need to try to do some damn breakfasts every now and then. It's not something I think I'll be able to stick with, but I'm going to give it a go, at least for tomorrow.

And in other news, I'm going to go back to writing on the Mag7/Lev story. That Vasquez got particularly talkative to me. I'm taking advantage of it while I can. Of course, what I need them to do is give me Trinity or Wicked Ones, but I'll take what I can get. Maybe words for those will happen tomorrow.

And yeah, I'm out of journalling words, so later.

Super Bowl

Sunday, 5 February 2017 09:33 pm
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So [personal profile] katsuko and I are at work. We've had a grand total of five tables all night, because the Atlanta Falcons are at the Super Bowl. The kitchen has done a complete deep clean, scrubbing everything from floor to ceiling. [personal profile] katsuko and Michael have scrubbed the bar from top to bottom. I've tried to help out in places where I can, but I'm getting the feeling that my assistance is not appreciated, so I just pulled a bar stool around to the computer and tried to type. Too damn noisy, of course, for accomplishing much of anything, but I tried.

[personal profile] katsuko and I are going to dinner with Michael and his husband, Simon, after we get out of here. I'm going to be pet sitting their dog later in the month, and they wanted a chance to have a sit down first. Fair enough. Plus, Chinese food. I've been craving, so this is a good.

I'm still sick as a dog, but I'm trying to push myself along. I'm going to keep on keeping on. I will not be participating in any alcohol tonight with the friends, because I've been taking so much cold medicine over the last few days.

And yeah, that's about it. I'm going to try to keep writing until [personal profile] katsuko is released for the night. And yeah, that's about it.

Still sick

Saturday, 4 February 2017 09:42 pm
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I'm still sick. I'm getting by on DayQuill, NyQuill, and Sudafed for now, but it's still not a lot of fun. I dislike sniffling all the time, and it feels like that's all I'm doing right now. I'm also still coughing, sneezing, and generally feeling cruddy as hell. I'm going to get the gumption up sooner or later to make myself some more hot drink, maybe my lemon mint sickie tea, but I'm not quite there yet.

I also haven't written anything yet today, mainly because I'm feeling so damn cruddy. The fact that I stayed in bed until 11 this morning probably didn't help matters either. Unfortunately that was the latest Roo would permit me to stay abed, though; his tummy wasn't waiting any longer. Which, fair play to him, he gave me that much time at least. Situations were reversed, I'm not sure I would.

Hell, usually he doesn't. Usually if I try to sleep in, he comes and wakes me up by 8:30 or so. I guess he knew I'm not feeling well.

And fuck it, I made me some sickie mint-lemon-ginger tea. Hopefully it'll clear me up enough to sleep tonight.

And now that Roo has arrived to help me type, I'm going to quit that for now and just read. And try to write. But mostly read.


Friday, 3 February 2017 11:50 pm
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I am currently struggling to breathe through my nose. It's not working well. Just about everyone in the restaurant is sick right now, though most of us have different issues/symptoms: Teo has a head cold, Carlos is getting over food poisoning, Claudio has a cough and 100° feber, and I've got a hell of a lot of congestion with a cough and sneezing. [personal profile] katsuko is exhausted, Chloe is overwhelmed, Natalka came in with a nasty headache, Steve just got back from helping a friend move from Denver, Colorado, to Miami, Florida, and Michael is in the middle of his PhD thesis presentations. That leaves Ana, the three Jesúses, Mario, Jacson, and Alfredo as the only completely well ones.

I got my diagnostic from AutoZone on the car. There was the Cylinder Three misfire thing, plus a note about how there might be a vacuum leak at the intake manifold. It could be as simple as something clogging the lines, the guy there said, or it could be something more in depth.

Either way, it needs to be repaired before the 19th, so I can get the car retested for free.

And now I'm thinking that the Nyquil and I have a hot date. Later, all.

Another long day

Sunday, 29 January 2017 10:21 pm
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I've been having a series of long days. Today was another in it. Mostly because I'm on the rag, and all I've felt like today has been: (1) a warm kitty laying over my uterus, (2) having a lot of cheap ass and terrible for me cheese, (3) saying a lot of words that I normally find very distasteful, and (4) dropkicking noisy coworker boys across the restaurant. In fact, I think my exact words for what I wanted to do was "cunt punt the noisy ass little fucks across the damn dining room if they don't shut the fuck up". Don't ask me how I'm going to cunt punt them: just know that I fully intended to do so.

However, I've now had my cheese dip--even if [personal profile] katsuko did spring for some fancier cheese dip than I was thinking--and I've watched some Leverage. I'm feeling a bit happier now, so there is less chance of that happening.

We do have to find out what's going on with the Suntrust ATM we usually deposit [personal profile] katsuko's money at. It ate about $63 worth of money and didn't deposit it into her account. Of course, well, that's rent money, so if it doesn't deposit, that's going to be a pretty huge issue. Every penny counts right now, ya know? So we're going into the branch tomorrow morning around catering, to see what exactly they have to say for themselves.

And I managed to get the Mean Faraday to start talking again... only right now he's being a maudlin Faraday. I don't care: he's talking again. Shit's about to go down that will help improve him some.

And Christ, we've been getting the best reviews lately. It's making me feel a whole lot better with this shit, especially Wicked Ones. Mean Faraday appreciates the love. It's got him willing to talk again.


Friday, 16 December 2016 11:26 pm
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Okay, I have a bad case of the sniffles. It's almost embarrassing. But it also seems to be a case of I'm slowly getting better, so that's a good thing, yeah?

On the downside, though, the living room light hurts my eyes, and I am just ready to collapse.

But I also want to be writing. FML. Just FML.

NaNoWriMo Day 21

Monday, 21 November 2016 11:29 am
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I somehow managed to get 2000 words last night, so I'm not falling behind. In the latter half of the month, I've only had one day where I didn't meet my minimum words. Most days I've surpassed the minimum by a fairly good margin, at least in the latter half of the month. I think I might call that my "how I learned to stop worrying and let Mean Faraday talk" phase. Editing his rants later does tend to get me more words, so I'm not exactly complaining.

More in depth version of NaNoWriMo updates, with all attendant spoilers for The Magnificent Seven )

I was bad and spent a bit of my saved up money on a used iPad mini gen 1 and a keyboard case to go with it. Because carrying around the laptop or the full-size iPad gets to hurting my shoulders after a while. It's not even a long while, either.

As for health, no improvement, but I'm not getting worse either, so that's good. I meant to pick up DayQuil at Target this morning, but maybe I'll get it at Kroger tonight. Because I'm pretty sure we need wet cat food for the Black Kitty Committee and litter... and I know we need additional food, now that we've finished both the soup and the chili. I have two packets of Hamburger Helper in the cabinet, but that's two meals at best.

And as far as I know, the Thanksgiving plans are to go to eat at Loving Hut and try to get some writing done during the day. We're both working a dinner shift at Mirko on Black Friday, and I'm not sure if I need to pick up any for the new host. Carlos tends to bend over backwards for the other hosts: because they leave so quickly, he tries to accommodate them where he can so they stay a little longer. I'm hoping we manage to keep this one until her graduation in May/June or I find another job.

And that was a huge long babble about absolutely nothing, so I'm just going to concentrate on whichever boy (or girl, thank you, Jo Faraday) decides to talk to me. I will, however, as always, leave off with an up to date word count:

43892 / 50000 words. 88% done!

NaNoWriMo Day 20

Sunday, 20 November 2016 01:59 pm
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I'm a little upset because I forgot to bring my headphones inside to IKEA today. People have turned their kids loose next to me, like I'm the designated IKEA babysitter or something. I really don't care for it, as you may well have guessed.

I'm still feeling poorly, but it always seems to get worse as the day builds on. I start out the day stiff and sore and sniffly. By lunch, I'm coughing and hacking, no matter what I take during the day for it. By early evening, I've moved to adding in sneezing and losing my voice. By the end of the night, I'm coughing so bad that I'm crying, I can't breathe through my nose at all, I'm cranky as fuck, and I just generally feel like hell. Today, at least, it feels like something is trying to break up in my chest, so that's a good. However, it also means that I feel at times like someone is stabbing me in the chest, so that's not of the good. I think I've managed to cough so much that I pulled something, though I honestly couldn't say for sure.

No catering tomorrow. In fact, I think my only catering next week will be on Tuesday. Even then, it will only be one of the two schools that I usually deliver to on that day. Apparently Annunciation Day School is sensibly taking all of next week off. Monday's school (Galloway), Wednesday's school (Christ the King), and Friday's school (Our Lady of the Ascension) are all taking the week off. But Cliff Valley, the second Tuesday school, is staying in until Wednesday, so they'll need their lunch on Tuesday. I'm kind of happy, because it's at least a little bit of money, but not, because it does mean that I won't have Tuesday completely off work. I'll make do, like always, but I was looking forward to that day. Eh, it is what it is.

Writing... I got enough done yesterday as so to not fall behind, but that's about all I can say for myself. I'm going to cut myself off here and get to work on what I need to get done. Here's the most up to date word count first, though.

41403 / 50000 words. 83% done!

NaNoWriMo Day 18

Friday, 18 November 2016 11:45 pm
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This is me trying to get a quick post out before I go to sleep. I'm beyond exhausted, but I think a lot of that is because I'm getting sick. It was exactly what I didn't want for my one weekend day off, especially with Mum coming to visit. But that doesn't mean that I can breathe through my nose now or go more than a few minutes without sneezing up a storm or coughing so hard that I start crying. I can't even breathe through my nose well enough to take my temperature and see if anything's up there. And while I haven't been feeling well for the past few days, I only got bad in the last hours.

A lot of it, I think, has to do with all the smoke in the air from the wildfires still burning here in Northern Georgia. I got sick a lot when we were having wildfires in Northern Florida. Something about all the smoke just sets me off something fierce. It's really not fun in any way that there could possibly be to look at it.

With all this ickiness going on, I haven't gotten a lot of writing done. In fact, I've managed very little. It's good that I have a surplus going right now, because I'm not sure how much writing I'm going to get done over the next few days until I'm feeling a bit peppier.

In the meanwhile, I'm going to sit here on the couch and try to make words happen, while I drink the sickie tea that [personal profile] katsuko so kindly made for me. It's really slow going, but I'm hopeful of at least getting the minimum words for the day done. If I can manage 1667, I'll go to bed happily.

NaNoWriMo Day 12

Saturday, 12 November 2016 09:37 pm
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I'm still managing to stay a bit ahead on NaNoWriMo, though I'm not sure that I'll continue growing my lead as I have been being. I'm trying to fight off a sinus infection before it starts, and I'm none too sure how well the attempt is going. I can't bend over without getting a horrible smell in my right nostril, and it's driving me nuts. Couple that with the cough and headache, and I figure it's another sinus infection trying to slip up on me.

Roo's still doing much better. He won't let me have a look at his gums, but he's definitely eating better. I'm not sure if he's put on weight, but he does feel a bit heavier when he's laying on me, so... maybe? We'll need to take him back to the doctor on Wednesday to see if he's doing better and if his anemia is being helped by all his medications and such. We've run out of his high calorie cat food from the vet, but we've got him on a grain-free wet and dry food for now. It seems to be helping.

I'm just so tired, even though today was my day off and I did purposefully did very little. Part of it is, I'm sure, the not feeling well. Part of it is likely the depression. And part of is just how much everything, especially work and money issues, is wearing down on me. I need a new job, some place that is hopefully less stress than the restaurant and pays decently, so I can starting working on getting myself out of crippling debt.

In the meanwhile, though, I am going to try to continue to make myself focus on making the words keep coming for these stories. I might wish I had some talent for writing the sexy time bits, but alas, that doesn't come easily for me. I have a few stories that toe the line, but they were a lot of work and I can't say I'm overly proud of those parts of them. Can I blame this on the whole ace thing? I love reading and writing romance-type things, but teh sex? Trying to write it makes my brain freeze up.

And that's a whole lot of babble for a small amount of actual content. I'm gonna leave off here and try to make these damn idiot boys give me my full word count for the day. Here's where I'm at right now, though:

22495 / 50000 words. 45% done!


Saturday, 29 October 2016 03:49 pm
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I'm nursing a powerful headache (as usual), a stiff neck, and a powerful bout of exhaustion. All I keep thinking about is how much I'd like to go home and go back to bed. But alas, I cannot do that.

There's an aging goth sitting at the table in front of me, so close I can see a stray hair sitting at the top of the back of her shirt. It's making me nuts; I want to get the stray hair.

We had a couple come in the restaurant last night in costume. He was a male Harley Quinn, while she was Little Red Riding Hood. They were seriously adorable. He had been worried that people might react negatively to them in costume, but apparently my reaction (pretty much, gushing over how cute they looked) reassured him.

And that's all I've got for today. Later, all.


Monday, 10 October 2016 11:41 pm
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I'm tired. I hurt. My feet are killing me, and I nearly brained myself on my break today.

I guess mostly I'm just ready to collapse in my bed.


Thursday, 29 September 2016 03:05 pm
apollymi: Hicks training Ripley w/weapons, Ripley looking over shoulder at him, text reads "You started this. Show me everything" (Aliens**Hicks/Ripley: Show me everything)
I feel like I could just drop where I am. I've actually been fighting to stay awake for the last hour or two. I got a fairly decent amount of sleep, for me, at least, but I still feel like just collapsing and sleep for a few hours where I sit. And that's a sort of constant thing.

I keep thinking I need to get my iron levels tested again. I don't know. Maybe. I've had anemia a time or two before in my life.

And now it's time to power my way through an evening at Mirko with Josh working and Jen managing. ~.~

Dizzy again

Saturday, 13 August 2016 02:35 pm
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I'm killing time at IKEA again until it's time to go to work at Mirko. I'm just sitting here drinking my (used to be) hot tea, holding onto [personal profile] katsuko's debit card, and trying to talk myself out of leaving early... or worse just walking around Atlantic Station hitting PokeStops and PokeGyms. Because I bet I could take that Team Valor gym around the corner from IKEA all on my own.

I don't know that I have any new Pokemon right now, but I'm going to do a list again of the ones I do have, this time with CP and the number of each I have, because... killing time. I will say first, however, that I've now halfway through Level 21, Team Mystic... and I just gave my girl purple hair. The List... )

And that's enough Pokemon babble for the day. I'm going to go get some crisps from the machine downstairs so that I can return [personal profile] katsuko's card to her, and then I guess I'll force myself to go to Mirko. Later, all.


Friday, 12 August 2016 03:29 pm
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I'll be really damn glad when my insurance kicks in through [personal profile] katsuko's job. I am badly in need of a new contact lens prescription, and it's getting dire. That's probably a bit of why I have had such a bad case of dizziness lately. The contacts I have are still in good shape, but they're getting old and a bit foggy. I would switch over to my glasses, but I have a very hard time wearing them to drive when the sun is out... or when people's headlights are on. So yeah, I guess the better summary would be that I have a hard time wearing them while driving, full stop.

I've put in at least four applications today so far. So I guess that makes me semi-productive, yeah? I put in two yesterday as well. That makes for two semi-productive days at least. I'm working all my connections for all their worth. I emailed the person at The Home Depot I usually speak to about jobs, as well as the person who listed the position with them I applied for on LinkedIn. I also have Mum emailing her friend who works at The Home Depot to start that connection talking as well. I also have [personal profile] katsuko emailing the Human Resources people with IKEA since I applied for two jobs through them. I'm casting a wide net, and I'm hoping to catch something sooner or later.

On a slightly more positive note, Mitch took it upon himself to request another pay hike for me with Mirko Pasta. Apparently, Mirko agreed, so I've gotten my second pay hike in a year. Mitch's argument seems to have been that I'm doing a lot more than other hosts in the area, as well as having been at the nearly two years (on 01 September), and even with my previous pay hike, I'm making considerably less an hour than them... not to mention that I'm Mirko's only host at the Buckhead location. So now I'm at least even with other Buckhead hosts, for their starting wage at least. That's... better than nothing, I suppose.

And catering will be starting next week. That'll mean more money coming in. At least another few hundred a fortnight, so that will make a difference. And it'll be in time for Dragon*Con.

Speaking of which, I will be at Dragon*Con this year! [personal profile] katsuko bought the tickets this morning. I don't think we're going to have time to make costumes. So I'm going to see about at least getting together a very quick and dirty Steampunk costume: probably just a corset and either a skirt or leggings. I have one I like, and I already know my measurements (how the hell do I have a 42" waist?!), so I know how much I would be spending: somewhere between too much and more than I can afford. ~.~

And yeah, that's about it for me. Since I'm not at my best, I'm going to allow myself some extra time driving from IKEA to Mirko, not that I want to be there already, but because who the hell knows what Atlanta traffic will be like today.

So... later, all.


Thursday, 11 August 2016 02:31 pm
apollymi: Text only, "Security is going to run you down hard" (Incep**Eames/Arthur: Security)
Is it weird that I'm currently finding it weird as fuck that there is no "dizzy" mood on Dreamwidth/LiveJournal? Because they have both "blank" and "blah"? And because they have "quixotic"? But no dizzy. It's weird to me right now. It's also somewhat annoying to me right now, which might be even weirder.

So yeah, I'm feeling pretty damn dizzy. I feel like the world is spinning around me. And yes, I know the world is spinning around me. I guess saying that I feel like the room is spinning around me would have been more accurate, but that's not what I typed.

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to persuade the vending machine into giving me a Rice Krispy treat when I have no money. No cash, two (out of three, with the third at $0.79 left in it) overdrawn bank accounts, maxed out credit or closed cards... but I have the sneaking suspicion that a little bit of food would help with the dizziness. Because my tea is doing nothing to assist.

And yeah, that's it. I've got nothing else.