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Tuesday, 21 February 2017 06:50 am
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I said last night that I had to get up stupid early to take [personal profile] katsuko to IKEA. Hello and welcome to stupid early. This post will be a huge ramble, because it's stupid early. Those two words might well be a theme for this post. I'm really tired, so I'm really babbly.

There's an older couple sitting at a six-top near me, talking about politics and healthcare. I nearly hurt myself trying not to laugh when he said "I don't understand why she would go to Canada for treatment. We've got the best healthcare system in the world." I nearly hurt myself trying not to say "Bitch, we're not even in the Top 16 in the world, much less being number one"... and that was as of January this year.

But then I have to remind myself of the same thing I remind myself of at work all the time: fucking Buckhead, man. It's one of the most... eclectic of Atlanta's most affluent neighborhoods. It's this weird mix of ultra conservatism, where tipping people who give you service more than 15% is tantamount to giving away their entire fortune and Donald Trump hung the damn moon in the sky, and a giving nature -- if the cause is something that meshes with their said conservatism. They'll spend untold amounts to build a park and they'll tell you to go visit Europe every chance you get (like somehow you can just magically afford it on a restaurant salary), but they also won't hesitate to call an owner if you don't bend of backwards for all their demands.

("I want the caesar salad with arugula and add some artichokes and a different dressing all together" "Ma'am, we can't do all those changes at the same price" "Well, let me call Mirko and see what we can do") ("I want the risotto" "We don't have risotto this week" "I want risotto" "'ll take at least 30 to 40 minutes" "Let me call Mirko and...") ("I want that booth over there" "Someone else is sitting in that booth. I have another booth" "That booth is too close to the kitchen. I want that booth over there. Go make them move" "...")

I could give you a hundred other examples. After nearly three years, I could give you so many examples. Buckhead Bitches is an expression we use in the restaurant all the time. It pairs well with the East Cobb Snobs, because the other Mirko Pasta is in East Cobb County, where people are very similarly stingy with their money... except even worse. Giving more than 10% there is tantamount to breaking the bank.

I worked a bit more on the Mag7/Leverage crossover. I'm calling it Lev7 as a nickname for now. I still don't actually have a title for the series of stories. I'll need to come up with one before I start posting it. And yet at the same time, I'm a little leery of posting it, because I might have gone a little off the wall with some of my reimaginings of characters.

I'm making some good progress on Wicked Ones. Specifically, between [personal profile] katsuko and I, we've got about 35,000 words that isn't posted yet. That isn't counting the two "What If" stories that we're playing with or the "Letters and Journals", where we wrote out Joshua's letter to Goody and some Goodnight's journal entries. We're three days into Rose Creek, with four to go, but I don't think we need quite as much in depth for days four and five. Day Six and the battle will take some more detail to get right, but we can handle that.

Monstrous is coming along nicely. I just finished up another part on After Midnight, and [personal profile] katsuko has been working a bit on Dark Nights... because Ezra has been talking to her. What's bad is that Buck's been talking to me, and I seriously wasn't expecting that. He's not exactly my favorite character -- that's a tie between Chris and Ezra -- but nope, it's Buck that's interested in talking. I'm going to try to wrangle Faraday -- Faeraday -- into talking instead, once I finish up this section of Wicked Ones.

I've written a total of 32,474 words for Wicked Ones alone, not counting Wicked Ones: The Early Years (another 8,371 words), the two "What If" stories (1,009 words so far), or the Letter from Joshua (another 1,571 words). That brings my parts of Wicked Ones up to a grand total of 43,425 words. [personal profile] katsuko's parts of it come to 25,708 words, without the letters (1,343 words).

What's bad is that the Trinity boys are staying annoyingly quite for both of us. The Porn Kings desire no porn apparently... or they want to see their counterparts in other stories get some. ([personal profile] katsuko wrote me a little porn for Wicked Ones, and suddenly two out of four of the Porn Kings were willing to talk, which I find goddamn hilarious. Maybe I need to beg more porn for other stories, so the Porn Kings will talk... or fuck... or whatever.)

And finally, without a cut... Tomorrow's my birthday. I'm not even sure that I'm going to be able to go visit the family for it. Money's just too tight. [personal profile] katsuko and I celebrated her birthday too hard earlier in the month. I feel like I would be remiss to not include a link to my Amazon wishlists, though. Ummm, I like fanart and fanfic?

And I've killed most of the time I needed to wait, so I'm gonna close this off now. Later, all.

Date: 22 Feb 2017 09:22 pm (UTC)
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It's the 22nd in my timezone, so very happy birthday, dear! ♥ ♥