Thursday, 18 May 2017

Sleepy and kinky

Thursday, 18 May 2017 10:12 pm
apollymi: Usagi, wide eyed and excited, text reads "boy porn!1!" (BSSM**Usagi: Boy porn!1!)
Oh gods, you guys, this story...

So [personal profile] katsuko and I signed up for [community profile] 15kinks because of this story. We are actually doing a version of kink_meme for Goodnight/Faraday (GoodDay). I went ahead and set up an organizational post for it, because this is going to be hella fun.

Honestly, what is it with these two that lets me write shit that's a lot more hardcore than I usually do? I can't even write blowjobs when it comes to Vasquez/Faraday. But Faraday/Goodnight? Faraday has described, in loving detail, some of the stuff he wants to do to Goodnight, up to and including bondage, marking, edging, dominance, and manhandling. For Faraday/Goodnight, I've written a rather decently thorough blowjob, complete with a failed attempt at deep throating and a little breathplay.

Yeah, I got nothing for why I can write this sort of thing for one pairing but not others.

But it's also late, so I'm going to try to finish up as much of this scene as I can.

Later, all.