Sunday, 7 May 2017

A quick thing

Sunday, 7 May 2017 10:11 pm
apollymi: Yuya counting on abacus, Kyo sleeping next to her, colored pink, no text (SDK**Kyo/Yuya: These soft moments)
I'm going to try to get this done very quickly, because I'm trying to make words happen. They're not cooperating, but I'm still trying.

Things I need to be working on:
***Wicked Ones - Chapter Nineteen - Section One - "The Mine"
***Wicked Ones - Chapter Nineteen - Section Three - "Wild Jack"
*Wicked Ones - Chapter Twenty - anything
**Memento Mori - Chapter One - Section Four - "Miss Emma"
***Monstrous: After Midnight - "Luck and Bullets"
*Monstrous: After Midnight - "Wendigo"
*Monstrous: After Midnight - "Gatling"
**Resurrectionist - "Chapter: Outbreak" - "New Orleans"
*Resurrectionist - "Chapter: Resurrectionist" - "After First Love" (Working Title)
*Resurrectionist - "Chapter: Infection" - "Bite"
*Leverage/Mag7 Crossover - "The First Job" - "Closer to a team"
*Leverage/Mag7 Crossover - "The Meet-Up Job" - "Call Your Sister"
*Leverage/Mag7 Crossover - "Side Jobs" - "5 + 1: Dealing with Archie"
*Leverage/Mag7 Crossover - "Side Jobs" - "Laid Up"

Top priorities are the ones with three stars. Things I'm most likely to be working on are two stars. But all of them are things I need to be working on.

So, yeah, there is a that.