Sunday, 9 April 2017


Sunday, 9 April 2017 11:03 pm
apollymi: Annie smiling happily, text reads "omg squee!" (BH**Annie: OMG! Squee!)
Okay, I've been having the OMGs and squees and just general happy dances for the last few hours. And I 100% know the reason why:

This. This right here. This is why I'm a happy, happy person tonight. Kirayamidemon drew fanart for Wicked Ones!

Oh my fucking gods... someone drew a fanart for Wicked Ones?! I've been excited enough that I've made it the lock screen on my phone, I've showed it to completely uninterested coworkers, I've had to go into the bathroom to squeal like a fangirl, and I've literally bounced around in circles. It's been nearly twenty years (since around 2000) since anyone has drawn fanart for one of my stories. (Any other fanart I've ever received was fanart unconnected to a story or commissioned.) And apparently no one has ever drawn anything for [personal profile] katsuko's stories. So this is like a double whammy of awesome.

And okay, discussing DB is harshing my happy a bit, but I'm still ridiculously thrilled about this.

And now I want to write on Wicked Ones... but the next scene I have to write is either Faraday making peace with Chisolm or the fight that drove the brothers apart in the first place. And/or beg [personal profile] katsuko to write more sex for Joshua and Vasquez now that they have... *cough* provisions. Once she's done with the current scene in Monstrous: After Midnight of course.

OMFG, fanart!!!

Okay, I was working on Resurrectionist, and I need to type up what I had handwritten. So I'm going to go do that now and then try to redirect my brain back towards Wicked Ones.