Sunday, 5 February 2017

Super Bowl

Sunday, 5 February 2017 09:33 pm
apollymi: Hatter with a cuppa, text reads "Tea?" (Alice**Hatter: Tea?)
So [personal profile] katsuko and I are at work. We've had a grand total of five tables all night, because the Atlanta Falcons are at the Super Bowl. The kitchen has done a complete deep clean, scrubbing everything from floor to ceiling. [personal profile] katsuko and Michael have scrubbed the bar from top to bottom. I've tried to help out in places where I can, but I'm getting the feeling that my assistance is not appreciated, so I just pulled a bar stool around to the computer and tried to type. Too damn noisy, of course, for accomplishing much of anything, but I tried.

[personal profile] katsuko and I are going to dinner with Michael and his husband, Simon, after we get out of here. I'm going to be pet sitting their dog later in the month, and they wanted a chance to have a sit down first. Fair enough. Plus, Chinese food. I've been craving, so this is a good.

I'm still sick as a dog, but I'm trying to push myself along. I'm going to keep on keeping on. I will not be participating in any alcohol tonight with the friends, because I've been taking so much cold medicine over the last few days.

And yeah, that's about it. I'm going to try to keep writing until [personal profile] katsuko is released for the night. And yeah, that's about it.