Thursday, 26 January 2017

apollymi: Ginji in taro/chibi mode with teary eyes (GB**Ginji: *wibble eyes*)
I... am a glutton for punishment. I just spent nearly an hour looking at rentals in Tallahassee (a lot less per month for a much bigger place) and how much a rental truck would cost me (less than $500). And sadly that's still more than we can handle right now, especially moving without a definite job. Not in the least of which being because the place we're currently requires a full month's rent, $864, as an early termination fee, in addition to forfeiting a security deposit.

I will admit to chancing my hand and putting one single application out to FSU. Honestly, if I don't get this job I'm interviewing for on Wednesday, I might actually start putting some serious thought to trying to get saved up to move back.

And maybe, just maybe, getting myself back on an even keel.

I haven't had any mock interviews before this one coming up on Wednesday. Mum hasn't had the time, and I don't know. I guess everyone else I asked has forgotten or doesn't give a shit. I lean towards the latter.

I'm already going through my closet to find something appropriate to wear. If the weather holds like it currently is, it'll be in the mid-40s to mid-50s on Wednesday. I'm thinking black dress slacks and either the grey patterned dress top I have or the maroon wrap top. I am wearing maroon dress shoes that match the wrap top and are the second most comfortable shoes I own. I do still need to find a bag to carry that is: a muted pattern or (preferably) solid color, big enough to carry a copy of my resume with me, and in good shape. This might necessitate a trip to Goodwill.

The interview is at the Georgia Public Library Service main office. From the staff photos on the website, it looks like the environment is business casual, which is roughly what I expected with any professional library-type situation.

I don't actually have any resume paper with me, but maybe I can afford to go by UPS or FedEx and print it out on their resume paper. I'll just need to turn up a flash drive to do this. I have a few dozen flash drives, so it's just a matter of finding one of them.

So yeah, I've said before and I'll probably say again between now and Wednesday (and probably after as well): I really want this job. I want this to go well. I'm past sick and tired of Mirko Pasta. I'm past ready to be shed of that place. And I'm ready for us to have enough money to live on. Not be rich or anything, but enough to not have to budget food for us versus food for the cats, not to have to struggle to make rent. If I get this job, it would really help with that.

And yeah, I guess I'm done babbling on this. Feel free to chime in if you have any tips or words of wisdom for me. Please?