Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Tuesday, 17 January 2017 09:15 pm
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I got up and did the catering this morning. That was... fine, I guess. I only got one check deposited. The other turned out to be a duplicate from last week. ~.~ I did have one catering payment that I had to go pick up from Corporate, but it was only for $44.

I went by and cancelled the gym membership at Planet Fitness today. I did end up having to pay $58 to cancel it, but I think it was worth it. Watching him fill out the paperwork, we hadn't been there since September or October, so that was $20 to $30 a month that we could have been spending elsewhere... or at a gym that had hours and locations better suited to us. But that's not a matter for today. That's a matter for tomorrow or whenever my $44 catering check goes into the bank. At that point, I'll sign us up for Lifetime Fitness again.

I'm still struggling with this scene in Wicked Ones. Seriously, I'm just about ready to write it to the romantic cliffhanger and leave it for now. Are romantic cliffhangers even a thing? Well, they are now. After all, [personal profile] katsuko and I spent the day talking about the "puppies" (Joshua/Faraday = the grumpy puppy, Vasquez = the shy puppy, Goodnight = the sad puppy, and Billy = the homicidal puppy). Currently, the grumpy puppy is grumpy because he has indicated some interest to the shy puppy but shy puppy has made no moves on this information. The sad puppy is elsewhere with the homicidal puppy... and the homicidal puppy is thinking that the grumpy and the sad puppies are looking like good places to stick his knives. Because none of these asshole are mature adults.

And both [personal profile] katsuko and I fell asleep on the couch when we needed to be writing. Whoops. I'm almost to where I need to be, and [personal profile] katsuko has written double what she needed for today.

And that's it. Later, all.