Monday, 2 January 2017

Day 2

Monday, 2 January 2017 07:59 pm
apollymi: Ryou holding Thief King Bakura, text reads "Our Farewell" (YGO**Bakura/Ryou: Our Farewell)
When I have time tomorrow, I'm going to sit down and do my writing year in review. It's kind of nice to have fallen into The Magnificent Seven fandom because it means that this year there will be actual content my review. Last year, I had exactly one story, which is sort of embarrassing as a writer.

Gods, we made a throwaway comment the other day about needing a Mag7 and Leverage crossover, and now I'm nearly 1300 words deep into it. I'm trying to alternate between working on it, Monstrous: After Midnight, and the other stories. I'll count myself lucky if I can make words happen on Trinity, but we need to be building up a surplus on it. So far I've managed to contribute a whole lot of dirty talk, innuendo, double entendres, and two small sections, not even from main characters' POVs. But then, I wrote over 30,000 of Wicked Ones' 50,600 words (so far), so I guess it evens out.

And as far as #365k365days, I'm coming along well enough. Today hasn't been a good day for writing, but I'm still trying.