Another quickie

Saturday, 27 August 2016 11:13 pm
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Yeah, this is a super short post while we finish up with a quick dinner. Katsuko is singing to her Pokemon, which I'm enjoying of course.

And yeah, that's it.


Friday, 26 August 2016 11:59 pm
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This is going to be short and sweet because I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. Also I have a lot of Roo assistance.

Also Roo is a lot of help. A lot more than could ever, ever be needed. Especially when laying and taking a bath on one's throat.

Another day

Thursday, 25 August 2016 01:29 pm
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I'm killing time at Panera Bread before it's time to go to Mirko for the evening dinner shift. I'm not really looking forward to it, but ehhh, I have a small vacation coming up soon that I can use to unwind a bit from Mirko. And at least tonight I work with Brandon, who is the manager of preference as far as I'm concerned. Damn shame he's leaving soon.

I'm rereading my way through the original version of Endless Loop, trying to find things that need to be fixed or could be improved. It's slow going.

And yeah, that's it. Later, all.


Wednesday, 24 August 2016 11:09 pm
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I should be making lids for tomorrow's order. Instead I'm arguing with people on War Dragons about why they decided to kick [personal profile] katsuko from the team. Because whatever the reason, I'm voting bullshit.

And apparently it's because she has to be more active. What the fuck ever. Screw that. Screw them. We're our own team again. Anyone else playing War Dragons, join team DarkMagick. We've restarted the old team.

And yeah, I got nothing more for today, other than that I'm rereading the Darkest London series again. I've been powering through, and I'm now on book five (Evernight) again. Book four, Shadowdance, remains my favorite... and not just because Jack Talent and Mary Chase are my favorite characters... even though they are indeed my favorite characters.

And now that's really it.

Jimi's songs

Tuesday, 23 August 2016 09:24 pm
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Jimi is singing me songs of his sad and lonely people, even though he is sitting right across the room from me and Roo. Roo, on the other hand, has been the most clingy of boys and is currently taking a bath on me. He has made everything today every difficult, including just going to the bathroom; I ended up having to tote him along with me and pull off my jeans one-handed to achieve toilet.

Today is Day 13 of 23 straight at Mirko. I've already called over the restaurant to ask Carlos if he printed a copy of tomorrow's catering for the kitchen... and he answered the phone with "I've already printed a copy for the kitchen, was there anything else you needed?" Okay, what? Has he memorized my number? Or does the caller ID show my name when I call? I wonder. I'm going to have to check that out tomorrow.

I might also have talk to him a bit about getting some keys to the restaurant for these catering days. I can't get the food started, but I can get the rest of the prep work out of the way while I'm waiting on a kitchen worker to show up.

And yeah, I'm killing time until [personal profile] katsuko gets to leave IKEA for the night. I'm going to go pick her up at the train station. I wish I could say we're going to the gym after that, but nope, we have to be back at the restaurant so early in the morning that it wouldn't make sense to try for a gym visit tonight.

I'm putting back on all the weight I lost... not that that was so much, but it's fucking disappointing when Mum has lost something like 18 pounds over the last several months.


Monday, 22 August 2016 11:00 pm
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I don't really have anything to say, so I'm thinking that I'll just do another of those gigantic cut list of all my current Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Because that always matters, right?

The list only continues to grow... New ones are bolded )

I am trying to convince [personal profile] katsuko to go in with me on writing some Suicide Squad fic, in which Lt. GQ Edwards is secretly Dick Grayson, possibly even eventually getting Red Hood in. Because DC movie 'verse hasn't said which Robin is dead and I can't imagine them killing Dick Grayson when there is so much movie potential there.

But that's about it. Later, all.

Something quick

Sunday, 21 August 2016 10:31 pm
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I'm really freaking tired, so this is going to be really freaking short, so that I can go to bed... because we have the big catering order in the morning.

I'm tired. I'm pretty much ready to drop. And I'm on Day 11 of that 21 day streak. And I currently am seeing no signs of getting some relief any of those days. Carlos talks a big game about giving me some days off or hiring another host, but so far it hasn't happened.

And yeah, that's all I've got: whining.

Half day

Saturday, 20 August 2016 11:47 pm
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I managed to score a half-day off work today. That's mostly thanks to the fact that there is no school in session on the weekends. Yay! So all I had to work was dinner shift... and Carlos promised to let me out early. And he... sort of... followed through.

[personal profile] katsuko and I went to see Suicide Squad. We weren't exactly expecting high drama or anything, but all we wanted was a fun popcorn flick. It was definitely that. [personal profile] katsuko has been making her way through the AO3 list of Suicide Squad. I'm getting ready to take my laptop back the hall and start through some of the ones she's sent me.

And yeah, that's about it. Time to go hop on the fandom bicycle.


Friday, 19 August 2016 01:47 pm
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So, through some feat of hook or crook, today Carlos thanked me for all my hard work. He also mentioned that he has the servers asking their friends for someone to take over hosting on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday... so that I can have some damn days off.

Of course, when I mentioned to Mark (the newest server) that I'm on Day 9 of 19 in a row, Carlos immediately fired back that catering only days shouldn't count, because I'm only there for a few hours. I feel like I should have retorted that, if that was the case, I shouldn't count my hosting days, because I'm only on the clock 3 to 4 hours, tops, especially when he's there. Because he can't just be nice without adding something catty.

And I'm finishing up my second pass over the latest manga while I'm waiting on [personal profile] katsuko to get off from IKEA, so here's hoping I can get it finished and sent off very soon. So I'm gonna work on that until she gets off. Later, all.


Thursday, 18 August 2016 11:20 pm
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I'm slowly working my way through the latest volume of I Don't Like You At All, Big Brother. Well, I say 'slowly', but I just started tonight and I'm already on page 135 of 160. I'm going to try to get it finished up tonight, but I'll still make a second pass over it tomorrow while I'm at IKEA waiting on [personal profile] katsuko to get off work... so that we can go over to the other job. It never ends.

We did the Duluth catering order today, which was a pain, only because it's so far away and they want it so early: around 10:40 for the first part of it, with the other two at 10 minute intervals between them. Tomorrow's is going to be even worse because they want it in two deliveries: one at 10:30 and the next at 11:30. What the hell? Who asks for this kind of thing? Who says to themselves, let's make someone make a twenty minute drive to our location twice in one day? Because I would like to beat them.

And honestly, I'm about day 9 of 19 days straight at Mirko Pasta. Because Carlos still hasn't hired a second host so that I can have some damn days off. Because I'm the only one trained on how to do all these catering orders. Because this place might collapse if I left with no warning.

And yeah, I'm so done here. Later, all.


Wednesday, 17 August 2016 11:12 pm
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Well, catering is still ongoing. I did the Christ the King School delivery today, and that one was fairly easy. Tomorrow is Notre Dame Academy in Duluth, which is the furthest one out. It's not nearly as complicated as some of the other ones (*cough* Galloway *cough*); the problem with it is just how far away it is.

But I will make it through, because I am promised my sushi lunch that we've only been trying to get to for the last month or so.

And I have a Seven Seas project that I need to finish up. Apparently, it got emailed to me yesterday, but I didn't see it until tonight. Whoops. And it's due Friday. So hopefully I'll have time enough for it.

And yeah, I've got a headache, and I'm thinking about going to bed really soon. Later, all.

And so it begins

Tuesday, 16 August 2016 11:51 pm
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Catering began today. [personal profile] katsuko came with me to help out, and we got everything done in pretty decent time. We found out some things we did wrong, but they were willing to overlook it since it was our first time doing the catering for this particular set of schools. Since there were technically two today and all. At least tomorrow is a fairly easy, if somewhat sizable, order.
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Today is a serious fucking case of one thing after another. Actually all weekend was a serious case of one thing after another, but it's just continuing on and on. All the shit at Mirko, crappy people at IKEA, not enough money at Mirko for [personal profile] katsuko to get completely paid out last night, and now Jimi's sick again.

The last time he got sick was November 2014, and it turned out to be Feline Idiopathic Cystitis... or basically, anxiety. We treated it then with muscle relaxants, and it helped him then. However, the vet did warn us that it could be a potentially recurring thing... and it seems to be recurring.

The thing is that, last time, Jimi's anxiety was being set off by the construction going on at the old place. Our new home is fairly quiet, though there is always some outside noise filtering in from outside, including from the busy road about 250 feet (about 76 meters) from our back door. I don't know how I can go about reducing the noise any more than it already is, other than adding noise blocking curtains to the entire living room/[personal profile] katsuko's room.

But at least one article has stated something that is interesting... and possibly relevant to the situation. FIC anxiety attacks can be set off by the kitty's owners' stress. In other words, my ongoing near nervous breakdown is possibly affecting Jimi. So, yeah, just another thing to feel even worse about.

But we're going to try to get him treated at home for a bit, then if it doesn't clear up, I'll put my entire paycheck towards taking him to a vet. And I guess this is a god time to mention the sidebar links to my PayPal donation page.

And now, from IKEA to Mirko. Wish me luck.


Sunday, 14 August 2016 03:11 pm
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I'm trying to kill some time and find out what's going on with catering before I have to go into Mirko. I don't particularly care if it never starts, but I'm a little confused that Galloway is back in session but there is not a catering order for tomorrow. I guess I'm not complaining. I'm just annoyed because I wanted the money from it. Galloway is the big order, after all. If I'm going to be able to do any helping with costs at Dragon*Con, I need catering money to start coming in.

I've joked about it before, but I'm honestly starting to consider putting up fliers around the area advertising dog walking. So the same stuff I do for RCD, but more... off the books. Pocket money kind of thing. Something to have a little bit more coming in day to day, because I won't be able to take Mirko Pasta for much longer. Not without better meds.

And yeah, that's about it. No catering, so I can sleep in a few minutes tomorrow, but I won't know about the rest of the week until the day before each catering day. Because that makes so much sense, yeah?

Dizzy again

Saturday, 13 August 2016 02:35 pm
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I'm killing time at IKEA again until it's time to go to work at Mirko. I'm just sitting here drinking my (used to be) hot tea, holding onto [personal profile] katsuko's debit card, and trying to talk myself out of leaving early... or worse just walking around Atlantic Station hitting PokeStops and PokeGyms. Because I bet I could take that Team Valor gym around the corner from IKEA all on my own.

I don't know that I have any new Pokemon right now, but I'm going to do a list again of the ones I do have, this time with CP and the number of each I have, because... killing time. I will say first, however, that I've now halfway through Level 21, Team Mystic... and I just gave my girl purple hair. The List... )

And that's enough Pokemon babble for the day. I'm going to go get some crisps from the machine downstairs so that I can return [personal profile] katsuko's card to her, and then I guess I'll force myself to go to Mirko. Later, all.


Friday, 12 August 2016 03:29 pm
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I'll be really damn glad when my insurance kicks in through [personal profile] katsuko's job. I am badly in need of a new contact lens prescription, and it's getting dire. That's probably a bit of why I have had such a bad case of dizziness lately. The contacts I have are still in good shape, but they're getting old and a bit foggy. I would switch over to my glasses, but I have a very hard time wearing them to drive when the sun is out... or when people's headlights are on. So yeah, I guess the better summary would be that I have a hard time wearing them while driving, full stop.

I've put in at least four applications today so far. So I guess that makes me semi-productive, yeah? I put in two yesterday as well. That makes for two semi-productive days at least. I'm working all my connections for all their worth. I emailed the person at The Home Depot I usually speak to about jobs, as well as the person who listed the position with them I applied for on LinkedIn. I also have Mum emailing her friend who works at The Home Depot to start that connection talking as well. I also have [personal profile] katsuko emailing the Human Resources people with IKEA since I applied for two jobs through them. I'm casting a wide net, and I'm hoping to catch something sooner or later.

On a slightly more positive note, Mitch took it upon himself to request another pay hike for me with Mirko Pasta. Apparently, Mirko agreed, so I've gotten my second pay hike in a year. Mitch's argument seems to have been that I'm doing a lot more than other hosts in the area, as well as having been at the nearly two years (on 01 September), and even with my previous pay hike, I'm making considerably less an hour than them... not to mention that I'm Mirko's only host at the Buckhead location. So now I'm at least even with other Buckhead hosts, for their starting wage at least. That's... better than nothing, I suppose.

And catering will be starting next week. That'll mean more money coming in. At least another few hundred a fortnight, so that will make a difference. And it'll be in time for Dragon*Con.

Speaking of which, I will be at Dragon*Con this year! [personal profile] katsuko bought the tickets this morning. I don't think we're going to have time to make costumes. So I'm going to see about at least getting together a very quick and dirty Steampunk costume: probably just a corset and either a skirt or leggings. I have one I like, and I already know my measurements (how the hell do I have a 42" waist?!), so I know how much I would be spending: somewhere between too much and more than I can afford. ~.~

And yeah, that's about it for me. Since I'm not at my best, I'm going to allow myself some extra time driving from IKEA to Mirko, not that I want to be there already, but because who the hell knows what Atlanta traffic will be like today.

So... later, all.


Thursday, 11 August 2016 02:31 pm
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Is it weird that I'm currently finding it weird as fuck that there is no "dizzy" mood on Dreamwidth/LiveJournal? Because they have both "blank" and "blah"? And because they have "quixotic"? But no dizzy. It's weird to me right now. It's also somewhat annoying to me right now, which might be even weirder.

So yeah, I'm feeling pretty damn dizzy. I feel like the world is spinning around me. And yes, I know the world is spinning around me. I guess saying that I feel like the room is spinning around me would have been more accurate, but that's not what I typed.

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to persuade the vending machine into giving me a Rice Krispy treat when I have no money. No cash, two (out of three, with the third at $0.79 left in it) overdrawn bank accounts, maxed out credit or closed cards... but I have the sneaking suspicion that a little bit of food would help with the dizziness. Because my tea is doing nothing to assist.

And yeah, that's it. I've got nothing else.

Game of Shade

Wednesday, 10 August 2016 11:33 pm
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So, [personal profile] katsuko and I are watching some Game of Thrones (though I still call it Game of Shade), trying to get caught up with Season Six. We've watched clips from each episode on YouTube, generally in no kind of order, but now we're finally marathoning our way through the actual episodes, in order, as they should be, while we eat Thai and play on our phones. Because we are multitasking bitches like that.

And I'm dizzy as fuck, so I'm just going to go back to all of that now.
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In the words of my Jimi, I'm hungee. Or I was, up until the pizza arrived. Now I'm really freaking stuffed.

I have nothing to say for myself for today. I slept in as late as I could, I hung with the kitties, I fed the kitties, and that's about it. I played on my phone, trying out various games, but that's really it.

And that's all I've got to say for myself. Later, all.

I will leave with you a funny.

Yeah, I got nothing

Monday, 8 August 2016 02:33 pm
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I've really got nothing to say for myself today. I'm killing time at Mirko before my shift begins. I'm just sort of trying to not be annoyed, and it's not working so great.

I guess I really don't have too much else to say.

I'm just going to cut off here. Best not to get into too much here... or at all.
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