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I'm not sure I really have anything to say today. I'm tired, I'm cranky, and I'm just ready to sign off the world. But at least I'm finally full, which has been a bit of a minor miracle today. I did end up cooking two meals for us today. Lunch was stir-fry with broccoli, cauliflower, chickpeas, and Thai peanut butter sauce, served over noodles. And dinner was a peanut buttery soup noodles, carrots, and sweet peas. Because, in short, I've been craving peanut butter. So I just decided to cook two different dishes with it and didn't really give [personal profile] katsuko any choice in the matter.

We spotted two new cats--or a mama cat and her one kitten--out by the trash bins on the way home tonight. I took some of the dry food that Roo can't eat any more out to them. They ran away, of course, but I'll try to stop in the morning before we leave to see if they ate any of it.

I think, tomorrow, I'm going to try to see about trying Roo on some extra food every day. I want to get his weight back up, and that seems like a good way to go about it. It's better, at least, than trying to keep giving him so many treats a day. Because he's filling up on treats. He's eating so many treats a day that it's getting a bit ridiculous.

And I'm trying to make writing happen, but it's just not working so great today. I'm going to keep trying until it's time to pass out, but I don't have high hopes.


Saturday, 21 January 2017 09:13 pm
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Roo is practicing his cinnamon roll impression right next to me. So far, I have to give him an A+. He's got the roll right, and he's the right level of sweet for the job.

I've been watching Horrible Histories and Yonderland most of today, mainly because it's been raining like mad. And because I'm a grownup. Really. I am. I promise.

Of course, I'm also watching recipe videos on YouTube. I want to start back cooking... and given how many times veganism has come up at work in the last few days, I'm wondering if it's a bit of a sign. I did enjoy how I felt when I was eating vegan, but it was always more time and money than I strictly had available then and especially now. But there are a lot of people who are proving you can feed one person for a week on $20 completely vegan, so it might be $40 for the two of us... which is a bit doable, especially if we can trim down on eating out. That's what kills our money.

I got the Wii Fit up and running. I'm not happy with my own weight... and I'm less than thrilled with Roo's too. He's hovering between 7.7 and 8.4 pounds. These are both less than he weighed at the vet, when he was 8.8 pounds. But he's acting happier and spunkier too. He's eating constantly, but he's also playing all the time too. He's had more energy in the last month than he's had since we moved to Roswell. Well, except when he's practicing his cinnamon roll-ness.

What I haven't managed to do yet today has been write, which is damn annoying. I spent two days writing a nine-year-old having a panic attack, and now I feel like I need a long hot shower. But the grown-up version of said nine-year-old got snogged and now apparently has no idea what to do with his life. The thief version is debating on whether or not he's willing to participate in this particular criminal endeavor. And the monster one? Well, he's too busy cackling at people trying to figure out what the hell he is.

And yeah, that's where I am right now.


Friday, 20 January 2017 11:14 pm
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Long day has been long. [personal profile] katsuko and I did the catering this morning. It ended up taking two trips, but we got it all dealt with. We even had time for a quick, if disappointing, lunch before I dropped her off at work. I headed over to Panera Bread for hot tea until it was time to take Chloe over to mail a package. While we were over there, she mentioned that she hadn't eaten anything in a few days... and I pretty much immediately dragged her next door to the Mexican restaurant.

So, I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I'll probably say a hundred more times: sometimes my brain can't decide if I'm Team Mom or Big Sis or something with all my friends, both older and younger. Chloe is much younger than me; hell, she's younger than my sister. She's cool to hang with, but every so often, I just want to remind her take better care of herself. Eat real food, not just smoothies. Get some damn sleep. Move out of the crap hole you're living in. Yeah, I guess I am Team Mom or Team Big Sis or something.

I could fall the fuck to sleep right where I'm sitting, but I need to get some more words done for #365k/365Day. I'm running a little bit behind for the day, even if I am ahead overall. Overall, I'm at 24,028 words for the total. So, while I am ahead, I'm trying to stay ahead.

Also, Chloe made the best damn face when I mentioned the #365k/365Day challenge. Like 'why would you do that to yourself'. Because I'm crazy. I am a crazy, crazy lady. Obviously.

So, here's a random list of some of the various things I've researched over the past week or so:
*History of icing (for cakes)
*What kind of food was served at dinner parties in the 1850s
*If someone is sick or bedridden, will a priest deliver Ash Wednesday ashes to them?
*When did people start using iodine for cuts and scrapes
*Opium and laudanum in the 19th century
*How domestic violence in the 19th century was handled
*Best handguns for left-handed shooters
*Spanish diminutives for various names
*...and some very, very raunchy French

Seriously, my research is all over the damn place... and I love it. I've been getting AO3 comments on the amount of research in Monstrous: After Midnight, and that makes my damn day every time. Especially when it's coming from archaeologists and anthropologists. And somehow I continue to be unable to spell 'archaeologist' unless I spell it the British way. WTF, brain?!

And this is hella long, so I'm gonna stop while I'm behind. Later, all.


Thursday, 19 January 2017 01:53 pm
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I managed to get the next chapters of Trinity and Monstrous: After Midnight up on [community profile] eternal_sailorm. So that's a good thing. I still need to get yesterday's chapter of Monstrous: After Midnight up on the Monstrous site itself, but maybe that'll be tonight or tomorrow. Right now, it's a little hard to make too many thing happen, when there is a Boo between me and the keyboard, sitting on my hand while I'm typing. She's a very helpful thing.

I need to be getting dressed, though, so I can go get the emissions testing over with, so that I can find out what needs to be fixed before the actual renewal date of the 22nd. Boo is not sympathetic to these needs, though.

And I feel like I should mention that #365k/365Day is going quite well. With what I've written so far today, I'm at 22,056 words, so I'm a little over where I need to be. I had hoped for more of a surplus than this, but at least I'm ahead for now.

And that's it for me for now. I need to move a cat and start my day. Later, all.


Wednesday, 18 January 2017 08:45 pm
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Today was supposed to be mine and [personal profile] katsuko's shared day off. Not so much this week, though, because IKEA scheduled her to work today. Grr, argh. So, since she helped me with catering yesterday, she doesn't really get a day off this week. This makes me sad.

After a minor heart attack last night, during which it looked like all our money disappeared from our Regions account, we finally have a wee bit of funds again. Granted, these funds were supposed to be for signing up for the new gym. It's going to take $120 to sign us both up: $60 each, for first and last month's membership dues. But now, I'm wondering if I should use that towards the emissions test and maybe starting towards whatever car repairs are needed to get me past the emissions test. I don't know. I feel like we need to do both--the gym and the emissions testing--but only one has a definite timeline for when things need to be done.

So yeah, I guess that sort of solves that problem. Maybe I'll just go buy some batteries and hook up the Wii Fit again. If I can find room in the living room that is.

So I guess I'll be going to do the emissions test on Shinigami tomorrow. Fun times. I hate being a damn grownup sometimes. I'm also dreading finding out what all issues I'm going to find. I don't want to have to call Mum to ask for help, if it turns out that the issues with the car make it fail the test... that I will still have to pay for, pass or fail.

But that's enough ranting for now. I'm going to keep playing with Tumblr Savior for a bit and see if I can't get it to block all political posts. I just can't right now.


Tuesday, 17 January 2017 09:15 pm
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I got up and did the catering this morning. That was... fine, I guess. I only got one check deposited. The other turned out to be a duplicate from last week. ~.~ I did have one catering payment that I had to go pick up from Corporate, but it was only for $44.

I went by and cancelled the gym membership at Planet Fitness today. I did end up having to pay $58 to cancel it, but I think it was worth it. Watching him fill out the paperwork, we hadn't been there since September or October, so that was $20 to $30 a month that we could have been spending elsewhere... or at a gym that had hours and locations better suited to us. But that's not a matter for today. That's a matter for tomorrow or whenever my $44 catering check goes into the bank. At that point, I'll sign us up for Lifetime Fitness again.

I'm still struggling with this scene in Wicked Ones. Seriously, I'm just about ready to write it to the romantic cliffhanger and leave it for now. Are romantic cliffhangers even a thing? Well, they are now. After all, [personal profile] katsuko and I spent the day talking about the "puppies" (Joshua/Faraday = the grumpy puppy, Vasquez = the shy puppy, Goodnight = the sad puppy, and Billy = the homicidal puppy). Currently, the grumpy puppy is grumpy because he has indicated some interest to the shy puppy but shy puppy has made no moves on this information. The sad puppy is elsewhere with the homicidal puppy... and the homicidal puppy is thinking that the grumpy and the sad puppies are looking like good places to stick his knives. Because none of these asshole are mature adults.

And both [personal profile] katsuko and I fell asleep on the couch when we needed to be writing. Whoops. I'm almost to where I need to be, and [personal profile] katsuko has written double what she needed for today.

And that's it. Later, all.

Too much help

Monday, 16 January 2017 11:29 pm
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I'm trying to type this up and type on various things, all with Roo being right fucking here in the middle of everything. In fact, at the moment, he's currently sitting on my right arm in the crook of my elbow. He's still not back to his full weight yet, though he's getting there quickly enough, but he's still heavy enough that my elbow cannot hold him up. I need to figure out a way to figure out his weight. Maybe if I buy up enough batteries to use the Wii remote and board again soon... Yeah, maybe that'll work.

I managed a little bit of writing, mainly because today has just been hella hectic and because I only had the iPad Mini with me today. I do have a keyboard for that one, but it doesn't always work out as well as using an actual keyboard. Some of the keys are in odd places or require I use special keys to utilize, and it throws off my groove.

So, yeah, here's a little dorky thing. I name most of my electronics. Basically, if it's a Mac of some sort, it has a name. So it breaks down like this:
iMac = Wanda
MacBook - Ripley
iPhone - KaiPhone
iPad 2 - Serenity
iPad Mini - Faraday

I think you can kind of tell which one is the newest of that lot. I mean, I bought Faraday used and with some minor damages, but he's been a good little iPad Mini so far. He's not the prettiest or the fastest or anything like that, but I wanted something small, portable, that used iOS, and that I could connect a Bluetooth keyboard to. Faraday won.

Randomly, I hate bank holidays. My money won't be in my account until tomorrow at this rate, and I had had every intention of going to the gym today to buy out my membership. But since my money didn't deposit, I couldn't do that. If it's there tomorrow like it should be, I'll go do that after the catering. I also will be doing the emissions test on the car, since that has to get done before my birthday and doing it nearly a month in advance will give me a chance to see if there are any issues with it that need to be worked on to keep it on the road before I pay to have the tag renewed by my birthday in February.

I just hope there aren't any actual issues that have to be fixed. Otherwise, it's going to be another GoFundMe campaign for the repairs. Or begging Mum for a loan... again. I don't like having to keep on doing that, especially when [personal profile] katsuko's family doesn't kick in any.

But that's an old rant, one that's not likely to change at any point in the foreseeable future. I'm gonna go try to get some actual writing done now. Later, all.


Sunday, 15 January 2017 02:39 pm
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So I was going to work on getting more of the fics up on DMnet today, but it looks like they closed the loophole I found yesterday, so I really can't. Then I was going to do some more writing, but fanfic stole my soul and I ended up getting nothing done. I did manage to read some long fic, but no writing has happened yet.


Wicked Ones Joshua is still fucking fighting me. To a lesser extent, so is that Vasquez. More than that, I'm a chapter or so from what [personal profile] katsuko and I sat down and tagteamed the writing of. After that, there's only a bit more before the story ends. Well, I say that, but I mean it will only be a few more chapters, some of which are already written, but the chapters tend to be fairly substantial, usually around 3,000 words each. The part we're getting to is closer to is closer to 6,000 words, and that's if I don't do more editing and adding, like I have been doing. I've been tweaking on this one part since it was first written, especially as I get closer to it and small changes have to be made to it.

It's probably simultaneously both the most painful and most relieving thing I've ever written. It's both comforting and painful at the same time. I'll be happy to post it, though, at least so I can quit messing around with it.

I managed to get a bit close to tying up the scene I have been fighting with, but it's not completely over yet. There's just a bit more I need to persuade these boys to do, and then we can wrap. I wrote a bit more on the Leverage thing. Honestly, these damn cowboys are running my life at this point... and I can't say I'm angry about it. [personal profile] katsuko and I have spent more time conversing these days than we have in year, since we were both in the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom at the same time. I'm getting more writing done than I have in forever, and that's a damn good thing. And honestly, some of Wicked One is damn near therapy for me.

I still wish I could get to the gym. It's just not convenient, and apparently, I'm lousy at making time to go. On catering mornings, I don't want to get up any earlier than I already am, and I don't always have time between catering and work to run back to Roswell for the gym. It's been long enough since we've gone that I'm considering canceling our current gym membership. If I can get $100 to spare, I might just do that: cancel the current gym and go back to LA Fitness. There are more convenient locations available for it, after all.

And [personal profile] katsuko has now been released from IKEA, so we're going to go find lunch before Mirko.

A happy discovery

Saturday, 14 January 2017 04:23 pm
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So, by some mischance, I happened upon the fact that I can indeed access DarkMagick.net when I'm on the free IKEA wifi. There is just a bit of a trick to it. In order to do this, I have to be using Opera, in Private Mode, with the built-in VPN turned to 'on'. If I have all this going, then I can access DMnet at IKEA.

So, while I should be writing, despite how much these assholes are fighting me, I've been getting DarkMagick.net a little closer to done. I'm also done with formatting on the Fanfiction pages. Sort of. I ended up changing my mind on formatting part of the way through, and now I'm having to go back in and make changes to accommodate the changes I decided on. But! But but! But I can now work on DMnet while I'm hanging at IKEA!

Yeah, even though I have the day off and could be spending the whole day in my pajamas, I decided to ride with [personal profile] katsuko to IKEA. The idea was that I would be able to get more writing done there than I would at home. Roo has been big on boobs lately, so there's not a lot of chance to be productive with all that going on.

I mean, I am being productive here and now, but not productive in the way I wanted to be productive. I wanted to wrangle these damn boys into submission, especially the Faraday and Vasquez from Wicked Ones. It's like they don't want to get laid or something. I swear. Damn it, boys. Of course, right now that Faraday is probably a little shellshocked at the moment from stuff [personal profile] katsuko wrote this morning. Poor baby Goody. Jesus.

Okay, yeah, I'm just seriously sitting here working on an entry and switching back every now and again to DMnet to work on formatting. Once I finish getting most of these pages to the new formatting, I'll need to tackle the formatting on the biggest page: Crossovers. And once that's done, I'll start back up in uploading stories. I want to at least getting all The Magnificent Seven stories and chapter on the site.

And then I'll see if I can't do some character wrangling.


Friday, 13 January 2017 02:36 pm
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Okay, these damn boys are fighting me again. Well, specifically Wicked Ones Joshua is fighting me. To a lesser extent, the Leverage thing Faraday is fighting me. It's weird to me, having Mean Faraday fight me. I'm used to him being the talkative one. But since he's starting to get to the part where he won't be as mean, it's like he's starting to clam up on me. The reason I'm having issues with the Leverage thing one is because I actually need to plot out a job for them. Coming up with one that needs all seven of them is actually kind of hard.

Catering went all right this morning. The kitchen actually managed to get all the food done in time for us to only make one trip today, instead of two, which was a nice surprise. We managed to get some of our grocery shopping done in the interim, which was also good.

And yeah, I don't really have anything to say here. I'm going to go back to struggling with the boys.


Thursday, 12 January 2017 10:35 pm
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I'm not sure I have anything to say for myself today. [personal profile] katsuko didn't go into IKEA until nearly 4:00 this afternoon, so I spent a good chunk of the morning reading and writing.

#365k365Day is coming along nicely. I think I'm running about a day ahead, which is of the good. Most of what I've written so far has been on either Wicked Ones or the Leverage thing. The Leverage thing still needs a name, at least for the overall story. I'm calling the first part, unimaginatively, The First Job, and the second part is The Meet-up Job... but I don't have a title for the overall series yet. It'll come to me, I'm sure, but it just has not yet.

Coworker Chloe has invited me to come tool around Ulta Beauty with her some tomorrow. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to take her up on that. I enjoy tooling around cosmetic stores, but I enjoy it less when I can't buy anything. Plus, I prefer tooling around Sephora, because I like playing with the Kat Von D makeup, especially when I need to get some more powder soon. I guess I could get some Urban Decay instead, but I like the full coverage of Kat Von D.

I managed to pick up an interview for a couple of weeks from now. It's with the Georgia Public Library Service, for an Administrative Coordinator position. The interview is set for 0900 on 01 February. I'm incredibly nervous... for something that won't be happening for a couple of weeks yet. Yeesh. Me. Just... me. But I want this job. I want it badly. Mum's already said she's willing to help me do some test interviews leading up to it. Maybe that'll help.

And I now have a Roo in between me and the keyboard and monitor, so I'm going to cut this entry off here. Later, all.

Back in black

Wednesday, 11 January 2017 08:35 pm
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So, yeah, we accomplished everything we set out to do for today. We got laundry done, we turned in proof of renters insurance to the front office (again), we got grain-free cat food for the babies, we got a few groceries for us, we ate a few meals that [personal profile] katsuko and I made (Boca nuggets for lunch and homemade lo mein for dinner), and we dyed my hair.

So, yeah, that's why the subject line. I use it every time I dye my hair back to black. It's usually a pretty damn happy thing, because I fucking love my hair when it's black. I went with a lovely shade of blue black this time, and I must admit that I thought of comic book characters most of the time I was doing it. A lot of time, the colorists will use a shade of blue black for truly dark-haired characters. So yeah, we dyed my hair while I sat back and thought of comic book characters. It's all good. I'm weird, and I know it.

I'm rereading some of my favorite Pacific Rim stories, trying to get Faraday and Vasquez to talk to me. Yes, I'm reading PacRim to get Mag7 characters to talk. Don't ask. It makes sense in my head, I swear.

And finally, I leave you with the before and after of the dyeing. Because it's a necessary thing.

Three words for you: Back In Black. #haircolor #back_in_black

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017 11:09 pm
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I did my catering this morning for Cliff Valley School. It's always one of the easiest schools we have to do every week, and they are certainly the most consistent. [personal profile] katsuko talked to Carlos and got some things clarified about what all she is responsible for as bartender. We came home and got some food into us and had a shower in preparation for the massive hair dying that will be occurring tomorrow.

It's always a task and a half getting my hair dyed, but it'll be worth it to have black hair again. I've missed it. I mean, I've missed it like burning. I mean, I spent money I really should have been saving back towards hair dye, that's how much I've missed having my black hair. We are still searching for some of the John Frieda red depositing shampoo and conditioner for [personal profile] katsuko, though. After all, she went with the Gingering route for her hair this time around.

I've had kitties on me most of the day today, which has really made getting much of anything done today interesting to say the least. So, yeah, I really haven't been able to do much of anything. I read, and when I had all three on me and couldn't even get to my laptop, I napped. I had had plans of working on Wicked Ones today, but yeah, not so much. Not to say that I'm not going to keep trying to get words on it today, but I am running out of today to keep writing in.

All in all, I just kind of want to collapse on my couch all over again and maybe do another nap. I'm tired, but I'm not really sleepy, not enough to go to bed for the entire night. After all, I'm still have the grossness from whatever set off my stomach yesterday. I had some very greasy lo mein and it did a lot to help, but I'm still feel pretty awful and am constantly running to the toilet.

But at least I don't have to do tomorrow's catering. That one is all Carlos, and I'm happy for it. I enjoy the money, but Christ the King School is just a gigantic pain in the ass, one I'm not willing to put up with. He wants to keep them, so he can handle them.

Tomorrow, though, we do have to do laundry and go by the apartment front office to show our proof of rental insurance... again. We've already turned it in once, but apparently it didn't get attached to our file or something. So we're going to turn in another one and see if that one takes. And yeah, the only other thing we have to do tomorrow is the laundry. We might need to run to PetCo and get some more high calorie cat food for the babies, but only if we can afford it. Otherwise it's probably over to Kroger for some regular grain-free cat food.

We might try to set up somewhere and do some writing, but that's very in the air. Funds are very limited, and we do need to get my hair dyed, which isn't a quick process, since there's so much of it.

But mostly there will be writing.


Monday, 9 January 2017 10:59 pm
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So it hasn't been a good day for writing, but I'm not giving up on it today, not yet. I've been fighting with Scrivener all day, trying to get it to sync into Dropbox or pull up the most up to date copy of documents or what have you. It's just been a pain, but it's still one of the better writing programs I've used, so I'm sticking with it. After all, I'm much more comfortable with it than I am with Storyist... and I can use it to share documents with my coauthor [personal profile] katsuko much easier than, say, Word.

Work was a bit of shit show today. Not digging the new manager, Erik. I'm assuming he's an Erik with a k, not an Eric with a c. It's a thing. That's all I've got to say on that. It's a thing. We're talking to Carlos about this thing tomorrow, so I'm not going to be getting into it until then.

I do have a serious case of the unhappy stomach though, so I'm not sure how much I'm going to be able to sit around to get writing done. Maybe if I take my laptop with me to the toilet. It's not an appealing thought, but needs must and all that. I didn't eat anything today that I haven't had a hundred times before, but something with it made my stomach unhappy. Without anything better to say, I'll blame the barbecue sauce. :-(

So yeah, tonight might be the first night I have to admit defeat at less than 1000 words. We'll see. I'm going to keep on trying, at least for a little bit longer.


Sunday, 8 January 2017 01:25 pm
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There are some extra levels of crazy going on at IKEA today. The store didn't open until noon today, but by 11:45, there were people trying to get the doors down, just throwing all mighty fits. It felt like Black Friday, truth be told. I think I said yesterday that [personal profile] katsuko was supposed to go in yesterday but was unable to, as the car was frozen solid. She moved it into a sunnier spot yesterday once she finally managed to get it accessible. It was still iced over this morning, and I drove it into IKEA covered in ice. Not completely, as I could see out the windows, but it was still pretty icy.

I got a new chapter of Wicked Ones posted on Wicked Ones posted on AO3. I also managed to get it on [community profile] eternal_sailorm, but it is not yet on DarkMagick.net. I was going to work on that today... only I forgot that the IKEA wifi has DarkMagick.net blocked as an adult site, which still makes no sense. So I'll either have to work on that tonight at Mirko, after I finish my hosting shift and finish getting stuff set up for catering tomorrow, or when I get home tonight.

Tomorrow is going to be a little weird, because we have catering in the morning and our respective bar and hosting shifts in the evening, but nothing in the in between. I guess we'll try to go pay rent then. I think we have to go to the Kroger or Walmart near the house to do that, so that'll take up a good chunk of time. I mean, it has to be done no later tomorrow because we would be kicked on the 10th. I'm just hoping that either [personal profile] katsuko has a damn good night on the bar tonight or she can overdraft her account for the remaining amount, because if we clear out everything I have--between my checking account and cash--we're $165 short of what we need. If UberEATS isn't working, she should make that much on bar, but otherwise, we're a little SOL. The wording says "by the 10th", so yeah, tomorrow is the last day.

Seriously, I need a job where I'm making enough to pay all my bills and my fair share of rent, so that we're not stressing out this shit damn near every month. Why the fuck isn't anyone hiring me? I even added my bloody resume to my website, in case that somehow might help.

And yeah, that's about all I've got in me today. Mostly complaints, some cheerful writing things. I guess I should say that #365k/365Day is going well enough. It breaks down like this:
Day One: 1841 words
Day Two: 1037 words
Day Three: 1008 words (and oh, how they fought me)
Day Four: 1037 words again
Day Five: 1068 words
Day Six: 1133 words
Day Seven: 1405 words
Total Words: 8529 words

So there's that. Later, all.
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I marathoned my way through the better episodes of Season Four of Leverage today. [personal profile] katsuko more or less watched over my shoulder. Sort of. Kind of. Okay, mostly she just played on her phone while I watched Leverage. I'll count it, I guess. Separating her from the damn thing is hard enough without trying to fight it for the little stuff. I'm not sure if it's Tumblr or AO3 that's currently eating her soul right now, but she is tethered to the damn thing.

In other news, we got some of that promised snow, but not nearly as much as was promised. They were calling for three to four inches, and it barely dusted the ground. But we did get a gracious plenty of ice. My car was completely iced over, in fact, to the point that we couldn't get the door opened in time for [personal profile] katsuko to go to work, so she ended up calling out.

I even ended up cooking lunch and dinner again today. For lunch, I made noodles with vegetables and a red curry peanut sauce. Very nice. Filling with just a hint of spice. The sauce contained peanut butter, minced ginger, soy sauce, agave nectar, lime juice, water, a hint of sesame oil, and red curry paste. The vegetables I had on hand were carrots and sweet peas; I found broccoli afterwards, or I would have put it in as well. Dinner was a lentil and barley soup. It was good, but I ended up having to go pretty far off recipe to get some damn flavor in it. It was lentils, barley, vegetable bouillon, thyme, sage, poultry seasoning, garlic, celery salt, soy sauce, ham goya (which contains no ham, point of fact), and a shit ton of hickory liquid smoke. I even got to get out the immersion blender and give it a whirl.

I guess, all in all, it wasn't a bad day. I guess. I didn't get a lot of writing done, not as much as I wanted, but it wasn't a bad day. I'm just still on the rag and really, really fucking cranky. I don't want to have to go back to Mirko tomorrow and deal with Rod. Not if I'm still this cranky. Everything is pissing me the fuck off. Scrivener is pissing me the fuck off. The music outside is pissing me the fuck off. Just... everything.

Proceed with caution.


Friday, 6 January 2017 10:17 pm
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So, Atlanta is in the process of shutting down for the bad weather. Not Mirko Pasta, of course. The Governor and the city mayor said for everyone to be off the streets by 4 p.m., but nope, Mirko Pasta decided to stay open. However, Carlos was actually quite kind about it, at least to me. He said that if IKEA ended up closing today (and therefore [personal profile] katsuko didn't have to work, then I could take the night off Mirko. IKEA closed. We got a night off. Yay.

We spent most of the day rewatching Leverage. I'm calling it research for the Leverage/The Magnificent Seven story... series... thing. But that does mean that I need to be working on my writing and not just watching episodes. We're most of the way through Season Three, though, with only one episode left to go.

I am also, however, drowning myself in Pepto Bismol and ginger tea right now. I'm on the rag, so I'm all out of whack, body-wise, as always. Those two things are my besties right now, though.

I did manage to cook two meals today, though. One was a broccoli and quinoa casserole that turned out really, really good. The other was a very cheating, lazy-ass version of red beans and rice, and [personal profile] katsuko heated up some biscuits to go with it. The casserole turned out good, and I will be making it again once I have more quinoa. The red beans and rice dish is probably going to be retired, at least until I have better ingredients. Literally, I used six ingredients to make this crap: brown rice, kidney beans, salsa, liquid smoke, butter, and agave when it got too spicy/strong with the other ingredients. It was in no way authentic, and I can't say it was all that good either... but it was filling and [personal profile] katsuko might have liked it... but then, I think sometimes she'll eat anything produced in our kitchen. She's willing eaten some of my biggest kitchen screw-ups yet.

And yeah, that's about all I've got to say for myself for today. My running word count towards #365k/365Day is now 6,900 words, so I guess even if I don't manage to hit 1,000 words today I'm all right overall. And given that Roo is now helping me by standing between me and the keyboard, I think my writing time for the day might be over. Later.

Something quick

Thursday, 5 January 2017 01:36 pm
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I updated this on Tumblr yesterday, but my #365k/365Day challenge is coming along fairly nicely. In fact, it looks like this:

Day One: 1841 words
Day Two: 1037 words
Day Three: 1008 words (and oh, how they fought me)
Day Four: 1037 words again
Total Words: 4923 wordsq

So far today I have nearly 600 words, which I guess isn't so bad. They're pretty evenly split between Monstrous: After Midnight and the Leverage crossover thing. I need to make more happen on Monstrous: After Midnight and Wicked Ones, but we'll see. It might end up being Memento Mori that I work on at Mirko tonight.

In the meanwhile, I'm debating on whether or not to make another fanfic rec. I'm not sure who all, if anyone aside from [personal profile] katsuko, has seen The Magnificent Seven yet, though. I dunno. Then again, I have yet to see the series that this particular story is crossed over with/fused with, so I dunno. Maybe tomorrow, if I need some words towards my word count.


Wednesday, 4 January 2017 10:45 pm
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I have had a seriously snuggly kitty all day today. Roo has not wanted to be more than a step away from me all day long.

The Weather Channel is calling for snow this weekend. I'm hoping they're wrong, because we can't afford another few days without both of us working.

It's hard to believe that this time last year we were working towards trying to find a new place and packing. This year, we're settled in our new place with relatively few complaints... but we still haven't finished unboxing. We haven't even replacing the furniture we need to do to make enough room here. We still need to replace my oversize IKEA desk with a pair of smaller ones for us each to have a desk of our own. We do have an entertainment center and a sofa bed for [personal profile] katsuko to sleep on, but we don't have desks that are of sizes we can use in this smaller place.

As for #365k/365Days, I guess it's coming along. I'm continuing to make words work, and they are slow appearing. Today wasn't a good day for writing, not for me, but I'm still trying. I'm certainly not giving up this early in the year.

I am, however, going to continue to plug away on some of the various verses we've been working on, including the Leverage one we've been playing with the last couple of days. I know I need to be focussing on the verses we're currently posting, but in truth, Wicked Ones has a huge surplus before the posting gets to where I am, and the other two are mostly [personal profile] katsuko's babies. I'm in no way helpful on them, really.

Sorry, I guess I'm a bit maudlin right now. Or depressive. I'm not sure which.